It's a vague, ambiguous term that's often thrown around here. Sure, a normie is so often described as apolitic, mainstream, and et cetera, but it seems as though more a vague idea or stereotype, as opposed to describing an actual demographic.

I think a thread discussing what we mean by "normies", understanding the demographic we refer to, and trying to devise means of approaching this demographic could be really good with regards to producing class consciousness. If not change, perhaps we could achieve some sort of clarity regarding the "everyman" that's so frequently referred to down at the chans.

Perhaps I'm that much of an autistic shut-in that I forget that not everyone is a kinky transgender communist :^) - I don't know. Regardless and as optimistic as it might seem, I seriously don't think that everyone is some completely functional robot, part of me believes that having a clear conception of the Other that is always contrasted to the kinda outcasts that wash up on chans may not be as Other-ly as it seems, and that perhaps we're far more banal than we'd like to believe.

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Anyone who doesn't share my hobbies, opinions or worldview.

For reference, I've snagged some pages on the politicity of the US:

It was a 2010s redo of the earlier "normalfag", which was an epithet used to demarcate individuals involved in the 00s imageboard culture from the mainstream.

A normal person, as the name implies. The useage generally implies someone who doesn't jack off to anime, isn't a virgin, and is adjusted enough to have friends. I like to repurpose it to fit that but to more broadly mean the non-radicalized who make up most of the world, because that is more relevant in the discussion of socialism.

I think it's a double-edged sword as it's a bit tongue in cheek because it means whoever says "normie" doesn't associate with "normal people" therefore sides with the outcasts, weak and pathetic but it's kind of gatekeeping too and promoted stupid herd mentalities so idk.

Normie is just a convenient slur for people who are mainstream and surface level, i.e. voting for Hillary, using Instagram, not listening to anything other than top 10s teen pop shit.

You get the idea.

It's not gate-keeping, you can use it in whatever context you want, just because you're not a normie doesn't mean you belong to some singular entity of non-normies. It's just a useful way of shitting on status-quo people without resorting to some dumb idpol or or "muh Capitalist shill" tier shit.

If you used it out in public maybe, but I hope you fags tall differently on a chan than you do irl. I find it useful in strategizing in that talking to normies (ie liberals of some stripe) is going to be different than talking to other communists and requires a different approach.

Yeah I speak differently with m-my, uh, with my IRL friends!!

Yea I dont speak this retarded lingua franca for starters


"Normie" etymologically amounts to "outsider," so I would say this sums it up:
Most people are disenchanted/indifferent to politics. This is both "normal" and "outsider" to any political interests (so normie in 3 senses to us: typical people, non-political people, and non-radicals).

They're separate terms. Normalfag refers/referred to imageboard users who would act normal despite being imageboard users. The -fag suffix denotes an imageboard user because we're all faggots here. The "Normal" root doesn't mean they're actually normal, but that they identify as normal, usually to try and appear better than the weirdos using the board who are definitely different I swear. It's the thing where you go on a site to disparage people using the site and the comeback is "you're using the site, idiot." Like, if you're a normal person who has a life and not an insecure douchebag, why go to a place populated by losers/outsiders and tell them you're so great? How many of those people have even heard of imageboards (back when the term was coined)?

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People who don't use imageboards and are into more mainstream hobbies, views, etc

normie = basic bitch

Because it is a vague idea or stereotype, as opposed to describing an actual demographic. This isn't to say that there aren't differences that typically appear between people that end up on imageboards and people that don't, but these differences are not ideological/political/etc., because different people end up feeling like outcasts for a complex net of different reasons (and what drives a person to imageboards is much more feeling like an outcast than being an outcast).

What would you say are exactly these more "mainstream" hobbies and views?

And what's more indicative of a "basic bitch" than calling someone a basic bitch?

I'm just saying they are along the same lines in how they are used. Not condoning their use.

What party is the bird
Also i never hward swastiga,m-l and a for anarchy party,cool

Seek medical attention.

As far as burgers go, it's referring to the massive majority of the population which has been brainwashed since birth to believe that there are exactly two political 'teams' which cover all possible points of debate succinctly, and that certain things (capitalism, "meritocracy") are, well, not so much not open for debate, but are not even conceivable to be debated about. We are at the End of History and this is just the way things are, should be, and will be forever more be (and for that matter, has retroactively always been, because "human nature" means that cavemen had a market economy just like we do).

Its a joke they have party symbols and the ideology symbols
Or is it cause the heard

neurotypical privilege, gas them all


The bird is a Bernie thing. The radical politics bubble isn't one party. It's just everyone who wants to fundamentally restructure the system. That's what radical means. One of the meanings of "normie" I gave was someone who's an outsider to radical politics. We'd call Berniecrats normies, but we wouldn't call Zig Forums normies by that definition.

I use word normie on imageboards because it's faster than to write general population, or majority of population. I think it's good word and I don't really care about people who use it irl or those e-celebs who steal maymays from 4shit/pol/.

With so much liberal and centrist fundamentalism I don't find the notion that useful. There are no normies, it's us versus them.

It's actually a normalfag.

ur a normie OP