Why don't leftists convince households to pull their savings from the bank? Pretty solid praxis if you ask me :

Why don't leftists convince households to pull their savings from the bank? Pretty solid praxis if you ask me :

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Would local credit unions be a good place to put your money? Or would a crash reach them too?
People don't want to give up all the game tokens they've been slaving for, and stuffing in the mattress isn't the most realistic suggestion

This was already done back in the aftermath of the last bubble popping, as part of Occupy. The problem is that while credit unions serve 43% of American depositors, they only hold $1 trillion in assets, compared to the $16 trillion of commercial bank assets. In other words, porky "owns" so much of our money, the amount of blunt damage we can do with what we still directly control isn't very great.

Yes. No, credit union deposits survived the last recession far better due to their superior capitalization.

I've convinced everyone in my household to switch from a retail bank to a building society (similar to credit union), and voting on all their behalf's at the annual general election.

For those of you British anons, there's currently a special offer whereby if you refer a friend to switch their main account (with 2 direct debits) to the Nationwide Building Society, you both receive £100 each (maximum of 5 referrals a year), so if any of you wanna help a fellow prole out, I'd appreciate it.

Nationwide isn't perfect by any means, we don't have any porky shareholders who we have to pay dividends to so the profits are cycled back into the business, but we do have an executive board where many of the members are paid 7 figure salaries (as well as approving use of the infamous auditor Pricewaterhousecoopers) but these need to be approved by a vote, unfortunately these bastards seem to get overwhelming approval year after year due to a lack of any independent campaign group to overturn their parasitism.

The only media organisation covering this at the moment unfortunately are the Daily Mail, but at least they're compelling members to vote against such ludicrous remuneration:


Pics related, you get to vote on who runs the company as well as the auditors.

I don't how it is in your country, but in the UK, Nationwide has 8.1 million members, a number not to trifled with and they fared much better than the other retail banks who needed bailing out and didn't need any government assistance.

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These figures don't show that American households are that insignificant. Bank assets are suddenly all going to be worth jack shit when the bubble inevitably bursts and anyone who's been paying attention to the current economic & financial indicators knows there isn't much time left.

In America the deposits are insured by the federal government. Besides, working class people in the U.S. have almost zero savings anyway, and those who do are overwhelmingly boomers. The young people have nothing.

The next financial crisis will be interesting to watch from afar then. I'm legitimately expecting civil war.

Ayy I'm with Nationwide too and I vote no to renumeration on each annual form too, best I can do.

I had huge hopes in crypto, not so much in bitcoins but just in crypto in general. Still I kinda believe Monero has good concept because privacy, but it's too much volatile, which is root of problem. It's just playing their game with different tools. You don't know, you can have money in gold and one day you will get rekt when price will go down. Maybe one day we will find a way how to solve this, it would require whole new look and understanding of how could economy work or maybe we will achieve point where money will be just obsolete and trading will be voluntary and won't require monopoly money, or even bank account to track our transactions. Some form of guaranteed income is imo possible but it requires change in mentality in society as well.

I advocate a shared economy and eventual abandonment of all currency. It's accumulative properties is what enables classism and poverty and so on.

But to get people to switch over, I am thinking of ways for people to save their already earned cash so that they can be better prepared for the next crash. Everything has to be localized

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There should be a single state-backed official crypto. Small states means a shitload of different cryptos mined whenever needed to allow the functioning of society and culling the possibility of hoarding money, theft, and speculation (because, once again, the state has a full control on its money).
Make it based on pi decimals or some shit so that it also actually has a point being mined.

If the crypto wouldn't be traded for money, we could have a way how to abandon traditional system in my opinion, just for the sake of stability. Either that or you would have to have some authority to say that 1 coin will be always for price of a loaf of bread or something, but again, bread and its ingredients are traded for money so it's like this endless spiral and I can't get my head around it. If there would be crypto that would be totally isolated, you could have money in it and say all the fiatshills fuck off and laugh to their faces when shit will go down but I don't know if that is even possible.

Maybe as I said, only if crypto would be tradable for other crypto but none of them tradable for real world currency/fiat. Could something like that avoid the speculations?

The more I think about this the more I like it.

Or make it the other way around. Abolish money. Only regional state cryptos can be used for real-world purchases.

Do like I do. For over 17 years I go to my bank at the 2nd of every month, take out all my earnings (still keep a safety net of 10k) in cash and put it in the same banks safe deposit box. With this I force the Jews to uphold their initial promise to keep my money safe, while robbing them of the opportunity to abuse my money for their greedy schemes. Minus the occasional hassle with large payments, I not only can see my wealth grow but I can see my bankers seething too.

Oh that's a thing I haven't considered doing. I pulled all my money and planned to go and buy gold in Belgium because I also expect the Euro as a currency to fail sooner than anyone expects atm.

Gold and Diamonds are just for long term security, but if you just keep your living expenses in the bank (plus security blanket) and switch the rest to gold you're good to go.

Euro will go down very rapidly, I'm expecting Merkel will have to with Macron go like good dogs to Putin and beg him to start trading again crude oil and gas.


Can't really argue with you since I never used them, but my father had a modest sized investment in diamonds throughout his life and never lost anything on it. So what's the catch?

IIRC gemstones resellers overprice the shit out of diamonds and will typically not take them back. I might be wrong though.

I voted no to everything but the annual report and I hope you did too. Most of these directors have worked for failed banks and even BP. One of them Baroness Ushar sat on the Iraq War inquiry during the Gordon Brown administration.

With Diamonds you have to bite the bullet and only trade with the Jews in Antwerp. No middleman, no reseller. You will pay premium, but it's a safe long term solution. Just don't ever try to trade in them unless you have the biggest noes in all of Belgium.

It will get stolen from your house, and in my country you are secured up to 20k by the state if the bank fails.

Why keep anything at home? Just use safe deposit boxes. Even if those fuckers go down, you'll still hold ownership over whatever you put in there.


You yearn for a society of drones without desire or motivation. A servant class.

Sounds like you want


Not entirely true, most people in America share a common bond -debt.

What happens when they get robbed, and all their life savings are gone?

I'd think it'd be a better idea to build community-owned cooperative ethical building societies that people could put their money in.

Well you better hurry. The meltdown is coming for this year or 2019 at best.

I hope it's sooner rather than later. I don't want Corbyn to become PM then immediately have the economy collapse and have the media blame it on the socialist in charge.

You seem to think we are ants. You're afraid of ending this sick game and going free. Capitalism is a bad motivator.

Nonsense. A non-servant class if ever there was one. Things would get done because people want them done.

I wouldn't put it past them to be planing that right now.

Glad to hear we have the same idea.

Gov will not have enough money to cover everyone. Its small bumps compensation, not major problems.