Why are liberals so afraid of controversy?

Why are liberals so afraid of controversy?

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What are you talking about? They love controversy. They stir up bullshit controversies over meaningless nonsense all the time. It's only the actually important things that they refuse to make any noise over.

For example?

Liberals revel in controversy. It's an opportunity to posture about who's the most morally uptight upright.

Because they are spineless. Why do you think they call themseves libertardians instead of liberals, which is what they really are?
They just don't call themselves commies because they are afraid of losing their freedom and being killed by men.
Why? Because they are spineless. Just check /liberty/ or /soyboys/
pic unrelated

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this pic is great; it makes me angry every time I see it

Conservatives and liberals literally do the same thing except conservatives are more honestly sociopathic about it.

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Red liberals/ Succ Dems CLAIM to hate capitalism.

Even better

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Why do Republicans come into Zig Forums, Zig Forums and Zig Forums to molest people's minds with Koch brothers and Stephen Miller propaganda then pretend to be Communists and Nazis?

Is it abortions? Guns? Trumpism the Religion of Peace? Or some sort of team sports fandom?

Republicans are great ethicists dude

CLAIM is a key word.

It's genuinely frustrating hearing liberals say "I hate capitalism, we need to be more like Scandinavia".

Soros propaganda is what? Where do I see Soros propaganda in these rooms? Cuz Koch brothers bullshit is all over the place:

It gets old watching the evangelicals come in her jeopardizing their purity for the greater good of Jesus to stop abortions and Trump seizing their guns. So you post a commie meme and knock liberals? In the end all you secretly want is a hegemony even at the price of McGovernment.

Like this shill.

Hey buddy, what do Republicans and Conservatives CLAIM to want?

They don't want socdem in the sane "reformist stepping stone from capitalism" sense, but in the retarded "muh mix of both systems is best" fencefucker sense.

W-w-we all know the c-c-conservatives are b-b-bad, but I'm going to make the millionth anti-liberal thread in this room to destroy liberals before the Republicans lose the house in 2018. They control all 3 houses with majorities, and God forbid the fascists in the Republican party don't receive comfirmation that cruel policies are what will help them win. B-b-because we all know their bad, but we have to stop the liberals because they only CLAIM to want Scandinavian Socialism.



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This one stands out to me. It really shows you how ignorant American conservatives are about both evolution and the liberal conception of 'equality'. I'm not sure if its implying evolution is wrong or that their false idea of what liberals mean they say "equality" is.

It is depressing how the same bullshit keeps coming back after a hundred years of being put in its place. At least now liberals are the target of this particular bit of stupidity.


Ah yes, Che Guevara, the infamous dictator for live of the People's Republic of Guevaristan

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Modern day conservatives are liberals. Break your AmeriKKKan conditioning and open your eyes to the truth.

mainstream conservatism hasn't been liberal since a black guy got into the white house

Sarcastic Zig Forums "muh shitlibs" memes aside, the entire American political spectrum (including all genuine varieties of socialism) encompassing absolutely everything between genuine fascism and unironic tankies is literally what political scientists since the 1600s have termed "liberalism".