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no, real laborwave come from Comrade Pierre-Tru Dank’s deviant art.

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go back to leftypol, fag

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stealing pol memes again?


Vaporwave was anti-capitalist from the get-go. Fashwave is a low-IQ misunderstanding of the art project.

so they are counting baby marx thinking "ay yo gimme summa dit tittay"?

I thought this was gonna be a music thread.


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nice, got moar?

you're doing it wrong.

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Fuck off nigger

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On the topic of retrofuturism; has anyone else realised that the folks on >>>/cyber/ are actually rather left-wing and critical of capitalism?

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As a 'veteran' of both lain- & arisuchan we always viewed 8/cyber as a confused futurist space containing a relatively (to the mentioned chans) high percentage of fascist sympathizers. But I do concede that for an Zig Forums board it is again 'relatively' balanced, but that's not saying much. Do try to change /cyber/ for the better if you want but in that case I would recommend basing your affiliation in lainchan first, as that would help a lot. Actually try name-drop lainchan in whatever genuinely left-wing threads or reply-chains you come across. Lainchan is run pretty much as close to 'direct democratically' as a server-client based setup is able to. Design changes are decided through polls and the BO will not change things before consulting the community. By contrast Zig Forums as a 'whole', containing /cyber/, is far worse; as it's pretty much run by neo-nationalists for neo-nationalists. Left-wing boards only exist as a consequence of their civic nationalist defense of liberal 'free speech'.
Anyways, I hope I provided some aid / perspective.

sounds good to me fam

I've known about both LainChan and ArisuChan for ages but never actually got around to taking a look at them. But thank you for the recommendation because they are both rather comfy places filled with interesting and nice people.


Why would you want people to go to a site with fascist mods? Just use Arisuchan, until someone decides to resurrect 0ch, like the rest of us.

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Stealing outdated Zig Forums memes again?

Fact: vaporwave is a satirical commentary on capitalism. Literally educate yourself shitlord.

However I admit that I'm not a huge fan of purely laborwave aesthetics. Still makes infinitely more sense than whatever inane crap Zig Forums shits out, the name "fashwave" doesn't even sound good, aside from not being logically related to vaporwave at all.

Excuse me? Source your ludicrous claim that lainchan mods are even remotely fascist. You got trolled by the emotional socdumb petit bourg that is the arisuchan admin, Seph, and her poser lackeys. Arisuchan isn't making a comeback and what's left of the user-base are /feels/ and aesthetically inclined posters, the hackers, technicians, people with personal power are all over at lainchan. You and whoever else should come back. The drama that initiated the split was artificial.

The mod of /λ/ is known to be a fascist, he admitted so. Are you living under a rock?

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Cringe is cool. We must embrace the collapse of boundaries.

Also it's kind of humorous if both communists and fascists are drawn to vaporwave just because it taps into a constant drivel rehashing of the old , a sort of deconstruction of the past with no hope of escape.It all becomes a slowed down, drugged out smeary blur. No way to really look at a future ,so you have to cobble one together of past aesthetics. All this worship of movements that are probably better off being wildly reinvented rather than just reskinned. But it's the age of the remake, the remix.

Brown or red, they are both fascists.