Society says

Why do leftists view society as an entity and why is this entity always someone else?

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What exactly do you think we live in? Are you saying individuals are not conditioned by other people?
I can't fathom how "we live in a society" is a controvercial point. Are you literally retarded?

But why are those other people always other people?

What the dicks does this even mean

Leftist are explicitly excluded by society's governments, therefore it is a society with others. That's why.

Who says that?

Only the third is rather valid, as a descriptive sort of thing.

You have to understand the distinction between biology and culture, the latter of which society is a part of. They are not separate categories, as though culture is superorganic, but evolve one from another through the process of biocultural evolution.

Why is the voice of the person filling in the voice of society, never part of that voice? Why are those individuals never the instrument of conditioning themselves, but instead merely a passive reaction to the conditioning of others?

Then why is this such a common line of argument, why isn't this line of argument itself then also excluded by society and therefor meaningless?

Every individual is a speck in the history of humanity. The society we live in is not only the people alive, but the culmination of thousands of years of cultural development.
I'm still really not sure what the fuck your point is.

It is, dumbass.

The contradiction of positioning society in terms of opposition while at the same time stating that society is what gives us our ideology.

this is just galaxy-brain tier rambling.

Are you society talking to itself?

In part, yes
There's not some hard division where a person ends and society begins.



Gamers riseup

Ah I see you too are a man of culture

Because it is?

Could gamers be the true revolutionary subject of history?

As in what the rules or ideas in that society generally are. Society says that capitalism is good because modern society is capitalist.
Same thing. eg Our culture says that we must pray so we pray.
Does society not do things? We live in a society that produces cakes. That is obvious enough.
I don't see how it doesn't exist.
I am not apart from society but generally we are talking about society as if we are looking at it from outside, observing it.

I thought a lot of the people on the left admit to being a part of it and that's what internalized misogyny , racism and privilege and all those other terms are about. The individual is part of that voice because of their participation , whether they really consciously acknowledge it or not. They are even part of the voice, society, that harms their own group they are a part of.

You do now that 'we' and our' includes an 'I' ? I feel like it is more a centrist thing to try and make society into this abstract separate thing, or to even deny society as an actor but to paint everything more as a series of individuals .

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