As a Imperial Capitalist, I am willing to make a deal with Stalinists

As a Imperial Capitalist, I am willing to make a deal with Stalinists
I give the AnComs free helicopter rides, you send AnCaps to the gulag
We can work to together to make a middle on the economic policies
Do we got a deal?

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Why? we got our own, SUPERIOR choppers to give you and the ancoms rides

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I'm being genuinely for real
There are days when I wonder who is worse? Share the weed bro or Buy the weed bro?
I seriously think we can team up and send these guys to the gulag.

Enemies as we are, I'll agree to that!

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But out of the two evil, I think AnCaps are far worse as they willing to sell your country men to fun for a quick buck

Yep. So basically

Fascism and State Socialism: God Tier

Anarchism (right and leftwing): Shit tier

Liberals and Libertarians: Mediocre level

Marxism: God tier
Ancom: good tier
Fascism, liberalism, libertarianism: shit tier
Ancap: joke tier

I invoke the finger of lagos

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You go to gulag too.
There can be no middle ground.

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This is a great idea fellow statists, we should all gather in one place with one exit and no fire alarms to plan out our larp fest.

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I'll kill any fascists trying to touch my little ancoms.

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Quick I've got em by the tail!

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Hold him, we're coming!

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Uhmm where did I imply I wanted to kill ancoms? Do you not so good into reading famrade?

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1938 nevar forgetti



Take your thread to the >>>/erp/ board faggots.
I don't give a fuck if you all wanna fuck each other in the ass but don't do it on my board.

Not a Stalinist but a (S)trasserist. Anyway, we have a deal.

LibertarianSocialistchan. No other choice at this point.


I actual learn some things about AnCom while making this thread.
The burn not just The State, but any State down type get a helicopter ride
The liberals that use AnCom as an excuse to be a Chad type get a free helicopter ride
The AnComs that want free stuff but don't want to put in any work type get a free helicopter ride
The AnComs that want to form a tight community that give mutual benefits to one another type?
We got a word for AnComs like them, it's called a good neighbor. Those guys can stay.

Out of all the famous early AnComs, so far I like Peter Kropotkin. I might actual give The Conquest of Bread a look. Can I get a quickrun down on The Conquest of Bread?

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calm down, it's a joke.

not bad meme