Disciplining the left

One of the biggest problem of the modern left is the open display of decadence and lack of discipline. The alt-right memes about leftoids and radlib effeminate soyboys, sexual deviants and limp-wristed middle class kids don't come from nothing, and the it's scary that the left delivers right-wingers more and more material to mock us which transpire into the mainstream opinion. In my opinion, there are several things we need to tackle:

- Sexual deviancy and promiscuity. Who you fuck and what your kinks are belong into your bedroom and nothing else. Get your pronouns and self-proclaimed sexual fetishes out of your bio. Stop posting anime girls if you want to run a serious political or philosophical account. Put that shit on a private account if you want to.

- Scruffyness. Groom yourself and work out. Get decent clothing. Do not associate with any of these types publicly: Ugly basement dweller with acne (Libertarian Socialist Rants), so-called "traps" (Muke), obese creeps ("anactualjoke"), etc. - don't agitate against them, just ignore them, do not associate with them.

- Behave in IRL political events. Don't show up intoxicated, don't use leftist events as a excuse to party and chill, do not aimlessly riot, whatever you do try to outcompete your political opponents, the libs and the right-wingers, in terms of respectability: If they drink a beer and sit in a camping chair, don't drink a beer, and don't bugger yourself into a camping chair. If you want to have fun, don't use your politics and do this with your friends.

- Anti-work rethoric. Do not ever try to make you look like you want free shit. Reduction of the work day is reasonable, nonsense like "abolishing work" will make you look bad and it is utopian, it straight-out ignores the material conditions of production, especially the reliance of the material wealth of the western service economies on Third World labor.

- LARPing/sloganeering. Self-explanatory. What we need is actual relevant political knowledge, we need to equipped with actual modern data and statistics, so we can uncompromisingly maintain our claim to be scientific.

We need to improve on all this. Feel free to add more points.

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I forgot

Apparently you haven't spent a single day working an American blue-collar job. If you cared about the working class, you'd realize how pervasive Right-wing ideology is, especially among those working in the oil/gas and mining industries.

That the ideology is pervasive doesn't make it true

This military fetishism was introduced to the left mainly by the legend of Trotsky, since him every leftist wants to appear as a general or some other military personnel. It looks like the communists have forgotten that they are supposed to be workers and instead want to appear as soldiers.

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OP, you're doing it wrong, pretty much none of those "improvements" leave the realm of alienated activist/internet activist cretinism, they just make it less of an eyesore.

I am not talking about fringe shit like the average Zig Forums user, fuck these guy, nobody gives a shit about them or actual, open Nazis in general. We can post pictures of absolutely disgusting skinheads all day, what I'm talking about is the neoconservative, alt-light, whatever you want to call them: The petit-bougeois sons of lawyers who walk arround with suit and MAGA cap. These people come from families which would not be targeted by the rights anti-worker policies, and they are overwhelmingly enter into key positions on the low-medium level of the bourgeois system, check out any economics or law class in uni: How many leftists do you find there? Hell, how many basic bitch liberals are you gonna find there? You can project all you want, or claim that I'm from Zig Forums, or whatever, what I'm stating here is my personal experience with leftist organizing in real life, compared to neoconservative organizing. Try to win people over when your stand in the pedestrian precinct is manned by a guy in overall with greasy hair and a lip piercing, a lesbian tomboy and a "trap", whereas the alt-lite stand across the street has three guys in suits. I'm not saying we should dress like office workers, but can we at least go for a /little/ bit of a modern, well-dressed but also casual look? Short hair, button-up shirt, well-fitting jeans (you have no idea how many people don't know their jeans size), etc.

Dressing in worker overalls because muh manual workers is proletarian fetishism, something Engels already critisized.

This post
Yea dude we should be unfunny retards that tlak like bad soviet spys

Or i can fuck your mom

Ungly people are reactionary now…

Being a fucboy is reactionary now
better be a dopped bodybuilder,cause we all have time to waste everyday(i have worked as a bouncer btw)

What do you have any pics of him?????

What, who does that

Like you


Who cares how you dress ??
You are just triggered that a bunce of rich americans dress how society tells you to dress

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o hai pierre

You don't have to dress like a worker but LARPing as some guerilla force is certainly a lot worse.

The world according to a rightist's fantasy: the post
I do.
Not so surprising seeing as these classes approach economy and law entirely through bourgeois theories and are aimed only at porky jobs

The reason left isnt seen favourably is because of dense ass people like you.
Just because some one tells you to get ur shit together & work out doesn't mean they're a nazi.

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Whatever you say

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The fact this thread exists would amuse me if it didn't clutter up the front page.

He's right in a sense though. The Weird Twitter goons have basically made it so that the internet left actually TRY and be as unappealing as possible.
Shit like
that you see left twitter fucks spew all day isn't edgy whatsoever and only drives people who aren't already like this away from us. These people just look like pic related and what posted in regards to this conversation in general.

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And here I thought it was lack of power, the encroaching surveillance state, and time bomb of climate change.
Bruh, everyone single normie under 40 is promiscuous and "choke me daddy" is the mating call of the millennial woman. Prudish shit is going to turn off people who want to talk about fucking bitches after they've had a beer.
Go outside on a weekend, most people will be skinnyfat or fat and dress like slobs because they don't have to work and aren't on a date. I regularly exercise and I'm a minority out in public, you'd have us not associate with most workers because you got triggered over memes.
Being nofun faggots will get people to run from us you stupid fuck.
The abolition of work, ie wage labor, is the point of communism, reduction of work hours is a reformist tactic to that end. If your goal is merely a lesser reduction of working hours than Keynes predicted and a 10% increase in wages just be honest ane pin on the rose.
That's all you've provided and even here you're a dumbass. Memorizing trivia is useless, most people will start end up agreeing with whoever they already did in a statistics war. Relevant political knowledge is how to organize a bail fund when the cops throw protestors in jail, how to organize a strike that doesn't cuck out, how to get your gun club effective training, and how to ensure your groups stay revolutionary and aren't social clubs for hedonistic sjws who want to tweet "hands off syria" half the world away or uptight fags who wish to pretend yelling stats on caloric intake in the USSR at random passersby is relevant to the proletariat in their immediate area or effective praxis.

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That's right, BTFO the lefty nu-male cucks!

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*A regular person opens his door and takes a look at this little gem protesting over some case of police brutality*
What is that person supposed to think

Im literally hispanic tho…
But it's ok, you were obviously offended very deeply by my suggestion to get in shape.

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Are you literally 14?

Because that's what I said, right?

I'm not from the right, I just describe what I've seen. If your only way of deflection is "hurr Zig Forums" that's pretty weak.
Good for you, but I see many slobs in bleached, old pants which are too big for them.
True for ANY subject in academia these days. Even the more "progressive" majors in social studies are radlib at best, you won't find proper Marxism or radical leftism in lecture halls, so what does it matter? Jurisprudence and economics don't HAVE TO BE bourgeois. Despite both subjects looking very differently under socialism, they are important nonetheless to navigate in bourgeois society. An org that has a bunch of lawyers and economists is ten times more nimble, well-equipped and sharp than an org that has their members Khazak puppet theatre as major.

Maybe use arguments and not poor attempts at projection and deflection.

True, but we are not talking about this here.
If you hang arround guidos with THOTS in clubs every night maybe.
Nobody wants to outlaw that. The problem I identify is that people in the left, especially in more tightly and intimately organized parties, carry their private deviances and predelictions into the political realm. Every bourgeois politican probably fucks bitches and is an alcoholic, but you see them hiding this behaviour.
You don't have to have the body of a fitness model. Simply putting on clothes that are flattering for your body type can improve a lot. So does a clean haircut, short nails and using skin care products.
Disciplined public behaviour =/= no fun whatsoever in your life. You can easily have three beers later in the evening, with your comrades, or maybe with some people who got interested in you, just don't start bingedrinking as you are still in the political sphere or shout shit like "kill all white people tbh XDDD fukkk I want trap dick LOL".
Strawman. Wage labor isn't "work". Wage labor is a historical phenomenon. Nobody abandons the ideals of communism by working within the framework of what is materially possible - see Cockshott's schemes of organization of labor in socialism. You won't get your Star Trek replicators anytime soon unless you want to greatly reduce the living quality of everybody.

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How did you figure that retard? It is literally work by the definition
True communism doesnt require human effort of any sort. It is a world where all the work is performed by machines & the products are distributed equally.
(Also, im not the guy you were replying to. Im the hisp faggot. Just checked on this thread and saw your ridiculous reply. Couldn't contain myself and had to respond)

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Wow, did you really not get what I was trying to say? Wage labor isn't /just/ work. It's a distinct historical phenomenon.
Nice bait.

WHAAAAAA??? Explain. Work is a distinct historical pphenomenon as well
TF is wrong with you? Are you a masochist?

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What is a bald blue guy with wires across him supposed to convey?

the ai thats supposed to do actual work while i reap the benefits

Wage labor is not transhistorical in reference to the mode of production, in exists in a generalized form in capitalism and already existed in feudalism with artisan's workshops, day laborers, etc. whereas work in general existed since the Neolithic Revolution in the usually known form of division of labor, but one might argue work as a concept even existed before that and emerged somewhere in the stone age.
Of course we should push automatization, but that scenario is not possible in my own lifetime nor in the lifetime of my potential children or grandchildren.

Ok, let me walk you through this
1) People who engage in Wage labour do so in order to achieve a certain goal (such as money obviously)
2) The definition of work : pic related

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No, that's just my co-workers, associates, and friends. All solidly proletarian, all normie.
Which I didn't claim. My point is that if you strictly keep talk of sex out of the org people will think you're weird because they like talking about that shit.
You missed the point, normies rarely go to even that much effort. We should dress like normalfags so when we try to organize proles they don't think we're Jehovah's Witnesses or some cult. I hate e-celebs as much as anyone but their appearances is inconsequential in what is wrong with them.
But when you keep them seperate to the point of not drinking or sitting down in public, like you suggested, you give off that impression. That's going to be a lot stranger and unlikeable to most people than if one guy gets drunk and obnoxious.
The first definition of work in the dictionary is to fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary. When we speak of the abolition of work we mean that, not that we're going to all sit around while machines do everything the second after the last porky gets lynched.

If you actually care about anything you just wrote you're preaching to the wrong crowd.

Wrong, work is the measure of energy transfer that occurs when an external force displaces an object.

and you're using an ML flag

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Guys, guys, I've figured it out.

We wear this.

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Huh. I'm of the opinion we need to look even weirder.

We could also dress like the Chinese Communist Party youth on that recent Karl Marx birthday show.

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The girl in the bottom row in the middle has style but everything else I hate.

Could go for the Wes Borland look.

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Oh! Sailor Socialist.

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I understand what you're saying and I agree mostly- but you have to remember we're united under an anti-Capitalist ideology and that's what matters most. Would I like the left to look and dress and act intimidating and tough? of course I would. I want the right to be intimidated by us, I don't like seeing leftists who fit the strawman. But that's still a neoliberal materialist way of thinking, and worth noting the right is also full of fat, stupid cunts.

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There's just as many soyboys and degenerates on their side too.
It's more of a current culture and zeitgeist thing than something infused by politics.

also this is pretty much exclusively a western problem. Socialists in the developing world still strike fear in the bourgeois.

but you live in the west faggot

I don't see why people are getting buttmad about the OP, I'm inclined to agree with them for the most part (though straight-up dressing as Soviet revolutionaries seems pretty LARP-y to me). Optics are important for winning popular support and spreading ideas, and you don't have to go all no-fun-allowed in order to make a positive impression on people.

The wild thing about Trotsky is that he sometimes went full leather daddy in black leather outfits and his guards wore red leather. Not saying I'd recommend it today, but the Bolsheviks were all about futurism and energy and "dash."

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I honestly do not know if I should be suprised, joyfull or just amused over a thread like this.

You were once what some could consider the highest manifestation of labour power, yet now look at what you became, a bunch of manarchists that turn an ideology into an excuse to look bad an unapealing.

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These, and more importantly, try to be the better person in public.

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Gucci Marxist gang

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What do you think this is, 4/fa? GTFO you don't know how any of us look! That's partly the point of anonymous imageboards!

(1 of 2 because Jim is so great at web design and rewards qualityposts with XSS crossfiltering attempts and loves privacy)
oh boy here we go
Yeah, they come from projection and stale reddit posts that may or may not be langleyniggers. The soy may-may was a faggoty buzzword attached to what were originally called 'gapers', and referred mostly to those 'professional' youtube LPer shills whose expressions look like those on the covers of ghey pr0n DVDs. It had nothing to do with the left but Zig Forums smeared their feces onto it like they do with everything.
no it doesn't and the fact you can't differentiate us from SJWs makes me think you're new
You're misusing that word and I'm starting to think you're rafiq, but your overestimation of Zig Forums's getting over with the public makes me think you're Zig Forums. I am confuse.
oh boy time to change who I am based on the important opinions of an anonymous poster on a Sri Lankan basketweaving bbs lol XD
oh boy here we go
fair enough
not us fam
Hear that everyone, this person and people like him won't engage with you if you post anime girls. Everybody be sure to keep that in mind.
Right I'll be sure to shower constantly in the winter when my heat doesn't work, dying of pneumonia is a small price to pay to Look Good For the Cause
So I should consume more and pricier products to be a better socialist?
Yes, ostracizing people is a great way to get more people to join
Oh boy le dweller maymay, because a third of a generation being unemployed is no reason we shouldn't be out getting fucked up the ass by landlords amirite? Because bootstraps or some other grabasstic retardation.
did he give you an unwanted boner or what? What does being a trap have to do with personal grooming? If anything I'd think he'd pay more careful attention to that since afaik females do that more than males on average in our culture.
yeah fuck them for being someone you find unattractive and for metabolizing calories differently and/or only having shitty food available to eat
that's right, act like they're not there, people will join right in and act like the person you dislike, rather than you, are crazy and kind of a git

It's not a problem, it's a function.

(2 of 2 Jim really is a swell guy, sage for doublepost)
I'm not here to be polite.
yes, mock their rubber bullets with your chest sober
have boom inserted into anus at all times, do not make the illogical statements the humans call 'jokes'
Not us officer. I'm sure the people who do that will be dissuaded from doing so by reading this
impossible, they gatekeep and make any opinion but their own de-facto disrespectable
impossible, the pigs look the other way when they get violent and people have a right to self-defense that will inevitably be spun as an act of unprovoked aggression. Fuck optics hard, the bastards'll never not be dissatisfied with anything and everything anybody effectually critical of the system does. People have already made up their minds and just parrot whatever media spin they're drip-fed that supports their sports team political opinion.
literally NO FUN ALLOWED, also never had issues with camp chairs.
No. Work is not necessary and the idea that everyone needs to do it is outmoded bullshit and the product of crapitalist mass media's idea of morality, or possibly in your case the socialist tendency Orwell mentioned toward work fetishism. Machines do or could do most of it and the idea that people have to do busywork to be fulfilled as human beings is a load of shit.
What if protesters make it clear that passersby/fellow citizens deserve and will get their piece of the action too?
idgaf. The system, and you, try to gatekeep on what's believable and what's not, and accepting that means playing by their rules which again de-facto make positions other than 'establishment, establishment, you always know what's best' untenable and impossible. Like Newspeak, but with opinions. Anyway, while admitedly some jobs are a long ways away from being automated (EMT, physicist, miner), I think not having a lot of people unemployed is atp impossible without either giving them busywork or employing deliberately inefficient means of production. There might be a period of time where I could see there being a lot of work getting new systems running and old infrastructure fixed up, but after that I'd think the need to work would drop off dramatically. There'd probably be spikes of it for infrastructure improvement or natural disasters too, but outside of those, I doubt most people would be working.
Robofacs, Thorium reactors, drone delivery vehicles.
no chanting at the protest guise, only overly-wordy, dense political arguments and spergouts about data that could easily be ass-pulled!
I can't post that pic of a dog shitting because Jim is a dumbass boomer who can't into technology, so just pretend I did.

Who is jim??

Owner/operator of Zig Forums.


OP don't bother telling people who don't even go outside how they should dress or act


i would totally smash her counterrevolution, comr8

Buy I think thats hotwheels problem
Not the new trumptard

I agree with OP in that much of the true left seem to be more interested in cherishing a fashionable subculture than building a broader movement. This poster >>67874 is closer to the truth though. You don't seem to understand normies very well OP, and I don't think you'll succeed here. Trans people, for example, are popular with normies, but you seem to think of them as degenerates. This isn't productive.

Not to mention the dude is a literal self admitted autistic

Most of these replies are just signs that we're fucked

This. It actually saddens me how these muh discipline fags try to act as some true revolutionaries who are the guus who really do shit while they 1 talk about excluding proles ("don't associate with fat people"? Really?) 2 they are always the most succdem because they think that normalfags can't handle the truth and so we better be milquetoast. Fuck this shit, fuck optics and most of all fuck style over substance, discipline is 80% faggery, the other 20% is being serious about the socialist movement and actually trying to do shit instead of trying to impose some superego logic

Never have the words "fuck you dad" taken this much space before

Why do so many people think OP is saying shit like "no fun allowed" and "ugly people are bad"
He means that, when out in public, we need to look appealing to the mainstream. This means looking normal and respectable.
PR is real and we should give a fuck about it. Don't make our movement look bad.

Are you so entrapped by your own ideology that you cannot read anything you disagree with without projecting your strawmen on it?

You know I technically agree with part of its premise but almost everything he proposes is so wrong that I can't take it seriously. I say this because imho for example don't show up intoxicated is a good idea, we should be serious about this, I am very ok to a "fun is not our goal" approach, this is not a party or a game. But everything about "nit associating with creeps" " dress well" or whatev only serves the purpose to exclude people. I'm not saying that we should make these people our image, but that we should have as a message that our movement is beyond these things and focus on the material relations of class struggle, thus including everyone that wants change, regardless of uglyness or faggotry or whatever

No I just wanted to fuck with you precisely because what you wrote makes sound like a massive faggot

Like pottery

Because he said to not drink or sit down and trashed e-celebs for looks instead of praxis.
And his suggestions make us look like the tiki torch brigade instead of normal. He got so triggered by lazy soyboy memes he played into the older meme of leftists being uptight and removed from the people.

The OP is retarded
Not only it is clear that he is just a triggered ☘️middle class☘️ fag cause only those types of people care about how you look
He pretty much telling leftist to act like boomers and alienate the youth while being dishonest

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it doesn't fucking matter how you present yourself. people don't form their political opinions based on how you look at a protest. the prevailing political opinions are generated by the same apparatuses that'll make you look like a petulant baby no matter what. putting on a suit and shaving isn't gonna change that. OP probably has zero clout to be telling anyone how to dress regardless.

if you think the average person gives a shit about "actual modern data and statistics" you're out of your mind. it takes a populace which hasn't had it's educational system gutted to interpret what any of that data and stats are let alone care about them in the first place. not saying they can't be explained or that people won't get it but don't waste people's time beating them over the head with data. they want plans. they want tangible blueprints for bettering their own lives before anything else. fuck North Korea's GDP growth over the last two decades, people are starving in the streets right now. are we going to feed them with lectures about the alienation of labor?

grow the fuck up

You are a moron lmao…
The youth is already on our fucking side…

You don't want a bunch of retards in this movement do you?

Then let me get the guns
Viva la revolution

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If ONLY you do it, and nobody else does, it's gonna fail.
Everybody has to get the guns at the same time

the fuck
OK ok ,are you shiting me arent you??
Are you saying that we have the man power but we just need equipment?

Attached: images3.jpg (235x215, 10.85K)

Also we need coordination,
has to be done IN ONE DAY
If you sit in your basement and LARP as lenin without putting in the work required (ie. Buying weapons) you're fucking useless to the movement

And why the fuck do you have this fun (your pic related) on your phone?
Anime steals your fucking life, stop watching that shit

Oh sweet, degen eracy is filtered as "fun"

as it should be.

Attached: laughing dokuro-chan.gif (351x398, 100.55K)

i'm serius. delete anime from all your devices.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 17.02K)

Hi agent John, how are you doing today


Attached: 1516252592780.png (808x805, 479.56K)

Wrong pic

Attached: Junko_Enoshima_(DR2)_Halfbody_Sprite_(14).png (595x551, 326.47K)

Whatever. Having cartoons on your phone is fucking childish. Are you a child?

what are you even trying to achive you uberfag?

Attached: 1483506141047.png (500x357, 228.57K)

You are a fucking idiot if you think a revolution in a western ☘️decracy☘️ will be supported and anime are not for kids

Attached: 0706ada4180a57656fb22833f259d619.jpg (225x225 11.27 KB, 14.44K)

You are disturbing…
Holy fuck…
When the revolution does come though, you'll be the first one to die, filthy degen erate

toasting in an epic bread

Phoneposting makes you a newfag, and assuming everyone else is phoneposting makes me wonder if you're trolling or just retaded - it doesn't matter what you're phoneposting with. Serious users post from computers.

Attached: 1470315626964.png (780x405, 206.53K)

Jesus fucking christ you are filthy
Don't post on this board if you jack off to cartoon girls, motherfucker.
You will be shot when the revolution comes, trust me when i fucking say this

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1920x1080, 129.68K)

Considered fascism? It might be more your speed.

Attached: 3-Maetel-Galaxy-Express-999-704x1024.jpg (704x1024, 154.12K)

do you have downs syndrome or you are just stupid beyond normal levels? you are so pathetic I feel shame for you

Attached: Smileybonepicture.jpg (489x535, 75.8K)

In what way user
Tell me ,would you kill me in a sexy way…..
also you are more like chris-chan

Attached: GDRyh4Z.gif (330x184, 2.82M)

I didn't say I'd kill him personally. Someone else would.
???? If you have a problem with taking orders, I don't want you fighting the revolution. GTFOH
You are the pathetic one here. jesus your life must be so fucing sad.

The revolution is first and foremost about crushing capitalism. You won't be fighting it tho, because you're too busy jerking your little dick to underage cartoon girls

Attached: LiberalsgetTheBulletToo.PNG (187x235, 105.54K)

Go away LARPer
Not underage

Attached: imageslewd.jpg (201x251, 15.24K)

all Teens I know are red. Maybe get out your basement and meet some people irl.
Am I the larper here? With my M16 & starting a petition with my communist friends, or are YOU the larper here? Sitting in your basement, jerking your shit to little cartoon girls & not even going outside (As evident by your unawareness of teens' opinions)


Fuck yeah brother.

wtf is that flag?