How do we solve the soyboy problem that the left is currently having? We have a cuck problem too

How do we solve the soyboy problem that the left is currently having? We have a cuck problem too.

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Stop being a leftist.

Do we though? I think it's mostly (politically-illiterate) liberals/socdems who fit the "soyboy" stereotype, and even then, it seems to be something mostly made up by reactionaries to try to discredit "the left."

I would say that the best way to deal with this is radicalization. A major staple of the average "soyboy" is blatant consumerism, i.e. Soylent, Nintendo Switch's, etc.

Why would anyone want to stop being left-wing though lmao

Because then you don't have to be surrounded by soyboys, cuckolds, and people who can't meme.

Go away pol. You side is the one filled with soy cucks looking for a fasci daddy to discipline you.



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better than whatever shit sony and microcucks coming out with


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And here lies the problem, Zig Forums is just filled with soy cucks.

Soy will just make you lose weight and cuckoldry is a very rare fetish mostly held by well-off liberals and closeted reactionaries. Get your head out of memes and go outside.

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Those guys look awesome.

What's wrong with soy? It's a pretty solid source of protein. Are they going to come for peanuts next?

Soy contains phytoestrogens, so some retards think that soy production is like a conspiracy to emasculate men.

These people always seem to forget that things like beer and milk contain large amounts of estrogen, which has SIGNIFICANTLY more of an effect, although estrogen in foods and drinks is always going to be negligible.

Hell yeah xD

It's that only faggots eat shit like "tofu" and "soy lattes".

You're both wrong. The whole soyboy thing is that some fags actually think its possible to use soy to transition into females. Thats what a soyboy is.

Agreed Comrade. The Left-Right spectrum belongs to Bourgeois Parliamentarism so it can fool the worker by giving 20 different names to Capitalism.

Metaphorical soy is AWESOME. Imagine a world based on consensus and cooperation…

Imagine no posessions…. it's easy if you try…

Well I mean, anyone who's diet consists of tofu and soy lattes is about as close as they're going to get.

We band up our comrades and fuck them up. Slap the fuck out of any faggot calling himself a Socialist and shilling for intersectionalism or waving a red flag at an idpol rally.

We recruit from the poorest districts of cities like in the old days and cease the New Left deviation of Student Activism. Also we keep quotas of 3/4th full time wage workers and establish that the Communist Party/League/Front is for the advancement of Socialism and not whatever pet social issue.

We prohibit dyed and long hair, any "punk" attire whatsoever, and set up a BMI limit and a fitness test or two.

it could be worse, OP.

we could be brainlet libertarians.

says the nerd. talk shit post pic lets see how you look irl lol

These faggots have always existed. Unsurprisingly, they fucking vanish the moment the Workers actually take power.

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Why does the Stirnigger always ask for pictures of people?

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We make them put their dicks in chastity cages. We slap them when they speak out of turn. They obviously don't have girlfriends, so we bang their sisters infront of them.

We be passive aggressive when they eat anything not containing soylent. If they express any free thinking, or Marx forbid actually -disagree-, they get a week of solitary confinement in the cuckshed.

post it then you dweeb. you ain't shit why brag like you are hahahah? You're an armchair loser on a chan forum really dude. grow up.

fuck off

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it's just a fucking dweeb with power fantasies on an anime chan forum. don't take him seriously just make fun of him for being socially retarded.

Is this the left's idea of "a meme"?
Stealing some right-wing meme, removing everything that makes it relevant and funny, and nonsensically replacing it with "XD capitalism"?
Why do you think the 1% can't grow beards? When have they ever made the soylent mouth expression?
Are soyboys rich? Do they dress in blacksuit attire?

Mate most of them are liberals. No balls, only soy.

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Tbh I don't mind.

I really don't understand what is supposed to be so bad about soyboys either.

Brainlets feeling challenged in their society-induced virility probably. Why won't everyone lift and act tough and manly like me ???

Yes you do, Zig Forums.

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I'm in the U.S. where 80 percent of people "do not meet the government's national physical activity recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle strengthening." The ones who do are largely affluent. Gonna be a problem.

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Because Socialism has always been a well-to-do Bourgeois thing. The "working class" only ever gets on board right at the end when there's obviously going to be a revolution and the Socialists are promising more gibs - and even then it's only in cases where there is no other alternative.
Just look at any major Socialist revolution. It always starts with university educated, middle or upper class twats of which all but the most popular handful get shot after the revolution succeeds. The actual working class always tends towards conservatism and capitalism right up until the last moment.

This is the funny thing about /leftpol and lefties in general. The same people /pol claims are causing problems for them (namely say jews), ARE THE SAME PEOPLE FUCKING YOU. None of this behavior is normal, your own politic enforces mental illness as the norm. Wake up dude (or I'm sorry, do you prefer Ma'am?)

*yawn* Those with 'mental illness' are not the ones fucking anyone over, unless you count psycopaths and sociopaths.

bad Sassenach, you hate women and blacks!

soy is just empty carbs and has adverse affects on men. cuckolding is a pretty common fetish.