The means of autonomy

Lets talk about something useful for once unlike those retards at Zig Forums who remind bonded in endless useless debate. Lets talk about how to achieve true (non-global ofc has anything ever been global anyway lol?) communism in the modern era while the rest of the world rips itself out because they're retarded, way too dependent or way too greedy, etc.

I have questions and I know there might be nerds or survivalists who truly know one thing or two.

1. How to make your own internet servers? like piratebay that has their servers hidden in mountains (and is planning to use drones and satellites for new ones so law doesn't reach them) these guys are too pure for this world, they really care what a bunch of sweet people making so much software free.
2. How to pick fertile hidden lands? how do you know which spot is good for autonomy?
3. types of energy generation that are very recommendable that are not solar because thats an obvious one in most climates.

tl;dr the means of autonomy how to acquire them legally or illegaly, fast as fuck & put them to work.

P.S. If you're here just to bitch about how autonomy is not the "praxis" you like. Well… Sorry poor summer child but idgaf about what you think. Nobody cares. Here we discuss "how to autonomy". Thats all.

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3. The birkeland currents that power the sun should be a virtually infinite source of energy if you can tap it

This is interesting but I can't help sorry

just keep track of it dw. bump it if it falls to low please. I work tomorrow so I might not be able to.

For 2 we're either going to have to occupy it or buy it. Unfortunately we don't have the money for that, unless one of you fags is a millionaire or something.

Not a survival nerd but I can contribute some elaboration or further discussion on these.

It's important to point out that in order to set up a server you need to connect to someone already on the internet. I'm not a techie but I know you can't just set up a server and let people connect. You have to have an IP address which means connecting to local internet somewhere. Piratebay have used various local internet sources and changed IP addresses repeatedly, updating their domain to link to the new one. Having an unreachable server is only part of the equation. Someone from Zig Forums could explain more about this and maybe propose effective strategies. Our goals are not the same as theirs anyway. I would like to see a socialist alternative to ISPs, like municipal/community-managed internet.

Problem with this is that pretty much all land on earth is owned. I'd suggest looking at squatting laws and see if it's possible to take advantage of lazy absentee owners in your local area. I think they tend to have pretty large property and sometimes even have it developed already (pre-built housing etc.) My guess is the best way about this is to live/travel light and know how to build as much of what you need from scratch as possible. Simple woodworking as a skill would be important and carrying seeds to plant crops would help with retaining resources for sustainability. If you're dealing with the system in this way you can probably expect to get kicked off land a lot.

There are a lot of people (especially younger people) who hobo for a living (nomadic workers basically) and an attempt at an autonomous commune would probably benefit from interacting with these people or having members with experience as itinerant workers. Building a community between these groups would be important for sharing strategic information and possibly coordinating trade or production across different communes. This overlaps with internet access, but you'd probably want at least one balding 50 year old with a ham radio in each commune since that's pretty hard to disrupt.

I don't have much to add except not to worry much about environmental friendliness because the carbon footprint for one of these communes would be tiny. Getting a system up and running is a bigger priority than being green at first. Also be aware that burning wood is carbon neutral because the carbon sequestered into trees gets released when they rot anyway.

If you're going to suggest a power source it needs to be one that has been proven to work with power generators, not some hypothetical "revolutionary" model of how modern physics are completely wrong.

actually 2 is the most free shit on my list of questions. Way too much land on the planet is basically free and fertile. The energy sources are the ones that almost 100% of the time will have to be bought unless you can steal them somehow.

land is so easy to steal, if you're already plan to live on a hidden place then you don't even have to pay for anything.

hmm nah you didn't had the answers I seek you're too pussy to think non-politically. oh well. domesticated men all of you. pity.

WDHMBT? Existing power is something you have to take into account if you want a commune to suvive.

getting away from where "existing power" might be able to see you is very easy. Way easier than you think. It's probably the least of my concerns. How in the fuck do you think they have a chance in hell of knowing you're in a woods in the mountains unless they venture to those places? If there is no mine, no oil or any resource of their interest there you're safe AF unless stupidly you start a wildfire or make a lot of smoke to be very noticeable. Besides I don't really plan on having my autonomy in the United States, my ass. I already have my plan and my friends who agree with me, we already have a common interest and we already thought of a place we gave ourselves 5 years to prepare.

I shouldn't even have listed it. My bad de-rails the discussion about the useful autonomist tools, how to get them and how to use them.

If you're discovered, you'll either get kicked off or arrested, likely both. Under capitalism if you don't own the land someone else does or will, and this has to be addressed for building bases of power if we don't want them seized.

it's not going to happen.
I'm looking more for useful information I don't need to know what I already know

1. and dat + beaker browser

2. force yourself to stop working and paying rent, go scouting, look for abandoned places on the net, look up Adverse Possession and do it properly, or build a shanty town out of sheet metal and wood, or build a geodesic dome somewhere

3. Hydrogen combustion engine was invented before the gas combustion engine, look up how to make it, it's fucking simple as anything. Put a sheet of steel in some water and hook it up to a battery, push the vapors into a motor and bam. The steel wears out, but just replace it with junk steel, and you win.

It was nice knowing you all, now I'm going to wind up in a ditch thanks to exxon mobil

thank you man

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For a handful of people maybe, but a self-sufficient settlement?

Not really. It's a pretty important concern. Just because you have already worked it out doesn't mean it's not relevant to the topic. Anyway, this thread provides a case study of people who have thrown out the existing authorities and avoid being fucked with by the government.

You raise an interesting topic. It doesn't have to exclusively be about your situation. Autonomous communes could exist globally and mutual cooperation would help any of them. With infotech these days physical distance and borders are less relevant than ever.

Some people just are that way. Ain't gonna change 'em.

"hey man did you know that is illegal???!?!?!?!?!?"

there you go.

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how to grow potatos in simple bags (potatos can grow in most enviroments):

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it's not going to happen I'm not you.

Have you considered that people other than you might read the thread looking for information?

ok dude, bye live your life be happy.
I highly doubt they're dumb enough to think that this shit isn't illegal and can be done out in the open, next to a private property owner. there is no such thing as "legal" autonomy anyway but ok

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i feel like all these new meshnets are just reinventing the wheel, that is bittorrent + DHT

Free internet is necessary. it's what will convince most people to come if recruiting. You can see this in businesses with open wifi for example. Businesses with a "cyber" environment are almost always frequented.
Lots of hobos with laptops, lots of people who just don't want to pay a corporation for personal wifi in their shelters. The internet has a lot of entertainment for free, this is truly the best time line. People love the internet but hate rent. The internet alone is enough to make people who know about the place return to the place but to make everyone stay? Food, water and shelter is needed. Thats what the land and rivers are for.

Everyone wants their own sanctuary, their place outside of time. This is the power of autonomy.

Really good idea by Hans Murman

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God I wanna strangle you.

you can't and I'm going to become autonomous, so I'm going to be even more unreachable.

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Or you're just a larping troll and never manage to do so.

Wind energy is good. You can make a good source of electricity with a bike light dynamo and some scrap metal.

In case of a catastrophic logistics disruption of all trade, monetary and financial exchange, you can bet the internet will be physically threatened.
The Internet relies on a complex logistical chain that basically relies on very crucial tension points. For instance, hard-drive disks are only being manufactured in south-eastern Asia and something as trivial as a flooding will greatly reduce supply and cause price spikes.
Other critical components like CPUs are manufactured in China and you can absolutely bet China already has a plan for this kind of catastrophic event, and they would focus on maintaining their own domestic network for obvious reasons. Other countries will hoard components and focus on military/administrative tasks as long as the crisis isn't solved.

If there was an international autonomous commune community connected by a hardware-based meshnet that would be amazing. But that's a dream. If there were allies like a municipality with its own ISP who worked with a commune or the commune was big enough to support a municipality or there was an ISP co-op those would also be better than having to hook in to some major media corporation's service.

Ideally the hardware of the internet would be replaced with something completely decentralized.

And this is why a hardware-decentralized internet is important, as are other methods of communication.

but man thats not my reality. please I know I'm in socially retarded Zig Forums / 4chan but thats just not reality. Waifus are not real either.

It's possible to have free internet, it's possible to have an autonomy. Focus on the here and now please, I need here and now information.

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I'm not an ML. I don't LARP about things I'm not capable of like a child.

Least intelligent comment ITT.

That's true, it's really not going to take off for a while, but think about it, it's a whole new PROTOCOL, unlike http & https which are long due for deprecation. If it finds some backing, the early adopters could really reshape the world, like the 'dot com boom' kids did, but actually good + for the benefit of humanity, and not Palo Alto shit garbage.
I should also mention Owncloud and Nextcloud services for servers.
Seriously look into getting a freedom boner though and follow the guy who runs it on the fediverse. Bob is literally the reincarnation of V.I. Lenin. If you want to keep up on all the stuff that's going on on the cutting edge of decentralized communication, him and his network of peers are great to follow.
Watch out for how your traffic is routed. Use to see if your shit is being sent direct to letter agencies. Also install GNU/Linux, install OpenBSD on your router by the time you do that successfully you'll be an infosec expert , don't use a traditional ISP or any of the four major US carriers.
Oh, and please do not be dumb enough to search for any of this stuff on g**gle.
Also as far as energy production, there are a few specifications required, it's not exactly as easy as makes it seem. First of all there needs to be a well-forged series of steel plates, I don't think you can use just junk steel, but if you have means of welding, or machines to convert junk steel into plates then maybe. Also it can't just be any motor, if you read guides on how hydro-combustion works, you need to spend ~$2,000 on refitting the engine, softer titanium spark plugs etc. It's nothing to shake a stick at. Solar and batteries are good for almost any clim8, m8, don't be fooled. Though like mind-to-mind telepathy they work best in high-orbit.

The internet isn't something that's just there in the air. It's infrastructure that requires maintenance, which would be disrupted in the event capitalism collapses.

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maintenance: my labor
power source: solar

not a big deal. what I would like to know tho is cost of equipment.

I wonder how do you plan to manufacture spare CPUs or hard drive disks without extremely complex manufacturing facilities.

I'm doing research on that since nobody knows here meanwhile:

That dude is an anarchist he is helpful.

then again I think that as collective my group of friends and I have money to set up servers of our own we're all saving for 5 years before we start this project. I'm a construction worker so the shelter building knowledge and skill comes from me.

inb4… no my pics don't have exif don't worry. I'm smarter than that.

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What is this, an infograph for ants?

Please come back in 5 years to update. Also a few years into your group. I want to know if it has devolved into a cult : D

A cult of themselves I think it's going to devolve into. All I want for them is a place to be themselves and not be bothered I hope they want the same for me, I know they do so far. None of them believe in any god or anything I think it will be just a very simple life outside of all the bother of modern society.

I have to find out how to hoard water to the place tho. Internet and water seem to be the main things. I already know how to build shelters myself. we'll see.