What would it take for you to come back to Zig Forums? Which policies would BO have to drop besides the Rojava stuff?

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Drop the BO and drop global rules.Oh and tell Jim to write a 300 page apology.

At this point the reddit imports have made me not want to use the board just as much as the hot pockets and I don't see them going away.

This. BO has to go, one spergout is one spergout too many. Also an internal purge amongst the vols.
I assume you mean "reset board rules to status quo antespergout", not "defy Zig Forums globals and allow CP"

How about you just come over here and stop this nonsense already? Do you have free will or don't you? Does the community have enough integrity to make a very simple switch if they're tired of bad moderation or don't they?

Por que no los dos?

BO would have to resign and someone like the Zig Forums BO would have to take over.

Nothing, this is my new home.

Despite it being a slower board, the discussion on Zig Forums is way better.

Fire all mods and volunteers, then let it be the free for all it should be.

It doesn't matter.

The only thing that would fix leftypol is removing the board owner. His multiple waves of banning people for stupid reasons (criticizing Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Nicaragua, wanting to spread socialist ideas in the military, disagreeing with him in threads) has half-killed Zig Forums's leftwing community. But it's pointless to think about. Leftypol's BO has made it clear he will never give up his board and the site admins aren't going to help us remove him.

blowjob from hoochie

So tankies are defending socialist pension cuts now?

A purge of twitter tankies would be great, but it will never happen.
Tbh I still go there when I run out of new posts to read here or want to take part in more active threads, but it usually makes me sad to see how much the quality of discussion has fallen in the span of one year.
To think the average retarded """anti-imperialist""" shitpost provides the basis for curious anons unfamiliar about Marxism to judge our movement is some pretty nasty fuel for my pessimistic tendencies.

I kinda miss Hoochie Minh. I might be a closet masochistic, but I liked when she BTFO'd Zig Forumsyps with her angry rhetorics.



The chans have a similar problem with Reddit and Twitter in that the mod, BO or company rarely make it clear what is and isn't allowed so people don't know how to avoid getting banned. Even if the policies were "harsh but fair" it doesn't do any good because nobody knows what the boundaries are.

I got banned for criticizing the Russian air force. Not Russia or the merits of the Russian intervention in Syria, but the Russian air force. Did I know that criticizing that would get me banned? No idea. Oh well. I can't post there again without going through some kind of VPN rigmarole so it doesn't matter.

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Basically, the internet is a medieval place where you have a bunch of feudal lords sitting in castles and the commoners are regularly clobbering each other over the heads for various reasons, burning their crops and going on heretic hunts. To maintain order the lords have to exercise certain rules, and those rules can be enforced in a brutal way but they need to do it consistently so everyone knows what to avoid. It's like putting heads on spikes. When people get out of line, you cut off their heads, put a sign under each head to show what they did, and then surround them with torches for illumination. Even if the offense is simple as 'guzzles cum by the boatload' or 'shitty poster' there's something for people to look at and be 'hey, I don't wanna end up like that guy.'

The chans are like a dark, spooky cave in the nearby goblin mountains where people wander in and then occasionally get gobbled up by the king goblin, who burps up their bones which collect in a big pile. Did they piss of the goblin king? Maybe the goblin king was hungry that day? Nobody knows but it's best to avoid.

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Howard Scott still posts there bro

Someone was banned a couple months ago for criticizing Nicaragua's benefits cuts. In BO's mind everything is the fault of America. 3rd world countries never make mistakes and never do anything bad. It's all US imperialism.

AFAIK howard hasn't talked about his military coup strategy on leftypol. Everyone in favor of recruiting from the military gets banned. Period.

1. Remove Body Odour. Replacement BO and mods all agree on pain of replacement not to
-1a. Make decisions that affect the board without the broad consent of the board ('hey guys we jacked each other off into a tizzy on IRCancer and decided we're moving lol XD')
-1b. Fuck with filters and other settings
-1c. Unduly blame Chodemonkey fucking up for their unwillingness to follow these rules
-1d. Delete, lock or anchor threads on a whim
-1e. Use pissoff excuses about hotpocket cheese and the like
-1f. Mysteriously and spookily disappear off the radar for the exact amount of time the Burger or any other gov't shuts down due to budget crisis or other emergency
-1g. Chimp out unduly at Chodemonkey
2. Remove Rojava and other shit wordfilters
3. Reinstate previous wordfilters like we have here (> my mum, etc., sh3kel-> punt, etc.)
4. Remove rules banning people for disagreeing with party line on climate change, Burgerland, >muh imperialism, barrel bombs or anything else, and stop banning people for this
5. Stop banning people for criticizing any of: Tankies, MLs, Stalin, Russia, China or praising Burgerland
6. Allow the posting of Comrade Dogdoo again
7. Remove minimum character limit on OPs, it's there for say-so bannu
8. Remove idpol
9. Remove offended outrage-trolling redditor
10. Stop banning people for not having read the complete works of some obscure German author
11. Allow cyclical containment threads for certain topics (feels, incels, e-celebs, autright cringe, etc.)
12. With input and broad consensus from the userbase, create a set of actual rules by which users can be b& (I'd suggest starting with actual spam, globals obviously, unspoilered NSFW shit and maybe a few other things tbd a bannable offense), and follow these rules. Don't ban people who don't break them. Don't selectively enforce them. Most of the shitposters we got fell into one of the above categories.
13. Anchor those obvious shill threads posted every 2d4 weeks ('homosex is decadence', 'pr0n is evul', 'frozen fruit is bad', 'vidya is bad', 'anime is de debbil') and b& the faggot who keeps posting them
14. Unban Based Boonposter
15. Filter 'MAGA' to 'my hovercraft is full of eels'

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Btw any good effortpostabout the mod history of leftpol?(When it go to shit,ecelebs etc)

Its not a BO ban but retarded non the less

Zig Forums

And they call us liberals, red socdems get the bullet.

Is she even still alive?

Could some give a link to ban longs.



BO would arguably need to die.

BO must commit sudoku.

Immediate abolition of all moderation and the institution of Jim Profit principles(ie its illegal to ban and nobody gets banned for fucking anything, and I mean anything). I can't believe I am the only one saying this.

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Why would we? BO won't give up control of the board ever, obviously, and they've made it clear that they have plans to purge the board of anyone who isn't ML, but especially communalists and left coms. Zig Forums was on its way to even overtake Zig Forums, and because of their childish sectarian nonsense, BO destroyed this possibility. If you're actually from Zig Forums you should honestly feel disdain towards the BO for what they ruined with their retardation.


BO would have to go, there's just no way around it. They are seemingly still determined to make Zig Forums a near exclusive ML board, the bans and childish word filters just keep coming.

what a reason to ban

theory: bo is from pol and leftypol was only ever meant to attract anti-sjw leftisits to Zig Forums for le epic redpill but it backfired, got too popular, so they decided to shut it down by going ultra-tankie

It's more than likely he had a mental breakdown and joined PSL.

get rid of the stupid Trotsky filter

Jim, the site owner who quintessentially killed Zig Forums for capitalism. I can't tell why more people on both boards complain about him. He singlehandedly ended 2,4, and 8 chan's lives by trading them to make profit without ever taking into consideration the user base.
He has to write a 300 page apology and only pay for the servers and remove all global rules as well.

It seems like a lot of the people from leftypol are over here anyway considering the content of the posts. I'm new though. I did noticed people got banned over there for seemingly no reason I could discern.

I honestly think that this board is a lot more populated. The quality of discussion is way better, less tankies. Actual leftists having conversations as opposed to retarded Nazbol spergouts over Iran. Shame that BO fucked everything up singlehandedly because if things went well then we would have probably crushed Zig Forums by now.

It is obvious as fuck that certain internet tankies are on the take from some government with a vested interest in destroying socialist movements
They even spam this board with shitty threads as if their ideology rules here too. Or at least to create that impression upon the twitter kids

History repeats itself, har har.

fundamentally disagree, the formal and technical structure of reddit and chans are almost polar opposites
reddit is social in nature, in a bad way

fuck off hahahahah