Lets be honest. Childhood is just a movie made up by sociologists

Lets be honest. Childhood is just a movie made up by sociologists.
Society should stop treating it like its a literal physical biological phenomenon. Puberty is biological. Teething is biological.

Disney movies are cultural. Hallmark Channel is cultural. Love songs are cultural. I understand that kids are impressionable and naive but hey so are adults. And idealism and naivete can only be stretched so far. This whole "childhood is running around in a lily field using pure imagination, no toys" is a romanticized bullshit made up by nostalgiatards.

Lets be very honest. How many of you actually went out and partied like a rock star every other day during your teenage years? None, if very few. Most of you probably crashed at hone and napped after a long day of school. Its like the elders are genuinely ignorant or choose not to really observe. Or theyre probably projecting their freedoms of their childhoods. This whole "youre young, no need to be sad" , "Young people should keep their 'innocence' ", "Kids shouldnt have iPhones" is a wet dream. They think that childhood is a separate reality, that the bullshit from the adult world wont affect kids. Or that kids cant have any wordly intuition/ambitions.

In short, youth is not "magical," age and maturity are independent, and Republicans are not real conservatives.

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wtf board do you think you're on? even your images are confused

take ur meds m8

I agree, but what does this have to do with anything here?

I tend to agree. The question is how to get them to autonomous self-management.

Imageboard shitposters probably aren't a very good representative sample for these sorts of questions

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I spent my early 20s and teens in my room and now I regret it oh god, I'm going to have a midlife criss in my 30s and be that lame fucking weirdo hanging out with people a decade younger than me crying over martinis and letting everyone ram me up the bum in a desperate attempt to make memories I will regret because at least regret will be something. I'm so empty.

then who was phone??

I joined the DSA. It's a bunch of thirtysomething schmucks like me instead of the Southpark shitheads I hung around with in my 20s come join us bro

You do realize you can bang 20-somethings while in your thirtys, right? Nothing weird about that.

As long as they're at least half your age + 7 you'll be ok.

Spooks. Spooks everywhere.

Shitposting used to mean something

This is pedoposter from the other thread.

You just assume we all had shitty childhoods because you're a pedoposter trying to justify kid diddling.

I actually had a pretty good childhood, I smoked a lot of weed, found something I like doing that's a productive and fulfilling trade.

Not everybody got raped in the asshole and turned into a Borderline Personality Disorder sex offender like you did.

What pedoposter, and what thread?
And I didnt have a shitty childhood. People seem to have a very polarized view on childhood. They say its either great or hell on earth. Me, I think its meh. A time and a place.

Ephebiphobic much?
I hang around older guys and theyre not as mature they think they are.

Young people are treated as a subspecies of human strangely. I dunno why especially since the adult world is already (and always was) fucked up.


They are, in the sense that it just means "old." Doesn't carry any of the conversations that, usually, old people attribute to it, though.

I mean, trump's old as fuck, and his entire existence basically boils down to "you're a poo-poo head." Age ain't nothin' but a number.

Age can equal experience. Age does not always guarantee experience, but generally one needs age to have logged enough hours and seen enough shit to have a certain measure of experience.

That's the difference between "age at" and "age of."

With most folks sitting on their ass watching shitcoms, the latter seldom translates to the former. And one has to actually keep advancing; any competent martial artist will tell you that most peoples' skill at walking is the same at three and thirty, simply because they don't learn anything new.

Very few people are actually asking this. They're pointing out that your definition of "child" is inaccurate.

Unironically kill yourself, both for being a feminist and for reading xkcd. And no, I'm not the OP of this thread.

Is anyone actually as mature as they think they are?

Adult arrogance. When you ask them to identify a specific deficiency in knowledge in the average high schooler that the average adult doesn't also possess, they can't come up with anything.

This. And yes, it applies to sexual consent because there's nothing new to learn about it unless you become a doctor. Get dunked.


This. Conservatives love to talk about how the younger generations are getting dumber yet alot of these old timers obsess over rock n roll, sports, classic movies. They cant be bothered to know about simple earth science. They dont even know how radically complex post-80s academia is. They think Millennnials/Gen Z dont have trigonometry, social studies, algebra, etc which was considered "genius" subjects in the 60s. Most of those old-timers didnt even finish high school anyway.

They also cannot remember someones name for more than five seconds. Cant even remember the date of their weddings. But they get pissy about some teens not knowing who the Rolling Stones are.

Unfortunately we didn't just take the good parts from Zig Forums, but an autistic pedo is easier to live with than the horde of redditors in miss piggy's playpen.

I hope you are alright, 23yo here, I might make it though, still a chance of rope-a-cope

I partied in my teens and 20s. It wasn't great. I have a few good stories, but that is all. I don't think y'all should worry about it.