Why all teh fash?

Heeeeyyyy can we NOT tolerate fascists here? Is that a possibility? I've seen several threads started by them. Seems like mods are a little lax in their duties. Not to complain overly much, since I ain't a mod and I ain't doing the dirty job of reading fashie posts and deciding which are ban-worthy. Still, I don't know why, but I'm seeing more fash over here than on /lefypol/

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If this is a shitpost then good job.
If not, ask the mods why they're gay enough to let fascists in. If it were up to me I'd perma ban them with the charges of posting cp and leak their ip's to everyone.

>>>Zig Forums

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Excuse you Zig Forums you forgot your sage.

That dont mean i gotta be tolerating no fascists up in my space. Anarchy aint that simple. Its always better to be a crypto anarchist anyway.

Careful with that private ownership reactionary exploitation comrade. Please write a proper essay length self-criticism of your aggression.

There was a wave of shitposts across both leftypol and leftpol starting on Friday. It seems to be over now.

Congratulations, you're the worst poster.
Here is your prize.

I think it's still going.

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Not anymore, now that you're in this thread.

Correct tbh.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


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I guess Anarchism means being unable to read properly.

How about you report them then?

Snitching is still snitching user. I ain't doing that shit, it ain't my job to patrol the board.

Getting some fag repeating the same shit about muh commies btfo isn't snitching, it's taking out the trash.

Saging has nothing to do with whether I like or support the thread, please get used to the basics of chan culture.

Yeah okay user.

Don't let idiots dictate you, sage is very clearly a downvote and bump is an upvote.

If you report it the mods will ban, they've done this many times.
You have to go back.

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No matter how hard you try to push that meme, sage will always be a downvote. At their core they're both ways to control content based on their opinion.
I've never been to Reddit but I know enough about it from here to know that a downvote is a sage.

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But that's exactly what an idiot is telling me.

Sorry, I read books.

Deleting zero-effort spam threads unless a lot of kekworthy or even genuinely interesting derail discussion has already ensued is okay. Banning people, even shitposters, isn't though banning obvious botposters is fine.

Why have discourse with Fascists? They only come here to do two things:
1. Shitpost
2. Recruit
Sorry guys, but I don't really want this to be yet another platform where Fascists can spew their propaganda, using muh free speech as a shield. They don't care about free speech. If they had their druthers, if they were in power, they would do away with it. They use it as a convenient tool while they are still in the minority to gain access to an audience. Don't play into their hands.

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Wherever you're from, you should stay there.

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sometimes they defect tho, also polite reminder to sage if you multipost

Fascists don't recruit as much as they make absolute fools of themselves. Their occasional presence here detracts from their cause.

idk man, there's a few Nazbol and social reactionary MLs here that the fashies can certainly appeal to for recruitment purposes.

That aside, I'll concede that in this context of them being a minority in a leftist space it doesn't really matter about policing them too much.

I was merely looking at the issue in terms of what Fascists hope to achieve. Shitposting doesn't matter, but conversion does. If they are trying to convert people, they aren't going to be stopped by sound logic and reasoning. How could they; is Fascism a logical and reasonable ideology in your opinion? No. Their goal isn't to sway people with FACTS and LOGIC, it's to gain access to an audience and spread their propaganda. They've already got huge swaths of teh interweb where they're given free reign to do that shit, I was simply wondering why we would allow them another space to do so here.

When it comes to folks with a Nazbol/Nazi flag who are clearly wanting to have a real discourse though, that's fine. They're fertile ground for conversion.


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oops, meant to sage

OK, I don't know why but it's not sage-ing. Is it because I'm the OP?

I think exposure to leftists who aren't braindead normalfags or frothing SJWs, even if it doesn't outright convert/de-nazi-fy them, exerts a powerful demoralizing effect.

I've even seen some cases of secondhand conversion, when a Zig Forumsyp spergs about us to liberals and center-rightists who've never heard of a way out from their false dichotomy.

Probably the clearest example of this is the very term "identity politics"/"identitarianism", as it cuts like a razor through both their own spooky ideology, and that of the SJWs that likely drove them to it.

It looks to me like it's saging?

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Y'know what, I'm not seeing these comments bump the thread to the top of the page, so I think it is working but it's just not popping up for me for some reason. Anyway, please forgive my Jim moment. h.

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Hmm. You may be right there. 99% of them do come in thinking that leftism=liberalism. It is fun when a conservative comes in redhot ready to flame the libtards for being anti-gun, only to find out we worship the fucking things.

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better than gorespamming to make people leave

Fascist here. Talk to me lefties. Instead of banning me, refute my points. I have faith in you. I know you're not as dumb as the modern right portrays you to be.

Good luck doing that. In that other thread fascist tried to "recruit" tankie on their board and basically got btfo'd xD. If this is best they can do, why to care. Also one Zig Forumsack tried to discuss something yesterday and all he could do was to spew out some misinfo and dogmas. It's up to you. I think the really beautiful way is to just rekt them in intelligent way, except obvious cases like some Zig Forums nazi meme spam or something, obvious trolling that would just halt the board etc. At least we can laugh on them + it was one of the thing I liked about this board and that was that it seemed to me more open to people from right side of spectrum than f.e. is Zig Forums to leftists.

no. read a book.


They are dumber. Normie rightwinger still is oblivious enough to use word "intellectual" when describing fuckwits like Stiglitz, Zizek and Chomsky. Typical leftie doesn't know history or economics, can't learn, and doesn't want to learn. They are lower than simple animals and ten times greedier.

Spectacular shot.

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This post destroyed the communist tradition.

This. Gb2 reddits you babies.

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You first.

Just ignore them and tell them to fuck off to
>>>/fascist/ or >>>Zig Forums it usually works

I think associating with the leftists on here or Zig Forums would be far more demoralizing.
Zig Forums may be stupid, but most are aware of how stupid the board tends to be. Worst thing that happens is if someone questions their ideology, they get called a jew. They don't pretend to be some sort of intelligentsia.

Boards like Zig Forums, are quite possibly the dumbest groups I've ever encountered. If you debate a point on Zig Forums, you get banned as the second mods realize they can't refute your point, and the thread continues for another 100 posts afterwards where everyone stomps around like pidgeons kicking chesspieces over in victory… except for the part where they always forget to actually refute the point. Despite this, they act like they're "enlightened by their own intelligence" because… they read a book one time, and unironically believe that other people don't read.

I have never met a group so simultaneously retarded, yet utterly convinced of their own intelligence.

Never happened to me, quite the opposite happened, always when I had dumb question or I wanted to discuss something, people here were open.

There's an entire thread on this very board from other leftists themselves being banned for being the wrong kind of leftist, so you're obviously lying.

Zig Forums wasn't always like that. Sad to see how bad things have gotten.

this, one of my favourite things about old Zig Forums was that there was no shitpost shitty enough not to get a (you) or two, and no argument made in bad enough faith that someone wouldn't try to sincerely answer it at least for a couple of replies.

sorry we can't all devote as much of our lives as you can to your craft, hoochie

Yes, because we are Zig Forums not Zig Forums.


>here or Zig Forums

If you're wondering why you're being shat on, people think you're >implying Zig Forums is ban-happy in the same way as Zig Forums or CY+3 Zig Forums.

This place is only marginally better.
Zig Forums is objectively superior since the t*rkroach has been ousted.

great thinking champ

Lefties are the most fun to laugh at in their safe spaces, where they come up with increasingly insane things to blame "capitalists" for.

but why would we need a safespace if we control everything everywhere ever, especially online? Y'know, since if somebody is sick of your 50-Hitler posts they're OBVIOUSLY a communist redditor?

Because you don't?
Really, all I hear whenever I go anywhere is "Zig Forums took over 4chan", "Zig Forums took over Zig Forums", "Zig Forums took over YouTube", "Zig Forums took over Reddit".
The thing about cuck/pol/, or even the fixed version of Zig Forums here, is that the longer you spend there, the more you agree with them.
Leftist boards, on the other hand? I thought the whole "red scare" thing was a boomer meme, but you retards openly advocate "doing and voting anything and everything that makes a country a worse place, because "muh accelerationism"." No wonder everyone hates you.

ah, so we're the all-powerful boogeyman hiding in every shadow instead of weak beta numale cucks like a few posts ago, got it lol

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I literally just said the opposite.
Yes. It's the reason your ideology can't exist outside of highly censored environments.

What egotistical bullshit. 8/pol/ is still a mess of ideological conformity
Is a position about as common on the radical right as the radical left. If anything, it's far more common on the right, with their constant masturbation among "survivalists" of "muh SHTF".

I have yet to hear a single rightwinger advocate "voting for bad things to make everything collapse faster". Yet this is the standard response among the left.
That's actually in pure response to leftist "accelerationism". They don't want everything to go to shit. They just realize that it probably will at some point, and are forward thinking, therefore like to be prepared.

Leftists, on the other hand, haven't really thought this plan through.


Are you familiar with the likes of The Turner Diaries and Atomwaffen? They are barely one space alien alliance short of being right-wing Posadists.

who ya talkin to?


Dawg the entire religious right is all about doomsday coming.
The racist right is all about some helter-skelter race war.
The libertarian right is all about living in Mad max with child porn.
The Neocon right wants to nuke earth to kill all the towelheads.

He's probably the only contemporary marxist not to go full retard on the incel issue, not to mention his theories are pretty unique and he talks about subjects everyone else is too afraid to.

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t. booklet incel

Can we dispense with this retardation? Dude's not an incel, he has a gf and has actually been in quite a few relationships.

Is this thread a fucking psyop?
Fascists have never been 'tolerated' here.
The OP smells like a false flag using tags to trigger irritation, anger and thus these 70+ replies in a very short period of time.

The rules of Zig Forums are such that they contain capitalist variations in a containment thread. This should be common knowledge here.

I wasn't talking about Jim.


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Got a pdf?

Okay but you're calling him an incel because he agrees with Jim on that issue so I don't see what difference it really makes

OP honestly sounds almost as annoying as Zig Forums's cuteposter