Venezuela-Cuba Plan

Venezuela-Cuba is to be repurposed as West-Socialist-Communist Paradise. Every single western left-winger is deported there, and it is supervised that it will not engage in non-Marxist policies so they can't claim it wasn't real communism if it fails.

All the communication to rest of the world is cut off so they can't claim it was CIA sabotage and bourgeoise propaganda. They are not allowed to trade with capitalist countries so they can't claim they were subject to imperialist economic dictating. We give them their own intranet so they can't claim Russian trolls and hackers on steroids breaking their democracy. We put Chomsky as their leader, he has been longest telling everyone how things should be ran, so let's see him run things for once, give him full reign over 200 million people.

This complete liberation of everyone on terms they themself have propagated as true freedom is, in fact, the greatest possible display of selfless human empathy. By pre-emptively enacting safeguards to prevent their often self-stated reasons why their system failed before, we are assisting them to find full happiness. As for emigration from there, returning to oppression is not to be permitted as a basic humane principle. Any left-winger popping up outside West-Socialist-Communist Paradise is promptly sent there, no questions asked, no objections allowed. It is after all a humanitarian duty to help people complaining of oppression and exploitation to live in place where no such thing is allowed.

This way, everyone is happy forever. Idea open for further development, but something like this.

tl;dr pre-emptively eliminate all the causes which have caused socialism to fail and only take in good people

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Those are liberals who also bitched about milquetoast social-democrats like Sanders, Corbyn or Wagenknecht being backed by by Russia because they keep taking away votes from the centrists like mommy Clinton or king Macron.
If you're going to post unfunny shit, then at least try to keep it accurate you retard.

Cyber warfare is real. Based Maduro who continues to forge ahead in making Venezuela socialist with brilliant track record has taken up that issue many times too. Internet can be used to destabilize country.

If the people are led to believe that elsewhere is better, that is a problem.

You can't just deport everyone you don't like, can you? Although it seems like the logical next step in Trumpian discourse.

Venezuela's not even properly socialist.


As long as the embargo and economic warfare ceases.

Not possible though, if porky were to leave them to their own devices capitalism would be btfo forever.


Remember Argentina! It was all excellent until it started participating in global capitalist economy. You don't remember 00's alter-globalization movement? Read Naomi Klein and other very smart leftist intellectuals of the era, classic being No Logo. All that exploitation by porky oh no sweetie oh no you don't want to repeat that. Educate yourself. Prevention on all trading with exploiting capitalist countries is there for a reason sweetie yes it is, it was the go-to leftist outrage and explanation why socialist governments fuck things up back in the day.

This is a rather popular. but here it goes.
Sounds cool

Sounds very cool. Keep in mind that Karl Marx was not and was not trying to be very precise and specific, so there is a lot of room to experiment.

I supposed rest of the world reefers, to capitalist nations as mentioned in next sentence? If so then cool.

In modern world trade with capitalist countries is not necessary. All the industry and technology is located in countries like Vietnam.

Communism is democratic in macro-level, so it is irrelevant who highest ranking politician is, but okay.

Did you even read OP? Venezuela or Cuba won't be ruled by their current OBVIOUSLY AS ALWAYS not-properly-socialist governments. But they have paradise climate with good natural resources and soil.

Why are you the way that you are

What are you talking about porky CIA alien? Of course left wants what it preaches, free of all the very properly and intelligently explained causes of why building socialism and thus communism failed before!

I have better idea.
All Nations Under Socialism or ANUS
The entire world will be re purposed as a communist paradise. Every single person will be educated with proper marxist material to ensure it doesn't regress back to capitalism.

Communication with our spaceborne comrades in that stars will become a very high priority and to ensure the total elimination of all counterrevolutionary elements, all citizens will receive a complimentary AK47. As time goes on, ANUS will focus on a project I dub Project for the Establishment of Near Interstellar Socialism (PENIS) with the goal of greatly advancing space travel to the level of our alien comrades, colonizing local planets. The internet will be reformed into a system where all humanity is connected. Each town will have a local soviet under a city soviet under a regional soviet under a state soviet under the planetary soviet under the ANUS supreme soviet.

Once colonies have been established in nearby solar systems, ANUS will be replaced by People's Inter-Stellar Soviet (PISS). From there, we will finally connect with our alien comrades and everyone will be happy forever.

By that point, all nationality will be replaced with PISS, no man will feel of another nation. All will be united under PISS. Race will have no meaning as genetic engineering has gotten to the point where Jurassic Anime Park is real.

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Use this doll to tell me where Karl Marx touched you

Me hizo hacer el kek


>obvious bait thread is obvious
Some additional points to eliminate confounding factors:

Why not do every third world left winger as well?
Why not include Sandinista Nicaragua and Chiapas?
Why would foreign trade be cut?

What did he mean by this?

Can't make it on your own eh commies? "Final gib pls"

24/7 live streaming so people outside can see what happens, done, would also cover initial costs over time

already taken into account, read OP again

I don't see why not. Left always cries for more diversity anyways. You can take all of them, sure.

Because of reasons outlined in OP, more specifically see

Just a suggestion, he can be initial leader and then you can sperg it out who is truest communist to lead you to glory all by yourselves. I personally simply want to see Noam Chomsky, "leftist intellectual", who has been telling for decades what should be done and how actually run lives of a few million people. I have no doubt it wouldn't be a fucking catastrophe Pol Pot style but that just makes it funnier.

Are you implying socialist countries don't trade with ones that aren't explicitly socialist?


One final point

You seem to go into your proposal believing Cuba is already shitty when in reality it's much better off then it's contemporaries

Somebody's mad no one is falling for the bait.

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Why can't you read? Again, see , reason for protection from exploititive global capitalism is right there, for the third time. Read Naomi Klein's "No Logo" and read up on alter-globalization movement. Or listen as audiobook or something since reading seems to be unsurmountable obstacle.