Shame Tankies

Let's talk about how tankies are some of the worst people on the left.

-They continuously talk about other leftists as stupid brainwashed people even though they get their information from a guy on the internet.
-They literally deny a genocide
-They claim that everyone except them is Capitalist or Fascist but they literally allied with Hitler and they replaced the Capitalists with the State maintaining wages
-They believe the propaganda of Stalin "Trotsky allied with Hitler" aka "An Internationalist Jewish Communist allied with an Anti-Semitic Chauvinist Anti-Communist"
-"We support equality between sexes, also we support Iran in its totally justified fight against american imperialism, doesn't matter if they treat women like shit and have a capitalist economy"(Zero effort sectarian thread + no post history = bait)

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Iran is the most stable, least shit place in the middle east. Supporting american imperialism is supporting iran turning into another open air killing field where ISIS roams free.

What you mean? How do you know where I get my information from, faggot?

Which one?

Read a book so you understand what you are talking about. In a commonly owned, planned economy, there is barely any difference between social and private labor, there was no exchange outside light industry and cooperative ownership, instead money functioned as a means of distribution only, and was not accumulated. Meanwhile you are an orange AnCap and want to maintain capitalist relations between entities but it's okay because they vote on who cleans the pipes.

As for the Hitler thing, how dare they making a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany after they got thrown under the bus by the entire West, Hitler openly declaring to fight for "Lebensraum im Osten" and the Red Army not fully built up yet. Everybody else made non-aggression pacts with Hitler, but only the USSR gets blamed for it.

Trotsky was exploited by Nazi propaganda, supported anti-Soviet policies, lied about things later on and it is well known today that a Trotskyte underground did exist in the 30s.

Iran has a mixed economy and would arguably more capitalist under a regime change, women's oppression is not as a bad as in Saudi-Arabia as it refers mostly to sexuality and clothing, women are encouraged to be university professors in Iran. In any case, we do not support an US war to bring le freedumz to the Iranian people, or support hurting them with economic sanctions. That's literally a liberal argument that's been made all the time.

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Not the guy you replied to
Come back when you actually have some braincells and some arguments, instead of just saying "hurr go back to place because i disagree with you"



Friendly reminder this entire board was created because of tankies who got overly triggered about non-tankies in their safe space.

Go away you triggered fuck


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I'm not a tankie, as a matter of fact I'm a fascist but if you look at the historical records, Trotsky at one time did suggest that it might be better for Hitler to win because he saw the USSR as the antithesis to his idea of socialism. Trots later on even became neocons and took every opportunity possible to undermine the USSR because they were so butthurt about being kicked out of the Soviet Union. They later even started seeing the USA as their revolutionary apparatus to spread their vision of democracy all over the world.
Basically, Trots are neocon scum.
If you don't believe me listen to this interview with Irving Kristol (the father of neoconservatism) where he freely admits he was a "former" trot.

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Have you ever read The German Ideology ? It was only published thanks to Riazanov's efforts. Pic related.

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What, why are always brainlets that attack Leon

Trotsky was put in trial in 1936, 1937 and 1938 for collaborating with the Germans and Japanese, not because he was a fascist but because he hated the USSR. Many international observers saw these trials and came to the conclusion that they were indeed fair trials. Read this book if you don't believe me.

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No trots were put on trial not trotsky(in th 1st one was exiled so..)
Also no just no
Sources from some neutral historian

It's almost as though some ☘️influence☘️ is trying to subvert your ideology…

Stalin and his party just said that if a Jewish Internationalist Communist didn't like his totalitarian state capitalist government that persecuted thousands of people then he must be an ally of an Anti-Semite Chauvinist anti-Communist and deserves to be exiled and killed by spies

Same goes for Israel or Saudi Arabia, that doesn't make them justified