Zizek on elections in Colombia

What does Zig Forums think?

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He sounds like he has early stage dementia.

he is correct

Their only hope is a nuke.

It's been a well documented fact that for ages now Zizek is a schizophrenic old man who get's more and more insane every year.

That was really interesting.
I reminds me of some of his previews statements explaining why Corbyn has been so successful and why "for the many not the few" has resonated with me so much. We really need politics that do not denounce X but that promise Y and make clear why Y is possible and good.
Did Zizek visited colombia or something, when and why was this taped?

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As always.

He's always sounded like that.

The SucDem was always going to lose anyway though?

Can anyone tell me how relevant Zizek is today on this board? I feel like he was pretty popular a few years ago, but I see him referred to seriously less and less.

It's complex because there was a vote against Petro but there was also a vote against Uribe, so there was a campaign that they were the same.

Recently he started to sound a lot more like himself, it's the self-parody effect of dementia.

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Zizek is good. He also came to Houston recently (speaking at a community college) and hung out with DSA peeps. He said the rest of Texas should kick Dallas out of the state so it can be its own state. That sounds silly but a true Texan would make that joke. He's a cool dude.

He says if the left gets into power we'll probably have to retain some capitalistic stuff, but hey I'll take it.

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How is the Houston DSA?

Zizek has zero principles when it comes to his politics. He changes his opinion every day, comes up with a new hot take everytime, boldly states "this must be the strategy:", etc. - then his take blows up in his face, and he pretends he always foresaw that.

In the end Zizek is nothing but an endorser of lukewarm SuccDem entryism, who cloaks himself with a "radical" communist cloak. I like his work about ideology, but politically he's trash

Dunno as I just heard it through the grapevine. There's a Houston DSAer (a public defender) running to get elected as a criminal court judge and wants to end the cash bail system which basically just locks up the poor for being poor: nytimes.com/2018/04/20/us/dsa-socialism-candidates-midterms.html

There's also, bizarrely, a Communist Party of Texas which is mostly Houston based. It's actually just the Texas branch of CPUSA :-/ from what I know but some of the people in it are apparently pretty old school. One dude has an awesome house with busts of Lenin and a big Marxist library.

Or so I hear.

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btw, had a short look at the comments, is this guy alright??

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Brazilians on the internet seem fucking nuts. But I'm an American so we're just as fucking stupid and crazy.

Anecdotally I recently passed Cadillac Ranch, which is this pomo art exhibit in Texas where there are these old Cadillacs implanted in the ground in the middle of a field. Anyone can freely paint on them. There were these two Brazilian guys there (they seemed like YouTube celebs / "influencer" types traveling around the country but I dunno) and one was painting a giant Brazilian flag on one while the other guy tried to get his little quadcopter drone to work (it was too windy to fly). The guy painting the flag seemed really proud of his nationality but I thought it was amusing he thought to represent it by painting it on a rusted-out old car that looked like it had been violently pile-drived into the ground.

I don't think he should be treated as some guru who has all the answers, but I think he's been more constructive than not. I liked how he – well not rehabilitating Stalin per se, but rehabilitating notions of discipline and responsibility and order. I remember watching him talk about Berlusconi in like 2008 and how that was the future, and then Trump came along. He totally nailed it.

His speech during Occupy was pretty good too and warned them quite correctly:

Zizek, Stirner and assorted /lit/ memes become less and less relevant every year since their base shrinks.


This is mostly an anarchist board though. Zizek is still often referenced on leftypol.

He almost never changes his opinions. Also LOL at getting angry at him for not going full tankie moonbat like Badiou. No one would take him seriously.

ok retard

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What'd Badiou do now?

Yeah I can't think of a SINGLE Soviet leader that did this! Truly you must be the most incorruptible tankie on this board! How will the petite-bourgeois social democrat liberals ever recover!!!

Is Baido even a "tankie"? wtf is a moonbat?
I've only read a couple of his works but mostly on episomology and philosphy of mathmatics and havn't read him as being a tankie.

Show me the documents then, brainlet.