Russian social networks, and the Russian reactionary

In Russia, there are leftist communities. In reality, Russians do not hang out on facebook and twitter, they sit on two social networks - it's and

Telegrams were banned from us.So in the first social network absolutely defective people in all senses gather. In the Internet there is a so-called Vatya culture. It consists of love for Stalin and Putin and hatred of Lenin, Trotsky and freedom. Stalin is used in our media as a reactionary figure, which "did the right thing that killed millions" and "here would have killed more would have been better."
Russia is the last bulwark of hope for reaction, and therefore we must do everything in our power to destroy Russia, as a reactionary country with a reactionary people.

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God I hope putin gets shot or something. Can't stand even the face of that lying, deceitful porky manlet fuck

shitty opinion & thread tbh

But this is no longer true, I seriously Alto Wright imigrate to us. I take a proof

Trumptards just admire Putin's social policies such as being anti-gay, etc.

But in the end they're different Empires fighting each other. USA & Russia. Out of those Empires my interest is to see the American one collapse first, then China, then Russia in that order.

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based Егор

I'd prefer to see a Russian collapse before China: the Chinese imperialist/geopolitical infrastructure is still quite small and minor and will take at least 20 years to ramp up to the levels of Russia.
I predict China will take on the Afghanistan project as their first major global geopolitical/imperialist project. They would have the support of Pakistan. This would give them an actual chance of success at building stability and infrastructure in that troubled country for a major resource extraction and other economic programme.

Russians are weird
Like there cp(like all cps) sucks

whatever but America is indeed the most annoying Empire. It's the most warmongering one. Empires are something that shouldn't exist anywhere in the world. period.

Actually, I admire his straightforward stances, the way he unemotionally carries himself, and his political skill.
Unlike Trump, he doesn't tend to muddle his words. He says exactly what he means, and he says it once.
Also, at the time when Obama was throwing a tantrum and kicking all the Russian diplomats out of the U.S., Putin responded by invited all the U.S. diplomats (and their families) to a Christmas party.
Of course there's things I don't like about him. He's essentially a dictator, kills political opponents, and makes his critics "disappear". They're also in the loosest sense an "enemy", but that doesn't mean much. An "enemy" is someone you openly stab in the back, but make deals with in secret. An "ally" is just someone you make deals with openly, but stab in the back in secret.

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I don't think you know what "oligarch" means, because there's absolutely no contradiction there.

When did I ever claim to be a leftist?
Have you considered that it's possible that there are qualities about a person you like, and also qualities about the same person that you don't like?

Why are you leftists so angry all the time? I realize you guys haven't had a "win" in a very long time, but I don't think being irrationally hostile over the internet is going to change that.

Putin is pretty much a corupt bouj in russia
So an russian oligarch

Yes, in multiple ways.
You quoted me saying "He says exactly what he means, and he says it once", as if this somehow isn't true, "because he's an oligarch."

If he was actually honest i dont think the russians will like him

I didn't say anything about him being "honest".

In fact, when you're in a position like Putin, you don't even really have to hide behind moral platitudes like in western libcuck countries.
He controls the government, the military, and even their version of the CIA, being ex-KGB himself. There isn't really any "check and/or balance" system on his power, since he controls every power that could possibly keep him in check.

While everyone else fumbles over globalists ruining their countries, I think "Nyet" means what he actually says, without mincing words, even if he is a brutal dictator hiding behind a thin veil of democracy.

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The "i love any shitty tinpot dictator that likes stalin" board is this way: >>>Zig Forums


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