Whats the real, nitty gritty, at-the-core difference between socialism and fascism?

Whats the real, nitty gritty, at-the-core difference between socialism and fascism?

And I mean beyong the whole "left" and "right" labels?

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Fascism is typically capitalist, socialism isn't.

Socialism has absolutely no bosses. Fascism tends to revolve around the glorious leader.

Fascism is nationalist. Socialism tends to abolish states and nations.

Fascism actually is coming for your toothbrush.

one is incredibly spooked about race and nationality.

the other doesn't give a shit about race and nationality.

not to mention literally every fascist leader has been a proponent of privatization except for Strasser, who by the way was killed by other fascist, and Mosley after he quit Labor.

Fascism is class collaboration.
Socialism is class abolition.

Both are a society-oriented answers to excesses and crises of capitalism, but fascism wishes to preserve the society as it is, with all its social and economic hierarchies and divisions.

Socialism is universalist - fascism is particularist
Socialism is modernist - fascism is post-modernist (hot take)
Socialism is progressive - fascism is regressive (in historical-social sense)
Socialism is constructivist - fascism is essentialist
these ideological axioms and fundamentals actually define much of the left-right paradigm
but fascism and socialism do have some things in common, socialism and nazism are much farther away in terms of ideology and the geneology of ideology

socialism is capitalism for the poor.


"What actually determines a socialist society is, besides the doing away with private property in the means of production, the control of the workers over the products of their labour and the end of the wage system."

Fascism is just socialism for whites only. The DDR was a lot like how naziland was supposed to look like, only with less pomp and greenery.

Fascism is an umbrella term, Socialism is as well but at it's core is anti capitalist, fascism doesn't have to be anti capitalist and at certain incarnations is pro capitalist. Those are the major differences as well as the fact that socialism isn't a political system fascism is. Now please delete your thread and leave.
Those labels are there for a reason.

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socialism was (and is) popular among intellectuals and has had a much deadlier track record, and has actual real life examples today

historian hannah arendt disagrees

She viewed both Nazi Germany and the USSR on the surface level, I can't believe you actually listen to this useless German whore.

You mean she abstracted to fine points of similarity to propose a conclusion outside of either Nazi or Marxist-Leninist ideology?

Socialism seeks to diminish all hierarchies while fascism strictly upholds multiple hierarchies as a part of it's core.

Hierarchies based on race, social class, national origin, geographic location etc.are paramount to fascism. Socialists see no value in these differences and seek a social order where they either do not matter or do not exist.

where is your source to support your claim?

my source is called actually reading Marx, communists created the INTERNATIONAL. Do you know what international means?

Arguably anarchists and Marxist social democrats created the (first) International and it ended in Marx & Co. expunging the non-Germanic sections and ultimately collapsing the thing. The second, social democrat-only international, where anarchists weren't allowed (sectarianism early!), defended worker mass death in WWI, dying at the altar of nations. I can't wait for your response to this, because I know you know that all of this is factually correct, that is if you're actually as informed as you try to come off as.

Their philosophical underpinnings are distinct. Socialism is an ideological umbrella with wildly different ideas for specific policy, while fascism is a very particular form of authoritarianism despite what the other posters would have you believe.

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