Leftism in America Paraplegic

So it's unfortunate all these Jill Stein voters and Bernie or Bust types understood jackshit about how government works. I'll break it down for you:

House of Representatives are the least powerful goverment body. They introduce budgets and bills.

Senate the second most powerful government body. They decide whether the House bills and budgets will pass.

President the third most powerful government body. He controls the military and vetoes bills.

Supreme Court the most powerful government body. They interpret the constitution, decide whether elections are legitimate, congress passed constitutional laws, interpret amendments, check Presidential power, decide whether budgets are constitutional.

So essentially even if you vote in majority Socialists the SCOTUS can rule their bills unconstitutional. If Trump pardons himself SCOTUS calls whether it's constitutional. If Trump declares Marshall Law and starts shooting or torturing leftists they decide if it's against your rights. If too many leftists win elections they decide if those elections count. If some neocon 6 years from now nukes Russia, China, Venezuela and drafts people to Iran they get to say it's within his rights.

To the Nazis, you filled the court with merciless Zionists. To the uber progressives you will be lucky to keep minimum wage, and not be disarmed of the 2nd amendment during a recession uprising. You're laughing now about how good you kicked Hillary in the balls, but 15 years from now you'll be known as the biggest idiots in the history of idiots.

Prove me wrong! How do you plan on overcoming a hard right SCOTUS? Le bloody revolution? Sure keep LARPing, we have a 608 billion dollar military industry and trillion dollar private prison industrial complex? Stacking the court? Ya right, the oligarchs got you by the balls now and will fox news the fuck out of the minds of Middle America. Constitutional convention? Not happening. So what's your plan besides anti-Hillary keks we'll forget in 4 years?

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Reddit ain't doing shit for you. Bad plan, bad theory, bad patheos, bad feelz.

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Obama's supreme court pick was a corporate tool who was perfectly fine with the Citizens United v. FEC ruling. Clinton's picks in all likelihood would have been worse. They're all right wing.

why wouldn't stacking the courts work?

The whole structure of the US government is a joke, and a hilarious failure of an experiment. Anyone intelligent knew this already.

The smartest illegal method of resolving the activist Supreme Court issue is to vote in socialists, then false flag the death of a justice or two.

Well, as far as I know, the next president could simply expand the court and add more judges to offset whatever retardation currently exists. The constitution doesn't specify their number unless I'm mistaken.

OP here
Assassination politics is a bad way to do business.

I'm demoralized as fuck. I hated Hillary too. But, I knew voting for a dictator wannabe would lead to a dictatorship. Hillary couldn't keep power, nor Democrats, but it was definitely the path of least resistance to leftism. I think leftism in America is crippled right now. I hope I'm wrong. I really do.

They could sue, and SCOTUS decides if it's unconstitutional.

Both major party establishments are, for the most part, center right. Hillary is, in fact, part of the problem. Hillary wouldn't have been good for America either. She was busy saber rattling with Russia, despite the fact that they're a major nuclear power, and very well could've caused a nuclear war. And in this case, Hanlon's razor isn't a consideration.

In 2016, both parties fucked up big time. It should've been Ted Cruz vs Bernie Sanders, or, ideally, Rand Paul vs Bernie Sanders. But, the DNC gave into corruption and, in the process, committed political suicide, while the RNC gave into populism and led to an unpredictable madman being put in the White House. We're living in the darkest timeline. Everyone shot themselves in the foot in 2016, and now we're going to have to deal with the consequences.


The supreme court only serves for life terms if we let them. The constitution of 1789 can be changed or even abolished if that's what the people want, it's not a magic document and is unusual among constitutions in surviving as long as it has.

America is beyond saving, this was true before the 2016 election.

i'm sorry, i just can't stop laughing

we /tekken/ now.

During the Great Depression the Supreme Court was blocking Roosevelt's New Deal, so he threatened to pack the court with his own supporters to simply outvote the more conservative judges.


Thank you for correcting the record.

Like said, even the threat by itself was enough to make them tow his line. Any president with balls could wreak havoc with the other two branches.

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Well here is to nothing changing until I'm about 50 or just getting worse for the next few decades. I'll just be dead or shitting my pants.

you short-sighted moron, Trump is possibly the best thing that's happened to the left in a long long time. his incompetence is dismantling and discrediting the American empire internationally. his interventionist neocon/neolib advisor-turned-tardwranglers have their days busy just trying to contain his retardation and can't escalate bombings and interventions as they would like. he is discrediting american 'democracy' in a way that is pretty understandable even to burgers. he is causing, or rather accelerating the effect he is a result of - the extreme polarisation of american society. there is genuine dissatisfaction with the 'two flavours of vanilla' politics which has reinvigorated the american left. the neolibs will personify all evil into the person of trump, and manage to get a hillary 'to fix things' rather than actually adapt to the new reality, which will further alienate the now-active civil society from the 'democratic' process.
most importantly the fact that Americans chose to elect a person who is basically an embodyment of all the negative American stereotypes is absolutely hilarious. the man can't even string together a coherent sentence, and he is the one they want for the highest office of the state, the primus inter pares?
worrying over the supreme court is for those who actually value the bourgeois state and its institutions. removing minimum wage and other reformist 'bandaids on a cancer patient' are a good way to get support for a genuine leftist movement again. the supreme court does something awful to the people, the people will react.
and your idea of revolutions and civil wars being 'people against the army' shows a view built from popular culture rather than history.
in short, first post best post

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Oh, yeah.
The motherfucking COLOMBIAN FAR RIGHT would have been SOOO great. Uh-huh.

Frankly, the white-supremacist nutjob was the further-left candidate of the two, fucked up as that is. Meanwhile…
…as Colombia goes, so goes the world, no matter who is willing to shill for whom.