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I'm from Russia. This country is not communist at all, there are more Communists in America than here. Everything left here is extremely marginal, and what is not marginal is so ugly externally and internally that it's better to die.
From (about) legal politics there is only an outspoken troll, and quite a bourgeois, by the name of Pavel Grudinin. I want to contact my comrades abroad.

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Why did communism die so hard in russia? One would think people would be drawn towards thinking about it even if they did not share the URSS vision of it, just you know there would be a more favourable cultural background one would be inclined to think

The communist idea in Russia is completely dead. This is due to many factors. First, after the overthrow of the Union of Soviets by Yeltsin, all dogmas and truths were turned over. However, people treated the trembling with equanimity, but not towards communism, but toward the Soviet state.
In the 90s, all political power was divided into 3 parts, 1) opportunist Communists who
In the 90s, all political power was divided into 3 parts, 1) opportunist Communists, who in fact were already sotsdemami and for power 2) The latter were the so-called "Keeps" patriot who wanted a strong state (to which prebigal so-called General Lebed) 3) there were antagonists, conditional liberals.
Vladimir Putin, a native of the liberal wing of the antagonists, was able to somehow unite under his wing "sovereigns", and domesticate the Communists. The idea that the Communists lost when they gave up the revolution, that few people can not be so shamelessly domesticated, then go to their heads.Now the West and America have a chance for a revolution, Russia has no chance.
And here there are no special differences, simply Russia has no revolutionaries

You are mistaken if you think America has any more chance of revolution than Russia.

Even the United Kingdom might have a bigger chance.

At first glance, it may not seem possible to create a revolution in a rich country, which is also democratic. But in reality in the US it is possible and necessary to make a revolution.
And I'm ready to swear by my life that's NOT IMPOSSIBLE

possible? yes.
necessary? definitely.

of socialist character? very doubtful.

As far as I remember, you have problems with "political identity" in the West.
Because of the totalitarian tolerance, the fighters for social justice, as well as the culture of the tank, you have very bad with identity.
What does not concern the pravakov with their identity, Dugin, neoreaction and other things.

For the whole life of the left movement, there was not only one moment just close to leftism, rapprochement, and complete unification.

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As for your actual post…
You are right with our political identity. It is very bad.
All leftists see different problems in life but they don't see the unifying cause, capitalism.
They have been disillusioned through cold-war propaganda and think that it's easier to solve their pet issues one-by-one through capitalism instead.
Many of the socialists then think that their democracy can save them. They are blind to the manipulation of media and democracy. It is easier to see in your country.
Here they give the illusion of choice and freedom, which is much more scary.

What is pravakov? How is russian political idea? How do people feel about their freedom?

Wouldn't it make sense to try and establish communism in a smaller western country first? I mean the US is still slowly slowly slowly going to crawl towards socialism because it has proven beneficial in other countries, so maybe if one of them just made the leap?

The entire world is moving away from socialism, because it's failed pretty much everywhere.

Yeah but isn't Putin's Russia the most powerful anti-imperialist force in the world today?

Isn't Putin's Russia just another imperialist force balancing the western imperialist force in the world today?

Russia must fall

Lies. Most Russians are Communists.

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I've heard it explained before that russians are nostalgic for being a world power and equal in might to the USA and want a return to that, without necessarily caring all that much about the actual communism part of it. I don't really have anything to prove this but it sounds reasonable to me. Most americans aren't really crazy about capitalism so much as they are high on their own gasses about AMERICA NUMBER ONE and buy into capitalism largely because that is what AMERICA NUMBER ONE does.

Revolutionaries in Russia have the duty of unconditionally supporting the Russian state as long as it remains an obstacle to Western imperialism.

You cannot have anti capitalism without anti imperialism.

Hello CIA

To add, we have must look at thinks through an internationalist lense. Does the Russian state oppress the Russian proletariat? Of course. But not only does it refrain from oppressing other nations through imperialism, Russia has a consistently anti imperialist foreign policy.

For the INTERNATIONAL proletariat to be liberated, not just the proletariat within Russia, anti imperialist states must be supported without exception.

Anything else is narrow and petty nationalism.

Good lord you people are retarded

America is so deep balls into the right that even remotely attempting social democracy (aka tamed liberalism) is nearly impossible. Bernie Sanders lost the primaries against the wicked witch of the west, aka hillary clintcunt.

An armed revolution is even more impossible, since the right is willing to die for their bourgeois landlords and are 100% supportive of the authoritarian government; even if they claim otherwise. So called right wing "libertarians" are very keen of borders, volence against anyone that doesn't support their beliefs and white supremacy.

Then you have those pansy-ass liberals supporting gun bans. The left in america is almost non-eistent, outside of small fringe groups like AntiFa, which are merely LARPers at best.

Where am I wrong? And no, cleansing Ukraine of neofascist terrorists doesn't count as "imperialism".

How is it possible for a tankie to still tank for a country that isn't even communist in name anymore?

lmao I guess Russians are STILL delusional about things being better in America
Fucking idiot.


When will tankies stop clinging to their delusional love of Russia because of the "socialist" USSR that hasn't been a thing for twenty six years? You do realize the majority of Russian leftists are in bed with the Putin government, right? Not to mention the admittedly high levels of socialist support in Russia is almost entirely from the older generation. The younger generation is brainwashed by their liberal education and doesn't support communist policies if you would actually read some statistics.

RIDF is really on high alert today smh

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Me too.

Well, obviously.

Absolutely false. More so, most American leftists are Liberal left, most Russian Leftists are Communists, and there are more leftists in Russia.

Every opposition can be called comparatively marginal, considering that the ruling system successfully maintains hegemony. If, and when it falters, Communists will be the strongest.

He may be blamed for not fighting too hard/being too radical, but he certainly have done (or said) nothing against the Left, and at least consolidated it and presented a strong image on TV.

There are a bunch of leaders and activists around him, and the ones who did not support him. He certainly isn't "the only one".

Overall, Russia would be one of the first countries to flip to the left, creating a "second republic" in a manner of 19th century France. There is definitely no comparison between being a non-liberal leftist in Russia and America, considering it's not "a thing" in the latter in public space and real politics, and will not be for a long time.

The 'Communist' Party of Russia is a pathetic joke that only cares about rebuilding the welfare state.