Maoist Memes Please

If you would be so kind comrades, would you please provide me with any Maoist memes you might have? Whether pro or anti-Mao, idc. I just realized i have a serious lack of Mao in my life right now.

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Why don't you just travel to China and suck his dick already.

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Mao confirmed for Christcom gang?*

That quote at 0:12 . Wow. Mao sounds almost Posadist there.

Tĥ comrade. Not too much content though, but I got a few good things out of it.

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Does anime count?

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You bet it does.

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Your ilk needs to go away

Was this shit made by butthurt Vietkong?

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Where does this comes from? Google give me only results in mandarin and I don't speak mandarin.

This is now a Deng thread

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There's a much higher chance of you starving to death, working slave labor, getting shot for treason or simply working dead-end job as a slave in locked caste position than being inner circle cadre that had it all good with Russian caviar and champagne every day under Mao Zedong.

Surprised this hasn't been posted yet

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Thanks comrade

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You can't not love this video.

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Great video.

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benis tbh

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Baby I want to make you a star

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not a meme sorry but everybody should read this article about the suppression of maoist youth in china:

meme masters

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Thx comrade.

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fake but funny

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I hate China I'll let the birds defeat their jack shit of a country.

u ok?

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Sorry, I don't have any Maoist memes, but I do have a plenty of Polpotist memes. Would those be OK?

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Is this one true? Like did he actually go vegetarian and self-crit later?

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use fake mao quotes

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anyone here been to china?

I've been to Hong Kong

Since China by extension controls Hong Kong by appointing their government I by extension know how little they care about worker rights

HK was a neoliberal hellhole ergo China must also be a neoliberal hellhole.

That's one of the more developed ones though.

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