Is the 09A /our comrades/?

Is the 09A /our comrades/?

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The hell?

A lot of them are Autistic Nazis, but they're SIEGE-pilled autistic Nazis so at least they can put the bullshit aside and realize enmity with other extremists won't bring anybody any closer to the establishment of the current system.


The Tempel is basically two people living in a trailer outside of Columbia, South Carolina, so if you want to join up with them, be my guest I suppose.

Yes, Muke would probably piss his panties if he saw this

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You can easily tell it's the same trailer as the old RPP too.

Look at the corner and the blinds. Also the Hindu altar.

somebody post the shrine they erected to honor pol pot

they're a cult so basically a bunch of weirdos

the motivation isn't really political so much as religious, and they believe that by creating these altars they can tap into the "sinister" potential of whoever it is that they're showing. this is why they'll go back and forth between all these different ideologies. a lot of creepy stuff about kids too in their literature (see the portrait of beria for an example of where i'm going with this).

i don't really understand occultism that much but i think they believe that by clicking on one of those videos, you're summoning demons and such in the world. i might be wrong about that but it's certainly odd.

have friends who are more familiar with occultism and they're like "i don't want to watch these videos you don't know what powers you're dealing with!!!" and i'm like, okay, sure, whatever – but it'd be funny if the resurrected corpse of pol pot comes shambling into my room. i'll keep everyone posted.

We must support Demands in there holy struggle against modernist imperialism.

I'll add that once the world blows up in a great big apocalypse, in their view, some post-human super-race will emerge from the ruins or something I'm not quite sure on the details though

Basically the Omar ending to Deus Ex: Invisible War:

Since I may die soon I may as well let you in to a little secret, NazBol Gang borrows from the o9a, it's terminology is a modified version of the o9a weltanschauung.

Mundanes = liberals
Magians = sionistas
Hubriati = globalists
Dark gods = NazBol Gods

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Are you retarded OP?

Bookchinites confirmed for mundanes

Wtf no this is stupid

t.mundane dross

Literally who?

literally nazi supporting anti-communists you fucking idiot.

official from their website:

go away

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Satanism is jewish, Capitalist shill

The MLO/TOTBL admittedly kind of is(not saying this is a bad or good thing, and dissection was one of the greatest bands ever) but the o9a is more neoplatonic

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Is it me or after a while of reading occultist and esoteric writings it all starts to just read and feel the same? It kind of just take the 'magic' out of it

The O9a writings are pretty distinct imo

dissection was good only before jon got "all hope is lost" level for the MLO stuff

Reinkaos is kind of a guilty pleasure for me but yeah it doesn't compare with Storm of the Light's Bane and The Somberlain

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I can understand. Sad he an heroed anyway tbh

no, go back to Zig Forums.

Why should the left relinquish the black arts to right and not take advantage of it?

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Church of Satan is a bunch of bootlicking lolbertarians, its fucking hilarious. Temple of Satan on the other hand realises that the figure of Satan wasn't a Randian but a libertarian, in the original sense of the term.

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Considering they endorse political extremism for left-hand/personal gains I doubt there is anything unfeigned about certain members' association with communism.

Also, could somebody give a link to the youtube channel of
I saw it a year or two ago and I can't find it again.

Never mind I found it. After digging around I've found out that the video and the OP pic are actually of 'Tempel Ov Blood' which appear to separate from ONA but follow the same Satanic philosophy and ritual although I have also read that they are connected so I don't know. Either way TOB looks like they are into some really kinky shit :^)

Channel link -

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Okay last post on this but here is the TOB HQ. Still important to note that they are not actually communists; they are just using it to further chaos to bring about the Aryan space empire (or some shit). There are just as many pictures of TOB using the hammer and sickle as there are them using the swastika or the SS symbol.
This stuff is really bizarre to read about, especially on how these groups blur the line between ideologies, I mean David Myatt
even converted to Islam just to fuck with the system.

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based & commiepilled

You can tell it's the same trailer too comparing the inside photos from the old RPP pics.