Fascism Hate Thread

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They're submissive faggots who want a daddy to protect them from whatever they're spooked about.

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"Parasites exist at every level of life."

This reminds me of something Roger Griffin said about Nazis, referencing Klaus Theweleit who wrote the book "Male Fantasies."

"He explores the way the Nazi mindset – and again we're talking about hardcore Nazis here – can be explained in terms of a little island of vision, duty and idealism surrounded by an ocean of threats. Women, the crowds, communists, chaos, fun, children; everything, basically. These people he says were not psychologically born … so they only felt real in a uniform. Please ladies here, be aware of men who only feel real in a uniform."

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*beware not be aware

Are these what the Stirnerfags call call "spooks"

One major reason why fascism is garbage is the concept of "class collaboration". Why the fuck should the proletariat work together with the bourgeoisie when time and time again its been proven that the upper classes are only in it for themselves and will screw over those less fortunate for their own benefit, both at home and abroad.


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If they hate poor people then what is leftist about them? I imagine that they're not racists but still believe people of different races should not coexist and that is still quiet rightwards

This post is a very insightful version of and that's both amusing and disturbing.

Thanks. Griffin is pretty much The Man when it comes to understanding what fascism is IMO.

Quote is from this: hooktube.com/watch?v=xguZg16-nvM

That guy came in and starting arguing in favor of class collaborationism and calling the poor animalistic. He got more backlash than I'd expect from a board like /fascist/

It's not surprising though, fascists seem to be petit bourgeois both afraid of the "international elite" exploiting them and of the "savage masses" taking their shit. It's a perpetual victimhood driven by paranoia, and we see this play out with the meltdowns over antifa or soros and ensuing accusations of other fascists and fellow travelers being sabotagers.

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It's interesting to go over there and see the head of Vanguard America trying to recruit people. Using his real name too.

Ew a namefag, they've fallen so far from the ideas of the chan, now they think its their personal boomer fascist army subreddit.

Reading /fascist/ more they seem like young, sheltered geeks. I want to go in there and tell to stay away from these groups for their own sake and their own sense of self-preservation but what's the point?

There's a thread where they're talking about American groups and how they're shitshows, and talking about getting involved. They don't seem to understand these groups are full of psychopaths and criminals and will take advantage of impressionable young white guys who think they're too smart to have that happen to them.

Replace "fascism" with "communism", and it's basically the same shit… with the major difference being that fascists don't actively attempt to sabotage their own countries because "muh accelerationism".

I chuckled a little.

We should really talk about on how to fight the pathos of fascism since it is everything that attracts fools to it.

That's better but it's better in the same way pee is better than poo.

Fashes are never concerned about getting arrested because they know cops are their friends.

I'm not sure why you would.
Fascism and nationalism are pretty closely related. I don't think I've ever heard of a fascist who goes "I hate my country!"
Meanwhile, your average communist burns their own country's flag.

They're the screaming kind of "nattionalism," but all the people they atttack are the citizens, and everything they tear down are the fundamental institutions.

The US' unique history rather highlights this; the person burning the flag is patriotically critiquing a government which is beholden to them, and is exclusively comprised of said critique. The person getting butthurt that someone is burning a flag is literally attacking the founding basis of the nation.

Not unlike running an anti-rape org while raping fucktons of people.

At least with American groups, there is a marked presence of white-power prison gangs that emerged with the desegregation of the prison system in the 1970s. Now, these used to be largely separate from the "political groups" and a lot of the gangsters were not really ideological, although some were. And the political groups have for many years tried to keep their distance from these guys. However, the lines have gotten blurrier in the past 20 years or so.

The prison Nazis are also typically only in prison for a few years at a time: most felonies are 2-3 years and then you're out. Some of them get mixed up with the IRL groups once they're out, or they get mixed up with IRL groups and then go to prison where they seek out one of the gangs for protection. The white-power scene is full of drugs, particularly meth. Like, you'll wind up in a car with a group of these guys going to a rally, and one guy is a felon with active warrants who just-so-happens to also have a firearm on him. A lot can go wrong. Just avoid.

I'm not trying to convince anyone at this point that fascism is "wrong" because you can't change an adult's mind about anything through argument. But I can say these groups are full of creeps and bad boys and your mother will be very upset with you if you hang around them for very long.

But see, this is why you're a gigantic piece of shit.
Not once, for a single time in your miserable life, have you even contemplated the idea "What if everyone else isn't exactly like me?"

Have you ever considered that you might not have clicked on the board you thought you clicked on?

Have you considered actually responding to what I said, instead of whatever fake strawman you've created for yourself?

If you've got something other than "you're a piece of shit for thinking fascism is wrong" to say, I suggest you just, you know, actually say it.

…because mostly, what you actually typed makes it clear you clicked on the wrong forum.

We're posting on the literal "communist forum".
That means you have no place saying "BUT YER AN IDEOLOGUE!"
I literally can't spell it out any more clearly for you.

Fascists need to study Jacotot

No, I almost admire fascists in a way. I would still avoid them.

Pic related is the original post of the thread in question.

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cursed image

Once you realize that antifa are the useful idiots of big business and that nationalism is antithetical to liberal globalist capitalism you'll become a nazbol, after that you'll start people like Sorel, Feder, Niekisch, Strasser, Nietzsche and others, than you'll finally realize you've turned into a fascist. By then it will be too late, you will have become one of us.

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meant to write

or you can just not be an idealist, read marx about class interest and the class nature of the state
that there is a conflict between international and national bourgeoisie is no news, and this should be exploited. but becoming a warmongering, class-collaborationist idealist is not my idea of good praxis.

I've read Marx. I used to be a Marxist. Also, read Sorel and look into revolutionary myth if you want to understand why idealism is a useful tool.

If you think this thread was a shitshow you should see their thread on their board “mascot” (some native / darker skinned Integralist girl). NutSac retards screaming subversion

NatSocs get shat on pretty hard around there when they act like spergs.

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/fascist/ here. You know you love us. You just don't want to admit it.

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Will they ever stop being tsundere towards us? We even surpassed them now

I do admire that some of your members are more capable of basically functioning than most of the far right.

Anarchists aren't your recruiting pool, though. In fact, I'd like it if you take half these posters back.

nice try, Zig Forums

We don't want anarchists (of any variety) tho.

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With that said, we do like the fact that we can usually engage in conversation with you people though without it resorting to ad homs. We can at least be civil before we start putting each other up against the wall.

Exactly! Even if we're literally going to walk out our front door and shoot at each other after this post - something fairly unlikely, not in the least because there are vast tracts of the earth's surface in which neither party is immediately at risk of taking over at the moment - shitting up the internet generally accomplishes literally nothing. It is useless, and tends to make the rest of life worse.

Care to take this conversation over to…

…the containment thread with me? I have a few things I would love to ask…


So how are the internet fascists when it comes to ecology? I keep worrying that a far right movement will coalesce around nationalism and extermination in order to preserve resources and solve climate change (eco-fascism, a la Bookchin), but it seems that most of them don't give a shit, and are Boomer larping about bringing back the productivist '60s a bit like your average Zig Forums Stalinist.

I can't speak for all of us but I'm a fascist and I'm personally in favor of preserving the environment and stopping or reversing climate change so long as we aren't entangled in international agreements in trying to do so.

Not sure about fascists but pagan nazis talk a lot about nature but usually they mean going for walks to forest and taking pictures in nsbm band t-shirts. It's shame not most of them actually do what they preach.

How big role plays environment and protecting the nature in fascism as in ideology? I don't mean what you do now personally but as in ideology. Is fascism friendly to nature?

fascism is the best ideology for ecology: when the proletariat of all nations goes to kill one another in a Struggle and Sacrifice for markets and resources the glorious nation, the slaughter will reduce the amount of people to sustainable levels again!

but surely you must see that climate change is a global phenomenon, no? and if your bourgeois Glorious Nation chooses to limit production in favour of environmental needs it will lose out in the Eternal Struggle of arms race, military industry and thus imperialist capture of strategic resources?

fascism certainly can be friendly to nature, just as it can be more or less anything, really. it doesn't really have a theory at its core after all. that's why its so notoriously difficult to pin down into any specific definition. I'd treat fascism as more a phenomenon, identified by combinations of distinctive features such as militarism, class collaboration, reaction, aesthetisation of politics, jingoism and expansionism, extreme idealism and so on.
Eco's Ur-fascism is one way to conceive fascism. that's actually something I'd like to ask a fascist about: what do they think of Eco's conception?

Fascism can be environmentalist, sure. But I wouldn't look at fascism like a platform where you are checking boxes and rubbing your chin while going "hmm… well I like their environmental policies but gee I dunno" since there's also the whole matter with the totalitarian-genocide state. Anyways I think these are interconnected as part of the fascist drive for racial and bodily purity. The nation and race are interlinked and also have a spiritual or organic connection to the land. "Blood and soil."

A fascist state is basically a state of deranged, pathological gardeners who are always rooting up "invasive species," pulling up the weeds and digging for grubs and chopping them into little bits with their gardening tools – to use several metaphors.

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Because fascism is literal faggotry of the worst kind, like take the most disgusting stereotypes of homosexuality and sexual fetishism and that's fascism distilled. It's a system of beliefs related to the fascist's sexual feels and inadequacy, which is why they recruit heavily among sexual failures of every stripe. Licking boot gets their rocks off.

I got sucked into an internet forum that was going fashy a few years ago, but did a lot to keep my distance so I could break away from what was happening, and figured out the way fascism spreads based on that experience. There is absolutely no thought, no core to the ideology, just a bundle of subconscious feels and impulses that are manipulated. Fascism can only exist in service to some other ruler, it cannot stand as its own ideology for long.

Seeing fascists, and the liberals actively enabling them, is a large reason I wound up with the socialists more or less by default. I have a hard time defending socialist theory itself and don't really feel the idealistic goals, but god damn those fucking fascist animals need to be put down and someone has to do it.

So what? Why is this board so obsessed with being taken care of? And is it so convinced that nobody but world communism is up to the task?

Capitalism, racism, sexism, patriarchy, oppression..

This might be true about nazi's, but it's way more true about communists who see every aspect of life as an instrument of the bourgeois/capitalism to dominate an oppress them. Like Zizek and his They Live! worldview.

This is most Zig Forums post of the month.

Same. Charlottesville really pushed me over the edge (posting a leaked chatlog from the head Nazi in charge of transportation at that rally). They straight-up went with the intention of killing people. My attitude was "alright, this has gone on long enough. I've had it with these assholes. Now, what do they NOT want me to do? Join the socialists probably." Literally walked down to a local vigil that night for the girl killed there and found the socialists and said sign me up. Some uber-communists may look down on someone just holding a protest sign outside an immigrant detention center but fascists certainly don't like it when people do that, so I'll do that.

Though I've been more interesting in economics lately too and that has had a lot to do with it. And just generally trying to be an adult and not feeling this whole capitalism thing.

How can anyone shop for a car and deal with salesmen and still think capitalism is an efficient economic system is beyond me. It's an economic system full of sharks and they're all trying to rip each other off. It makes liars out of everyone. I don't tend to get on board with the "moralist" left usually because capitalism is amoral more than anything. There are sadists and greedy bastards in the mix but for the most capitalism just doesn't care. An old lady dies in the summer heat because she can't pay her electric bills and the A/C shuts off and it's "oh well what can you do. Shoulda paid the bills grandma. RIP." Not the kind of world I want to live in. Just call me "anti-capitalist and interested in Marx."

So I'm gay and this is extremely true. Their aesthetics are basically on-point to some gay clubs I've been in. The fashy haircuts were popular in the gay scene a couple years before this alt-right phenomenon emerged. The tight-fitting polo shirts, etc. etc. If you took some of these groups and sent them into some of these clubs, they'd fit right in and you wouldn't notice. It's kinda awkward for me to point out but it's so screamingly obvious and there have been so many psychologically imploded, repressed gay personalities in the far right that I'm surprised other people still seem surprised.

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Well I'm not convinced of that and I don't have giant banners of Lenin decorating my crib yet. The world is a big complicated place and everyone has a different opinion and I have no desire to impose some kind of barracks communism on everyone. But lol at being pro-capitalist. Seriously if you are like most people and make a "normal" or "regular" wage you have every reason to be an anti-capitalist because you're just getting taken to the cleaners. Fact.

I never said I adopted a total ideology fucktard. I explicitly said quite the opposite. Learn to read. I know I'm expecting too much of you, but if literally mentally retarded people can eventually do it, you can too.

Also, while I'm ranting, I don't care if people are racist or have copies of Mein Kampf on their bookshelves and like it. I don't care if people are homophobic. It's not my problem. You can believe whatever you want. People believe all kinds of crazy stuff. Next time you're in a Burger King and looking at the menu, for all you know the next guy in line might be imagining himself as a reincarnated field marshal who has arrived on Earth to wage a cosmic struggle against reptilian invaders from the planet Nibiru. Don't care. But if these guys start organizing and marching in step while chanting about gassing the Capitalists and "BTFO'ing the fags and trannies" with steel-toed boots, then we have a problem.

Anyways I'll check myself out.

lol the k-word that refers to a particular tribe shifts to "capitalists" here. But you see what I mean.

You know those haircuts that were popular in the gay scene a couple of years ago? Those come from the Hitler youth. The leather uniforms, the obsession with fitness, the worshiping of youth, the parades, the view of women as incubators for children to be raised by men.. I swear, so many gays are closeted fascists.

Correction; you got adopted by an ideology you don't even believe in because you got your feels hurt on an internet forum. Do you feel better now?

Sounds reasonable, though I do think you're overreacting. How much of this would be on your mind if it wasn't for the media? Is your town/community actually under threat from them?

Unlike you I actually took the time to read some of Marx and some socialist literature, make the effort to understand it instead of inventing strawmen in my head like an intellectual coward. There is nothing I consider grossly wrong with Marx's philosophy. The biggest problem with the socialist movement is that many people get into socialism without really knowing what they're talking about, which is where you get shit like r/socialism or r/socialism_101 pretending to know Capital and giving newfriends wrong and bad information. That sort of thing is what makes me doubt the efficacy of the left.

Also, people don't "adopt" ideology to fill a hole in themselves if they're at all serious. We're not cowards like you looking for a daddy to fill a void in ourselves. Fascists don't even honestly believe in anything, because there is nothing to believe - they literally just read memes and are told what to think by leaders who obviously hold their cattle in contempt and laugh at them more or less openly. A fascist literally can't follow one thought into another, which is why you get shit like Evil Communist Bankers Are In Bed With Big Business and other hilarious brainworms from the Infowars crew.

Could be. I see a lot of gay men over time getting involved in fascist movements. Jorg Haider died because he was driving drunk after coming home from a gay bar. Also look up Michael Kühnen (pic: at right). Ernst Roehm obviously. There are a bunch. Milo Yiannopolous, despite a lot of fascists not liking him, has clear fascist sympathies and associated with some high-profile (relatively) speaking white nationalists in the U.S., and he used the password "LongKnives1290." I believe he's a big fan of Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique."

Under threat? No. And I think me overreacting would be doing something violent or criminal. Which I don't do. So while I was pissed off, I see getting involved with the socialists as a constructive alternative that is at least making an attempt – small as it is – to attack the root of society's problems rather than chasing Nazis around or doing something that would end up with me in jail.

Media plays a role of course but before the media it was lefty friends in another city that were dealing with fascists showing up at their events, and I mean actual neo-Nazis who later went to Charlottesville. This was early 2017. One showed up at a (liberal) protest and pulled a knife on people (that guy is now facing felony weapons charges for an unrelated crime). I had coffee with a friend when he was visiting and he said "these guys are getting organized" and I brushed it off at the time. I was one of these liberals who was like "oh just ignore them."

As far as Nazis in my area, nowadays they mostly just drop the occasional banner and put up stickers and flyers. People tear them down, the Nazis come back and replace them, and people tear them down again. Womp womp. I saved a couple. And actually, getting involved and looking into these groups dissuaded my fears about them quite a bit. You realize who they really are and it's a pretty grubby, tiny little outfit that creeps around at night.

They're even steering clear of the colleges now, but last year they were driving all over my state plastering them with flyers and freaking out the college students. See, they want to try to appear bigger and scarier than they are in reality. Ignoring them doesn't work but you also don't want to lose your shit or overreact because of a couple of flyers. Just tear their shit down and don't make a big deal out of it.

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This is exactly the sort of pseudo-intellectualism that is the hallmark of most marxist readers (who like really love reading, like the smart people do), they passively consume marxian texts as if they consist of truths that only have be revealed. As such, they always see the problem as people not knowing or understanding marxian texts, for if they did, there could be no other conclusion than knowing them to be true.
Daddy Marx, Daddy Lenin, Daddy Stalin, Daddy Mao.. you got so many daddy's your ideology more so resembles a polyamorous gay family than a political movement. You don't see that with fascists, they have leaders, they don't have ethereal (Name-of-The) father figures who are tasked with ordering and giving meaning to the world, marxists do, and as such they always argue about what Marx meant with this or that, how Marx' words should be interpreted, what Marx would have wanted them to do.. There is only question for them; how can I be daddy's most perfect servant?

Replace Marx with Hitler and Marxist with Nazi and this will be accurate. Pure projection

Wow you're a walking stereotype, you literally just proved everything I said. Way to project, boy. This is what happens when people can not into critical thinking.

Now if you want an actual argument on the bones I do have to pick with Marx's critiques, I can do that, but that's beyond your mental ability to process and I don't want to read your screeching. I've seen literal, medically diagnosed retards demonstrate more understanding than you on these matters, and they're not even particularly trying.

Oh also, some of these Nazis also harassed a friend of mine. This was after I got involved in socialism. The person didn't do anything to provoke them, they just zeroed in on this person and organized a harassment mob. It started online with sending harassing messages with her picture on them, and then a group of them would show up at events and workshops she was involved with the night before to put up threatening flyers. I won't name the Nazi who was doing it but he's a "known" quantity. And it was obvious who was doing it since him and his buddies were organizing it in the open on their social media accounts, and I believe someone might've contacted a lawyer who told them to knock it off – and they haven't caused any problems since.

The thing is, if you ignore them, they will just escalate because they pick on targets they perceive to be "easy." Look at the Nazis who fucked up that Roma camp in Ukraine. They will attack women and children. They will firebomb refugee houses. They don't give a damn about any of that. Timothy McVeigh considered the preschool daycare to be "collateral damage." So you can't ignore them, but if you know them you know how to deal with them without overreacting, or panicking and going into conniptions, which is what they want. Don't make it easy for them.

IMO the left should stop farming out their anti-fascism to these anarchist and self-described "antifa" groups. They should just make anti-fascism part of what they do. So if Bill the Nazi starts to cause problems and is trying to cover his tracks in the process, you can just be like "Oh hey Bill, we see you, nice try. Please fuck off back to your hole now thx. Here's a letter from my attorney." And not make a big deal out of it.

but this is literally fascism, even the whole notion of truth is subject to the führer-truth and führer-subject as a condensation of the People or Nation or whatever vague-but-dramatic Capitalisation is the Real thing.
Marx is debated by theoreticians and intellectuals on the left and one is free to disagree with him, but you can't ignore him or his arguments or claim that he said something he didn't.

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Fascism is projection.

It's the same deal with what the anti-Semite says about Jews. They always attribute these sneaky powers onto the Jews, who are always worming their way in to other groups and manipulating things and setting people against each other, and what do fascists do? They form conspiracies, engage in entryist tactics, "memetic warfare," or seeking out token minority groups to try and pit them against each other. They are the Jews they despise.

Well Hitler was an avid environmentalist. Of course he doesn't represent fascism as a whole but there's nothing in fascism that explicitly states "lets fuck up the environment yo"

I suppose we could potentially make a deal so long as it doesn't conflict with our national interests and sovereignty.
Most modern fascists aren't interested in imperialism. Imperialism was popular with the fascists of the 40s because most of those nations were former monarchies who got a raw deal after WWI, in the case of Germany, even losing territory.

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I like their board mascot tbh. Why can’t Zig Forums have a mascot that isn’t some remnant from Zig Forums?

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Because we are ethnically leftypolers who just got exiled from Zig Forums by the current dictatorial powers and reddit userbase that arose to power over there.

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I'm not sure if they're being transparent about the fact that they're not white or they're pretending she's exotic as part of their delirium of whiteness.

It pisses off Zig Forumsacks and wards off cancer who doesn't read fascist theory.

Bullshit. We need our own mascot. Right now.I'd draw her but I genuinely cannot draw anime, I focused so much on realist art I cannot draw anime or cartoons so some other drawfag is gonna have to do it Also I've been banned just for talking about cp so I'm not investing any labor into what will inevitably become Zig Forums 2.0 by the years end Personally I'n thinking about a short haired blonde with a Velma sweater and matching panties or short shorts, but we should leave it up to democratic vote, I'd be fine with anything as long as it's our's.

This, most fascists are imperialist faggots who love enslaving people of color and themselves

Don't get me wrong. Most of us are racialists but we aren't dumb enough to sperg over a cartoon.

I don't think it's the exoticism. The BO doesn't seem to care about race that much and enjoys fucking with the Zig Forums newfags

He does. He just doesn't take it to autistic levels like Zig Forums


This won’t last long, especially if a brown anime girl gets their panties in this tight of knot. I gave the BO three months before he nukes the board to save his sanity


Brazilian Integrelism, advocates for race mixing that's why she's brown, not every form of fascism is racist or for white people.

You'd think given the leftyboards propensity for reading books they'd have read up on their opponents kek


Who would've thought?

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Fun fact; Italians respected and admired Ethiopians after their war because of the Ethiopian's patriotism, honorability and civility.

Didn't stopped Italians from gassing them

Zig Forums only pretends to read books

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It's true tho. Read Wilhelm Reich.

William Reich was a Chad pervert that saw sexual themes in everything. Seems to me that its projection on his. Really its quite funny seeing you retards over intellectualize everything, I'm sure all the faggots supposedly gassed in the holocaust were secretly members of the Nazi party.

Is this really the guy you want to be citing?

Yeah Reich is a bit too woo-woo for me. He also built an orgone machine I think.

If anyone asked me for book advice (which they aren't) on fascism I'd start with Stanley G. Payne's 'A History of Fascism: 1914-1945.' It's basically the best single volume treatment on it hands down and covers all the major groups in detail and some of the obscure ones in the smaller European countries.

Roger Griffin for heavier, theoretical stuff.

Then Klaus Theweleit for psychoanalyzing fascists. Griffin too for that.

Good post TBH.

There's nothing wrong or perverted about children enjoying their sexuality by themselves and with other children of their own age group of their own volition. The only point where it could be perverted is if adults were involved in directing or coercing such behavior to their own ends.

As mentioned earlier in this thread there have been various high profile examples of homosexuality in the NSDAP and later neofascist groups, the pair of Adi H. and Rudi H. being one of the most obvious of them. Despite the hype the NS regime did not proactively target the homosexual population any more than the regime of the Kaiser did, though their punitive measures against 'undesirables' were more severe in the general sense.
It's necessary to mention W.R. did not equate homosexuality with fascism per se in the manner that reactionary "soviet" ideologues later did. He advocated for legalization and cultural acceptance of homosexuality and merely drew the correlation between the fascist impulse and the _repressed_ homosexual impulse.

I'll read them, you read this in return.

If children are having sex with each other "and by this i mean actual children, not teenagers: there is something seriously wrong, i would assume it would be a learned behavior and evidence of sexual abuse. Children shouldn't be exposed to pornography either. Fucks with their head.

Manner of whom were either kicked out from the party, or murdered on the night of long knives. It was a crime punishable by death to be a fag and join the SS..

Sexuality is an innate biological function. If it had to be taught to be none of us would exist. On the topic of pornography, imo nobody should be exposed to it. Pornography, like prostitution, is the the result of generalized sexual misery caused by the "moral" repression of sexuality and its capitalist commodification

This was only instituted through the rise of the conservative influence of Himmler. Hitler publicly defended the right of Röhm to live his lifestyle in the early years, and it's pretty obvious that Adi himself was a closet homosexual. He was widely rumored to have been turning tricks when he was lodging in the berlin youth hostel which was notorious for that, and without the patronage of older gentlemen I doubt he would have been able to attend all those lavish nights at the opera. His bland art alone did not sell enough to fund such extravagance. Furthermore the inaugural meetings of the NSDAP were held in beer halls well known to be gay havens at the time. I suggest you read Lothar Machtan's book "The Hidden Hitler" on this subject.

My god. It's completely insane.
I mean… I'm sure masturbation (alone or with others) is a learned behavior; it's also been observed in utero. So, I mean, did someone creep across the placenta without popping it? Are witches that powerful, or is your witch detector completely fucking broken and maybe you are the source of all that is fail?

If the former, please describe this mechanism of incorporeal transuterine child molesting in materialist terms, thanx.

you can't make this shit up

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"Deep" fashie theory like Reich, Evola, Eckart, von List, etc., are platinum kekworthy reading.

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First time I've ever heard somebody accuse WR of being "deep fash". It's hard for me to imagine what level of woke you're on, fellow person.

This is an accurate description coming from a fascist gardener

And when you have a bad day you can take it out on the garden.

"Take this!" *stabs at grub* "And that!" *chops at soil*

This. It rarely ceases to astound or depress me how quickly ethnonats will forget Porky siding with class over nation and race every fucking time.

link? does he know to use a tripcode?

This, namefaggotry has no place here 90% of the time that it's used.

mostly agreed.

they also bastardize their own country's culture for political purposes

all gtk

low-rent tryhard Stirner knockoff
too obvious?

read the faq fgt

Years ago I saw bunch of old nazi filmreels spliced together and set to the Village People, I remember it mostly as you describe: sweaty, fit shirtless young men with Supreme Gentleman haircuts, and also a heil where the wrist goes limp, never been able to locate it since. I think it was from a German talkshow or something. Your post reminded me of that.

there tits to this yet?

so are anasthesia and toilet tissue

Reading /fascist/ is pretty funny. They're like the hipsters of Zig Forums. Everyone is some arcane combination of obscure religions and ideologies, like Etrurian Neopagan Ecofalangist. It's like if we made a board exclusively for leftcoms and posadists or some shit.

At least they sound more cerebral than your average cuckposting magapede, gonna give them that.