The red pill

They are the bourgeoisie larping as the proletariat
They are the Revolutionaries
And they are the ones in Power
They are the ones bombing Innocent people in Middle East
And They are the ones Bombing Americans in Burgerland, shouting "Allah Akbar"
They are the one calling for less births
And They are the ones calling for population replacement to compensate for the falling birthrates
They are the ones perpetuating the anti male narrative
And they are the ones luring White men into movements like willful cuckold
They are the ones Advocating for open borders & tolerance
And They are the ones advocating for a wall in Israel & persecution of Arabs

This isn't about "le Proletariat vs le Bourgioioioioi"
or "le Left vs le Right"

The left wing & the right wing work together very efficiently.
The left wing seeks to push anti white policies & crush our morale
The right wing seeks to comfort us & push for policies benefiting ☘️the rich☘️
The right wing still implement anti white policies (just under a different name) & makes us feel accomplished.
Then, the left wing comes back at it again & pushes for more anti white policies
The right wing exists to PREVENT the Sassenachim from rising up.

it's not about "The Proletariat vs The bourgeoisie"
It's about "The Sassenachim vs The Jew masters"

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MGT OW filters into "willful cuckold" btw.

Interracial relationships should be banned because the international proletariat (i.e. cracker ass honkeys) need to be purged, not assimilated. Interracial relationships are class collaboration.

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You said it better than I ever could.
The Capitalist wants white people gone at all costs.

K I K E, not capitalist

Typo there. Meant international bourgeoisie. All my brothers will have caught it since whites can't be working class.

BTW, notice how JEVVS are filtered on this board into "da rich hue hue"?
The reason that happens, is that the mods are rich Jevvs larping as revolutionaries & want to dilute your attention away from their treacherous substance


Try k!ke

Next you're going to tell me I should be reading Count Coudenhove-Kalergi's memoirs, rite?


Shitty filter that only perpetuates Zig Forums paranoia. Leftpol confirmed for trash yet again.

only 1.6% of the American population owned slaves

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Daily "be a good retard and just focus on one particular subset of capitalists instead of killing them all" thread

The Jews are apparently the following:
the bourgeoisie larping as the proletariat
the Revolutionaries
the ones in Power
the ones bombing Innocent people in Middle East
the ones Bombing Americans in Burgerland, shouting "Allah Akbar"
the ones calling for less births
the ones calling for population replacement to compensate for the falling birthrates
the ones perpetuating the anti male narrative
the ones luring White men into movements like willful cuckold
the ones Advocating for open borders & tolerance
the ones advocating for a wall in Israel & persecution of Arabs

And none of this is because of capitalism. It's all because of jews.
Class antagonisms don't exist and class struggle is fake, it's actually everyone vs jews.

Oh boy it's babby's first realization that both center left and right are retarded. Bravo.

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TOPLOL your movement doesn't want to "kill them all"
The American left is entirely controlled by the Jews (The EXTREMELY rich ones) & your ideas are brought upon the public from the top down.
It's the poor rednecks that are being told by the rich Jews what to believe and what to do
"Communism" now a days is about killing the poor whites, and further enriching the rich jews

They are all of the following.
I could post Twitter screenshots of Jews calling for all these things

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The only thing that is wrong with capitalism now, is that Jews use it to take advantage of the Sassenachim.
Jews are simply too OP.
If jews were to dissappear, capitalism would be a flawless foolproof system

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That is literally called the "not all" fallacy

Literally "let me tell you what are your political convictions".
Also stop assuming everyone on imageboards is an amerilard trash like you.

I never said you were real communists.
You want to kill whites (regardless of class) & you are in favor of non whites (regardless of class)
That ^ is the basis of communism IN 2018

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Ah yes, but no true communist opposes liberal ideology
No true Scotsman much?

Then why are you calling yourself a communist?
"Classist" would be a better name

Funny, the Zig Forumstard calling me out for using fallacies. Your entire ideology is built on fallacy; slippery slope, black-or-white, genetic fallacy, etc. and that's just from a google search, because i dont have time to read that pseudo-int shit. Calling somebody's argument bad solely because it has fallacies in it is actually a fallacy in itself, guess you must be wrong also. :^)

National Bolshevism (NOT FUCKING DUGINISM, STOP CONFUSING FASCISM WITH REAL LEFT WING NATIONALISM) is the only way to truly stop white genocide and mass immigration. You fell for the porky pill.

So as it turns out nazis are racialist purely in the service of patriarchy: more births are needed.

my bad meant to respond to



Patriarchy is the only way for white people to exist.
Every other race is patriarchal
Arabs make their bitches cook for them and raise their kids.
Blacks make their bitches cook for them, fuck them, leave them for a new bitch. The epitomy of chadness.
Aseans make their bitches cook for them, and raise their kids as well.
ONLY whites treat women like anything other than property, and that is exactly why we are dying out.

In fact, feminism was (and is) just a another way for jews to hit white people RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS : in their family unit

Left and Right wing is a great way of explaining the politics of France during the French revolution. But the modern world is not revolutionary France duh. Its totally inappropriate to use those terms to describe modern politics.

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right wing = pro Trump, Bush
left wing = pro Hillary, Obama
Very easy to tell if you're Right or left.

Is this the incel pill I've been hearing so much about? By the way, read The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Engels if you want to learn about how to actually salvage families.

How new are you m8?
I'm a communist because i want communism. I dont want to kill all whites.

Women are working instead of having kids, how do you describe that exactly?

Its way more complex than that.

I know some people who dont like Trump becauyse hes too left wing. On things like Abortion and Trans rights.
Equally some people criticised Obama for being right wing when he was doing drone strikes etc.

Thats before you look at individual issues.
In the USA, even the republicans are more left wing on immigration than the actual left wing in Europe. Etc etc

Yes, every black man treats women like shit.
Lol, "man" only refers to males of the human species
Literally, only we do

I call that "Jew-wing"
Way more accurate

It would have to be applied only to one race for it to be genocide.
Letting women work and vote etc is just a terrible idea that causes societies to collapse. Technically its not genocide.

Wrong you retard.
The logic of capitalist commodity production demands a liberation of women from the feudal-era ties since through becoming free independent womyn that don't need no man, they can also become "free" workers(wagies), which is much better option for capitalist as a) it increases competion in the workforce and b) creates more wealth.
Le whytpipo were first to stop treating them like property precisely because they got to capitalism before the other races, it's pretty fucking obvious when look at the recent history of societies all around the word and notice the greater stress on women rights always coincides with the development of capitalism and death of precapitalist feudal/slave systems, no matter if those societies have been "white", "yellow" or "black".
Read a book faggot.

the polit compass is not nearly as complex as you think it is

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You may appreciate this image.

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It is only applied to the white race,

It's definetly a troll hunting for (you)s.
Not even actual nazis use this many buzzwords or are even this stupid.
Stop feeding it. Sage, screencap and report.



I'm not arguing against communism fam, it's an argument against National """socialism"""


How the fuck is that white genocide, you absolute braindead mong? If you actually opened a history book once in your life you'd know women have been working just as much as men for almost the entirety of human history- beginning in hunter gatherer times. Women didn't start becoming housewives until the mid to late 1800s. Mass migration funded by porky's need for more labor and the lack of national bolshevik designated ethnostates for all racially minded folks to live in is the cause of white genocide, not women being granted the ability to work in a factory like every other prole.

You can't just keep saying dumb shit without any scientific data to back it up and expect people to listen to you. At least say why you think the reason black people SUPPOSEDLY treat women worse than whites.

Damn, that's edgy. The only ethnostate you guys are getting is an all Zig Forums-tard pasty white gulag in Siberia. There is no room for race supremacists in the future. All races will unite, separate but equal. A homeland for all races, to coexist in harmony and cooperation, respectful of each others boundaries. THAT, is true not socialism, not your porky capitalist bullshit.

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Black dick is superior

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true that

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Dude, I'm not THAT fucked up

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