Supersized State Terror Burger

Excerpts from Trump Montana rally. He's getting worse, and his followers more fanatical. This guy has enough weapons at his disposal to conquer most of the west with enough police and prisons to maximize programs of state terror:

(1000s chanting inside and presumably 1000s outside)
-He tells ecstatic hordes of his followers to disregard feelings for their safety
-Riles them up into a rage at journalists… choruses of lock them up.
-We need to do something about all these illegal immigrants voting
-Lock Hillary up chants
-Illegal immigrants are animals
-Maxine Waters is leader of Dem party which supports MS-13.. choruses of lock her up
-We don't need European Union and need to stop protecting NATO
-Elizabeth Warren is a liar and needs DNA test. Me too movement is terrible.
-Protesters at Statue of Liberty should only have been given a net (presumably to jump)
-Trump with another threat: "They want anarchy. They really do. And they don't know who they're playing with, folks."
-We're not going to protect Europe from Russia. Putin is fine. lot's of cheers.
-I kicked out 1000s of MS-13s
-I'm protecting religion
-They're doing locker room protests in the NFL. Arent they despicable?
-I will be victorious

Is it just me or is this fullblown accelerationist police state authorized state terror fascism on the rise with massive amounts of acquiescance?

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oh well. light up a joint and chill out.

LMAO fucking why
People there a so spooked they would vote trump if he declared the USSA

How did burgers get so fucking gullible. When did this happen?

American journalists are just propaganda writers. Nothing of value would be lost.

What's wrong with this statement? #MeToo is nothing but feminists making up false allegations for attention, with a side dish of making up completely unsubstantiated feminist bullshit about how teenage girls supposedly aren't mature enough to give adult-level sexual consent because acknowledging that they actually are mature enough would destroy roasties' sexual market value.

Hillary is a pro-capitalist war criminal who should have been locked up many years ago.

I don't know what the fuck OP is thinking, but this isn't a Democrat board.

Even if you're right who's to say that he wont indiscriminately target people on the left after he's done disposing of immigrants and his current political opponents. Once he can attack the media he can basically attack anything he wants. The media is shit and controlled by corporate conglomerates, i agree, but this would allow him to completely control information in an even more direct way.

Of course he'll do that, but maybe if liberals weren't such slanderous lying scumfucks about literally every single issue known to man, there wouldn't be the kind of rage against the media that would allow Trump to get away with this. OP seems to be as liberal as they come, meaning this entire situation is on the heads of his/her group more than anyone else.

Probably not.
You do know that different folks are into different things, right?? It's probably the same ratio in every regime.

Thank you. That's exactly my point. Ya, so Hillary, Maxine Waters could be locked up.. Then Ocasio.. Then Ruhe.. Then Jimmy Dore… Just lock up all the opposition.

Cheering on setting aside feelings (AKA compassion) for national security?! Seriously, can you not see how fucked up 1000s of people cultishly chanting to that is?

Illegal immigrants voting.. Time to put Blackwater's Erik Prince in charge of voting machine security right?

The media and journalists.. So he cracksdown on them. Well then everything is Fox News from there on out. The great leader wasn't able to get you food, because Iran slaughtered too many evangelicals in Israel. Gimme a fucking break here right? You know how media crackdowns work with fascists at the wheel.

Finally, "They don't know who they're playing with" in reference to opposition. That's fully fucked too.

They're missing the forest for a couple trees.

What you mean less than the age of consent which is 16 years old? So you trying to fuck 13 year olds or something? No wonder Zig Forums projects pedophilia onto everyone. It's literally a feature of their shit ideology.

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Wait, but the age of consent is literally ideology, who's to say a 13 or 14 year old cannot consent?

I see nothing wrong with these.

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It's just kicking up the base into a frenzy for the midterms, burgerland had been getting more authoritarian before Trump and will continue to do so after Trump. If you weren't already preparing to resist state censorship and oppression you are incredibly naive.

…zero to twentysomething depending on where you are. Not everyone is in your tiny little province of wherever.

Is that all you extrapolated from this? Not the fanatic cultish chanting. Not the threats of state terror to people deemed anarchist. Not that locking opposition doesn't stop at unpopular liberals. Not the lies about illegal immigrants voting to justify Trumpian election rigging. Not the fact that cracking down on fake news starts with MSM, and ends at anything not right wing. Not the cult like demands to abandon compassion for national security.

You are a true low Autism Level brainlet.

That's a lot of assumptions there buddy. Go to some liberal site if you just want to complain about Trump and Russia.

Well it sure didn't seem like you extrapolated much from it besides muh lock her up. I think Trump is going to crush socialism like a cockroach in America if socialists don't recognize what he's aiming for in his indoctrination rallies and what he's capable of. And the people who only see bullshit like "well destroying the EU is great why you complaining" are only helping him spread his more insidious bullshit like threatening anarchists with state action unhindered, locking up any opposition, stamping out non right wing news, and calling for his followers to abandon compassion for their national security. So it's pretty pertinent here. Jump on to one of my other threads about Marxism, Gramsci or Zizek if you hate to see threads about OBVIOUS weaponized fascism that is poised for a mighty blow against leftism. Go on git!

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His voice and directionless rambling make him sound like hes in the early stages of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease kek

/ourguy/ confirmed.

we're not, OP is probably just a spooked democrat.

The absolute state of Zig Forums

You're the load your mom should have swallowed. This is why the left is fucked.

A few things: First off, not everyone lives in your shithole jurisdiction. Second, pedophilia doesn't mean "every relationship I don't like." Third, what the fuck makes you a qualified judge of when and how someone is allowed to conduct sexual relationships? Fuck your "hurr durr look how moral I am" bullshit and fuck you, you stupid nigger. I hope Trump destroys you just like the OP said. You fucking morons deserve it for not being able to see past your "muh maturity occurs when le media says so" crap and rejecting any attempt anyone makes to show you the facts. You're no better than Trump and the world will be a better place without you. Maybe once all you busybodies have been put in Trump's death camps, the rest of us can build a new movement that isn't held down by your self-righteous garbage. That is, if any humans actually survive Trump's stupidity due to him being likely to unleash a nuclear war that wipes out all life on Earth.

I love this board, give me more takes

Per your request, here are some takes for your perusal. All of them are about various mistakes the modern left has made. I'm going to do my best not to simply talk about things liberals did while calling themselves the left despite OP being a perfect example of that, because I'm capable of telling the two groups apart. In case you might be wondering, none of them are "fail to acknowledge the dastardly Jewish menace" because contrary to your need to group everyone you don't like under the same umbrella, I'm not actually a Zig Forumsack. In a shocking turn of events, only one of them is specifically about the left's stances on sexual issues, though all of them touch on it at least a bit.

1) The left has gone full deluxe economy size hyper-mega-ultra Super Saiyan 5 motherfucking retard on nearly all matters related to sex, most especially the age of consent. Pretty much nobody except Americucks would call it pedophilia to pursue a 14 or 15-year-old girl regardless of how old you are. The idea that a certain group of people who possess all relevant knowledge of a given activity can only consent to said activity if their partner is within a predefined age range despite the act itself remaining the same is the most transparently preposterous idea anyone has ever proposed. A large age gap may raise eyebrows depending on the situation, but it wouldn't be called pedophilia anywhere but the US. The fact that biological reality engenders a torrent of shrill bellyaching from you is injurious not only to the left but in general. This isn't your platform to virtue signal about how righteous you think you are for making groundless allegations of psychological harm to destroy healthy, natural relationships just because they offend you, and a whole lot of people across the whole political landscape are tired of your crap. This is going to bite you in the ass very hard in the very near future, but you're too stubborn and self-righteous to understand that or to question anything you believe, so this warning will have no effect on you.

2) Pseudointellectualism is a huge problem on the left. To put it as bluntly as possible, the left is full of massive fucking dipshits who don't know the first fucking thing about anything they're talking about and still accuse anyone who disagrees with them on anything of denying science. This is part of how the things described in the previous take happened, but it's a much more generalized problem than that. These people don't seem to understand that watching a few Vsauce videos and reading a piece by Black Science Man doesn't make you a scientist. When I see people talking about how the left is so much more scientifically literate than the right because people on the left use peer reviewed studies, I fucking cringe unbelievably hard. The modern academic community is a joke full of citation rings, politicized research and corrupt funding practices, and it's not even limited to the humanities, although the humanities are the worst about it nearly to the point of blanket disregarding everything that comes out of Western humanities departments. STEM papers need to be looked at carefully, and this obviously isn't being done, but in the humanities you can and frequently do have papers that provide no method of testing their claims being held up as the pinnacle of scientific research simply because those papers agree with some hack professor's politics. The worst thing is that in economics, American academia is dead set against anything socialist, and yet many socialists still cite American academics as though their words were gospel. Further, the left is losing whatever claim it had to having support from STEM personnel because of what's described below.

3) The left is full of status seekers. On many issues, the left has been willing to go along with whatever belief was popular even when it was provably wrong. For example, the left was warned many times about the dangers of allowing feminist scaremongering about various forms of sexual expression they don't like to take root within it, and all of those warnings were ignored because the left was and largely still is more interested in status seeking than in having correct views. As a result of this, millions of young men who can't find suitable wives or girlfriends despite not having anything particularly wrong with them (because the desirable options for wives or girlfriends i.e. teenage girls have been made illegal for them to pursue) went to charlatans like Jordan Peterson and Sargon of Akkad for guidance, and the left has no one to blame but itself. So instead of stepping back and honestly taking stock of why the fuck a movement that calls itself opposed to mainstream society is aggressively, uncritically pushing mainstream social mores and doing its best to stop anyone from being allowed to question them, the left instead chose to blame the people the mainstream is persecuting. Also, many of these people are in STEM, and the left will need people with STEM training if it expects to survive. Good job alienating them by making it impossible for them to find a decent girl and doing nothing to address how feminism is making science and tech work unbearable.

Holy hell this is deranged.

I wouldn't call that pedophilia per se but it's still creepy as hell. Even if the AoC in some European countries are as low as 14, it's not like they tolerate grown-ass men chasing them. Laws vary but once you're over the age of 18 you shouldn't be chasing 14 or 15-year-olds and most laws around the world are shaped to prevent that.

I heard a good rule which is take your age, divide it in half, then add seven. So if you're 30, then your lower limit is 22. It's a bit arbitrary but we've got to have some standards. Call me a conservative.

TRUMP 2020

What the fuck? Everywhere except extremely archaic tribal societies this is looked down upon extremely. I would literally end friendship with a buddy if he pursue a 14 old girl. So fucking gross.

Go away please

For fucks sake ban the pedos or force them into the containment thread

Lol, you don't know the law and yes, as a matter of fact that is tolerated in most countries. South America, Europe, Asia, basically everywhere that isn't feminist cuck land. Every Euro I've ever talked to who doesn't live in some cucked America-lite shithole like England has said the same thing. It's not always necessarily encouraged, but the stigma isn't anywhere near what it is in the US. Not everyone shares your taboos, and at some point you're going to have to get the fuck over it instead of trying to pretend everyone else believes the same way you do. Your moral beliefs aren't beyond questioning.

You're honestly contending that there's something abnormal and inherently coercive about an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old being together. You're so fucking delusional you don't even realize how stupid you sound to anyone who isn't hopelessly indoctrinated. You're the reason the alt-right exists.

Standards should be based on biology, not your whiny ass liberal feelings. Your age rule came from xkcd, which is written by a Clinton-supporting faggot, so how about I call you a retard instead? I have a much better rule, which is I'll date whoever the fuck I feel like.

This post fucking reeks of Reddit. And you're an M-L too, and virtually every M-L is an SJW Redditor, so that's no surprise. I doubt you have any friends, and no one who isn't a total cuck would ever want to be your friend in the first place. South American, European and Asian countries are also hardly archaic tribal societies, but thanks for your John Oliver-tier "muh current year" argument, you worthless fucking liberal retard. Kill yourself.

This thread was shit to begin with, so it doesn't even matter. Not that you wouldn't ban all discussion of it because you're another one of the liberal faggots trying to overrun this board with Redditor shit. Maybe whatever you believe in should be forced into the containment thread.

I've been here since the begining and have seen your autism derail countless threads. Kys or contain your autism.

Yes, you stupid motherfucker, you're as Reddit as it gets. If anyone should be purged from this board and existence in general, it's you. Any form of communism people like you create will be just as bad as living under capitalism because you fucks have constantly shown that you feel the need to micromanage every single decision anyone makes.

Pedos get the bullet too

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You vastly overestimate the amount of support you have to carry out your threats. The fighting age young men with guns, or in other words the people you need in order to enforce your stupid bullshit, are rapidly swinging to our views on this issue as the absurdities and baselessness of your claims, such as your beyond-retarded statement that an 18-year-old shouldn't be with a 15-year-old, are exposed to the people who've lived their lives under your stupidity. You're nothing but another shrill feminist calling everything you don't like rape and pedophilia just like all feminists do.

Not even 12 year olds would be willing to fuck you

All I am saying is that if you are trying to hit on 14 year old girls you are probably having maturity issues yourself. It's considered gross for a reason, as these kids have not fully completed their sexual maturity. Have you ever had a girlfriend your age?

maybe if you actually do travel outside of burgerland you will realize that "every other country is cool with dating 14 year old girls :DDD" doesn't work at all unless you want to get beaten up. please don't come to my country tho.

Ok liberals suck but blaming it all on them is ignoring the big picture, obviously people who voted Trump are reacting to the status quo, they dislike the neoliberal economic policies of the last few decades. It's not just liberals they'e shitting on, it's the whole establishment that they want to destroy but the target liberals the most because they are the superficial false-moralistic "humanitarians" of that neoliberal order. These people also group the entire fucking left with liberals because that's what fox news has drilled into their heads for a decade, I hate liberals too but this doesn't just imply that they're the only ones getting screwed by this. Trump will start with the immigrants and the like and slowly expand his criteria for enemies until every single person who opposes his policy is clumped into a single group.

I'm seriously reading someone in here threatening armed revolution by 18-year-olds mad they can't get 15-year-old poontang. This is amazing.

Anyways I'm quaking in my booties over here. Better watch out or this guy might declare war on you!

Still going with that whole "I decide who's a kid and who isn't even if science is against me" shtick, I see. Young men are all attracted to teenage girls, which is in no way pedophilic. It's not up for debate.

Any country where someone as faggy as you is tolerated is a cuck country that needs to be nuked.
Only idiots consider it gross and only idiots think a 14-year-old isn't ready. You don't know anything about sex (or anything else) that they don't.
Adult women are simply less attractive than teenage girls and are not in demand, so this objection flies out the window. Getting with a teenage girl is a far greater achievement because their sexual market value is higher. Adult men who pursue a romantic partner their own age are nearly always those who can't do better by going for a younger girl.
This doesn't actually happen in the majority of the places I named. You're probably an American pretending to be foreign. You're making shit up to try to sound intimidating, but the people I've talked to who are actually from those countries are tired of idiots like you pretending to speak for them. Again, young men in the vast majority of countries are not in agreement with you and will not support you in your witch hunt. If you attempt any such thing, adult men who want to fuck teenage girls are going to be the ones beating and killing you because we have the firepower and the numbers.

If you had any idea how many wars and revolutions in history have been started by young men being wrongfully deprived of the poontang they want, you'd think twice before posting this. History isn't on your side here.

No dude, you are a burger, and it's showing. You idolize foreign exotic countries for their supposed sexual freedom which you have no idea about. I bet you the kind of guy who think it's "moralizing and problematic" when American boomers exploit 16 year old Thai woman on vacation for 50$.
Answer my question. Did you have a girlfriend? Are you a virgin? Because if you are actually have been in a relationship you would break womanhood down on fledglIng bodies but also on personality
I don't care what you think, if I see a 28 year old dude hitting on a 14 year old I'm gonna take the girl away from him and get her to her parents. You're a creep who can't get with attractive girls your own age so you hit on literal kids who haven't reached the maturity to make decisions like that. And this is common sense in most communities, both in America and Europe. I have no idea to what kind of goat fiddlers you talked who think this is okay.

I bet you think when someone points out that*

You know the girl is going to grow up, right? There is a thing called the aging process. So what happens then? Do you dump her?

That's why even if this is not pedophilia strictly speaking, this behavior is still abuse and needs to be regulated. The world you want is one where men exploit girls, and then discard them after you've used them up.

And 14-year-olds are complete and total morons and are easily manipulated and exploited. Which is the whole point.

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This idea of a sexual "marketplace" is also a tell. Literally turning people into commodities.

Still don't have an answer?

Trump is destroying American Imperialism from the inside out.

They're pretty assuredly not feminists. It's a move straight from "identity should not be a barrier to agency" to "the only role allowed for a given identity is that of agencyless victim in need of third-party protectionism."

There's a name for wanting wymmynz back in the kitchen. It's not feminism.

About a third of the populace are actual pedos…
….specifically, a small subset. Meanwhile, it's easy as shit to get some organophosphates, mix them into a smokebomb, and wipe out a whole city.

You… might want to start quaking a little more seriously. We haven't started counting the toddler-attracted, boylovers, or the ephebophiles like this clown. Trying to waste about 2/3rds of the populace in a nazi-tier idpol society is unlikely to go well.

Getting closer : US, UK, Oz. Angloworld. The UK began before the US.

It's anglo.
I mean, you're not wrong.


A homosexual man would find neither attractive, thus equally attractive. A pedophile would find neither attractive, thus equally attractive. An exclusive zoophile would find neither attractive, thus equally attractive. A conventional mainstream hetero dude, while fairly well outnumbered by either pedophiles or ephebophiles, would go for the middle-aged old woman. A gerontophile would consider them both too young.

A lesbian would consider the teenager "too old," but still might go for it; look up Sappha sometime and find out what the real story was.

It's one of the great ideas of the Left; you can't, actually, just externally declare one thing for billions of people. If you could, Fascism would be great; just find the one thing that the billions of clones want, and impose it! Instead, however… that doesn't work, and you need self-management for each to express their own agency; Marx's (rest in piss for fucking up muh First) commentary on a janitor in the morning, musician at night, scientist or crafter at noon were all about the fact that narrow constriction to a single plan doesn't even work in a single person.

So, ya can't make those kinds of blanket statements.

Nah, it's moralizing and problematic when outsiders fuck with this. National liberation and m3w are crap, but they are slightly better than white people crossing oceans to teach little brown people "right, white" morality… something that should have been axed BEFORE spain's Christianization of mexico.

Let the folks who are there figure out how they feel about this. Lynch the guy, buy him a drink, whatever. Massive french presence in SE asia isn't charitable.

I'm all for supporting the workers themselves in their own complaints; different tendencies are right for different situations, and AnSyn is awesome there. Socialism is not, however, wypipo conquering colonies to tell nonwhite people that they're not doing it the white way.
Have you ever considered that identities don't matter, and that self-determination without masters just MIGHT be a good way to do things?

…because I don't have a lot of faith. You can't muster a single drop of self-determination without masters - which WOULD prevent most problems - in your writings, so I don't really have a lot of faith in your commitment to it. It's not even "an unfortunate implication of my ideology which conflicts with my social conditioning," you don't even think of people as living without masters even briefly.

You could prevent a lot of child abuse simply by NOT "getting people to their parents," though. You could prevent even more by building a world in which everyone was free to exercise their agency under their own wishes and had the experience of self-management. But self-management without masters isn't even a distant hypothetical in your world, is it?

There are barley any leftist in Burgerand for Trump to harm. Him harming liberals and destroying American Imperalist trade links with China and the EU will help socialists in the third would though. Also Immigrants are scabs.

There’s no socialist movement in America for Trump to destroy. However Trump is alienating America from the rest of the world. This will help socialists in the third world.

I've said it before and I'll say it again

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The only take you'll ever need:
You're a fucking idiot and you would be doing humanity a favor by hanging yourself.

You realize that we've already been invading the middle east for decades right? Trump is not some new thing, that's why we laugh at the retards who just discovered politics in 2016.

We didn't invade Israel, or Saudi Arabia, Trump will.

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>>>Zig Forums
Fuck off, he might give Israel the Puerto Rico treatment but he will definitely betray his Masters every where else and go full Mussolini.

Trump is just a puppet, like all US presidents. I don't know where you get the idea that he is any different.

More like "isn't NEW fascism." We had a full-on theocracy in the '80s/early 90s, where people were literally investigated for being witches and Steve Jackson Games got the FBI raid because role-playing games are "satan." Also, death squads.

This shit is hella dialed back. Just because it's trying to flower like a banana tree as it dies doesn't mean it isn't severely reduced. PDX has a huge problem with literal nazi cops (any crypto-demsoc in the area?), but even that is a hell of a lot less than it has been, and there's a cell coordinating literal bombings with the attacks in TX and Fr running out of the area…
…just go out to the bridge and drive.

So, yeah. Pretending it's new gets laughter. Also, Hillary has some skeletons out of Colombian anti-labor militias…

Trump most definitely isn't pro establishment he's worse. He see's how shitty the current establishment is and he's going to take it down and make it even worse, fascism is the final form of capitalism, and Trump will take it there by force.

You dense fuck, the reason why the age of consent is so low in Europe is so that people under 18 who have sex with each other aren't arrested for raping one-another. It's to promote a healthy understanding of sex in people going through puberty, if you're over 18 you can't hook up with a 14 year old in Europe, the law is supposed to create a healthy environment for two consenting minors.

Okay then gatekeeper. What part of the US are you even talking about because in the urban areas i've been to which, mind you, have more than double the population of the rural right-wing areas are full of people who are either marginally leftists or easy converts. In the face of all the bullshit the government is doing most people my age are becoming more and more radicalized.

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You should probably fuck off with this massive idpol shit.

Yeah, these aren't the dumbfucks I expect to bring about children's self-management. Too bad, really, because the school system is in desperate need of a general strike.

Apropos of this: I was reading a report that tracks hate crimes in the United States. Interesting thing, despite a Trump spike right after the election and a "slight" overall rise in 2017, they expect it to be down this year based on the data thus far – and the long-term trend has been decreasing since 2009 or so.

It really went up in the 1990s and then blew up dramatically after 9/11. November 2016, the biggest single month jump in hate crimes since 9/11, only matched an average month during the Bush years.

There was a big spike in anti-Semitic incidents thanks to the alt-right but yeah, things have dialed back quiet a bit if you look at the long term trends.

I should clarify. The total number of hate crimes in November 2016 matched an average Bush month, like in 2006 and 2007 and so on. But the *rise* was the biggest since 9/11. Hate crimes have simply fallen a lot average-wise. Also note the total number in November 2016 was also still far less than the immediate aftermath of 9/11.


What little socialist policies we might have get demolished by democrats and republicans alike. Just burn it all to the ground.

You know how Trump said all those things that are like really wrong? I mean like speaking that badly about journalists, that's not okay and an attack on civil civilization freedom basic liberties of the press when those journalists aren't working for breitbart. Or when he said that illegal immigrants should be deported, its as if there should actually be a thing like an immigration policy, which is racist, because it makes mexican children cry when their parents are detained after illegally crossing the border. You shouldn't have laws that make mexican children cry, if a mexican person does something illegal and they have a kid with them, you're morally bankrupt if you have them arrested over it. And who is he mingle himself over the private business of NFL players? You should only do that when some person, somewhere, said that he didn't want his gf to sit near blacks.

This is what fascism looks like, this is how it felt to sit in a cattle carriage headed for Auschwitz, or how it felt to be a student at hogwarts when voldemort invaded! I've never felt so excited!

>>>Zig Forums

That's… actually god-damned interesting. Seems to match everything else, though; it appears that the 80s/90s can be explained by the tweenaged children of folks upset that we don't punk black folks anymore, and this era can be explained largely as what they did when they retired and got older, or those born under the reign of those before. Just kind of dying out, in any case.

There are other problems; total right-wing control of the police is natural because it's a right-wing activity, and total censorship and control of the internet is basically where we're at, thanks to the efforts of 'Frisco. It still looks like we're at a total absence of an adversarial position NOW, and the only question is whether we can fill the void. Their transnational efforts are pretty well failing, too. Our PDX comrades might be wise to take a few seconds off to teach DIY urban farming or explain the difference between a bank and a credit union. Or, relaunch Occupy as a more meaningful "governance by direct action" and start running the dual institution thing…

…but even with all they can bus in (SF, PDX), all they've got is police support, and it's still not enough. It might be time to get ready with the teaching and the doing.

The best part about 2016 is that they're no longer posing as 'cali nu liberal.' Watching them try to larp their straw man was painful to watch; they've given that up now.

…but it looks like we've won, and just have to start building in the streets.

…a criminal under US law, since he is misusing government office to coordinate reprisals against people for protest, a federally protected activity.

Ephebo-guy is problematic, with her reliance on feminist-bogeymen and incel rhetoric and little to no concern with children's socialist self-governance, but… you're still lower-tier.


Can you point to where it says that in the post you're referencing? I can't find it.

Mind you, it's fairly appropriate to speak against acts of criminal violence and murder, while the crime in targeting the NFL players involves, you know, asking that bad things happen to a specific person. But you're basically too-reality challenged to be on the internet, let alone having this conversation, until you can point the assembled folks to the claim you attribute to that one post, in that one post.

Flint water ain't good for you, mang.

A post isn't merely what it states, it is too what it doesn't state.

We're not liberals, Zig Forums.

So true. For instance, I notice you failed to state your predelictions for bottoming for small black boys in your post.

They didn't state it, so it MUST be true!

I've been to quite a few Yuropeen countries I know what I'm talking about. You on the other hand need to re-insyall your VPN and go back to pedochan.

Yup. Anytime your response to a situation is "what's their label, though?"

Everyone, and everything, is a sentient. No more, no less, no other. They, not some jackass on the internet, has full right to determine the course of their lives, alone or through mutual consensus.

Hell, you're so full of shit that simply acknowledging that your full of shit is, apparently, a whole sexual identity with whatever baggage you want to make up. Bad news, nope, you're just full of shit, and your idpol has no place left of fascism. Wake me when you want to promote the SELF-determination of sentients without labels, or GTFO.

I like how Zig Forumslyps don't seem to fathom that a lot of us used to be like them and far-left ideology is also a refutation of liberalism but minus the absolute aids of far right identity politics and shitty feels>reals "fascism" that is more like a postmodern autistic LARP of fascism than the real thing.

What the fuck are you even saying, how high are you? No need to defend yourself we know you're a fucking pedo. Now leave the board before someone doxxes you if you know whats good for you.

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Idpol-based terrorism.

…no shit?

Calling out someone for wanting to rape children is apparently identity politics now guys. Obviously full communist utopia requires letting Chester-The-Kiddy-Diddler free reign in a preschool.

Go back to NAMBLA before I get your IP.

…neither do you, but you've still got the right to self-management until you start trying to lord it over others. Which you seem prone to.

Everyone, dude. Not by label. Everyone and everything. No masters.

Keep crying idpol, I'm sure many people would love to support your child-rape fantasies.

Truth is everybody on earth regardless of where they're from on this planet universally hates you for what you are and if you weren't hiding on the chans you would be hunted down and strung by your guts for the sick excuse for a human that you are.

Make no mistake, in any human society, you would die because you are an abomination. Even in your libertarian-fantasy world.

Or, you know, attributing the identity of child rapist to folks as a way to, y'know, try to bully people is, you know, both identity-based, and politics.

Yawn. Allegations of identity, terrorist threats. You far-right types have never really impressed me.

This… is totally the point. You're so fucking blinkered that you're just SURE that if you don't personally control the lives of people-who-are-not-you, that OBVIOUSLY your persun-of-straw has total control of people-who-are-not-you. Everyone - literally everyone else - is just an inanimate prop in a narcissistic game of self-reassurance.

Literally NO other means of organization pop into your head, do they?

We have he psych data from the victims of your narcissistic control fantasies, and it's not really that great. Meanwhile, when Tolstoy or Korczak or Ferrer i Guardia thought "gee, I wonder if the ideas of these Left thinkers aren't actually just some bullshit we say," it did perfectly well. (except Korczak, who met the agents of a man very much like you named Adolph Hitler - who did the same "if you don't let me control everything fun and communism will erupt," too - and he and the rest of the students and staff died in Treblinka).

You just can't comprehend any notion but the rule of brutality to dominate others, can you? Just inanimate objects in your game?

I'm… more than happy to tell your "ex"-Nazi ass that you are in charge of no one, and no amount of accusing randos of identities will make you at all legitimate.

"Ex" Nazi.

That's right, you were like this before the scene got overrun with posers who might all be like "fuck trump! he hitler!" but they wouldn't even report their parents as fascists for having hidden a Dirty Harry DVD in their last bag of grain.

As a legal scholar who holds all the words spoken by the president about the actions and words of other people that might fall under the legal definition of protest against the limelight of the letter and intent of the law you cited, instead of using this as a red herring, your porn folder is surely made up of more than outrage. Just try not to let the excitement flow over.

We stopped believing in libertarian cliché's like there being an axiomatic model of the feels and the reals, you just switched sides. Though if you can prove that your ideology logically follows from reality itself, without begging the question, and without an is-ought, I'd be generally interested.

I… I like these wordfilters, and think I just changed my tendency.

Being a pedophile isn't a race you incipient moron, quit trying to make yourself the victim because your crocodile tears fool nobody. You're a sick fuck who thinks taking advantage of someone's child is somehow your freedom of association or some bullshit. You can try and deflect me all you want by calling me a nazi and cloaking your predilection for children in pseudo-left troll bait but it just makes you look like a bigger retard. You accuse me of wanting to "brutally dominate others" when you're really just projecting your urge to rape children. You are not a leftist, you are not some anti-idpol crusader for freedom, you are a pedo and no bullshit will change that.

Age of Consent is not "ideology" you brainlet it is biological science that children are not developed enough to consent, by your fucking retarded standards then gravity would be ideology as well.

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An entire society, gripped by a merciless narcissism that holds every other person as a prop in a game, except for perhaps one last hold out of brave and gentle souls, rumored to appear on imageboards when the children are asleep, they are those who dare to ask the one question that might set the world free; what if the child consents though?

…it might be.

This has absolutely nothing to do with any part of the conversation at all, and is just some random shit you sperg'd out. Similarly, the rest of your post is just more name-calling (you're a THIS IDENTITY! Because it's ALL A FALSE DICHOTOMY AND THAT WOULD MAKE ME RIGHT!), and has no point.

So, let's walk through this REAAALLLY slowly. If YOU aren't in charge of people-who-are-not-you, and you not being in charge does NOT make a completely-fictional person-of-straw the ruler of everyone on the planet, either, are there any OTHER methods of organization which might be possible?
…because walking you through the questions in that last paragraph is 101-tier shit. No amount of randomly attributing identities to one or more strangers called "anonymous" can ever address the basic questions, and by the way, you might want to check out DSM Axis II, Cluster B.

…but for now, let's walk through the questions in that paragraph about alternate modes of organization. Really slowly if you need to. See if you can figure out, mechanically, the exact opposite of your disorder - that there might be an alternative. Or, just accuse random people of random shit if you feel like it; I've got all the time you want to take.

Sincerely, fun and communism gang.

unironically kill yourself now

I lol'd.

There's more to consent and consensus than the fuck, though. That's why it's not good to let retards shouting "but peepee!" derail the conversation. But… epic writing. I did lol.

implying any 14 year old girl would ever consent to fuck whatever 300 pound neckbeard is typing this shit.

So, "suicide" is your idea of an alternative mode of your proposal that you, personally, literally control everyone, or else a person-of-straw that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST does?

Okay. It MIGHT be something different. I'm not quite sure how suicide is a functional mode of organization, or a lasting one. In fact, I'm pretty sure "I am in charge of everyone, or Jonestown!" is just you being in charge.

So… can you think of any OTHER possible modes of organization for a society?