Why is fascism bad?

What is the problem with fascism?
Why do you hate fascism?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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It's capitalism under seige.


Temporary band-aid on the ever-rotting crutch of capitalism. Brainlet ideology, cult of domination, non-rationality, failure at dialectics meaning it's doomed to fail every single time. Also LARPing fascists are like Rick and Morty's fanbase. Or the Big Bang Theory's. They look the same to me and never engage in constructive, historical, philosophical or structural analysis or talk. It's always pointless aesthetics wanking, idealism and total lack of self-awareness. It's funny because I know I could have easily fallen for that meme, but thanks to general life perspective I didn't end up that way.

Capitalism a shit.

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To be more explicit, fascism doesn't really provide any intelligent answer to class struggle, it doesn't really provide anything in the meaning of advancing history. If anything, fascism is just the typical hybris of mankind thinking he can, out of sheer will, shape itself into some kind of bizarre fantasmagoric idealistic model that doesn't really exist and if it would, would most likely be severely neurotic.
Fascism is what happens when the petite bourgeoisie side with the structures and become reactionary instead of trying to further class struggle and destroy said structures that rely on so many dialectical contradictions it's not even funny. Anyway it's brainlet ideology and I'm done ITT.

In fascism, people are servents of the state. Like communism.

With not socialism, the state is a servent of the people.
Its hard to explain why but I prefer that more.

Hmm weird I meant to type nat1ional socialism.

Its almost like some kind of fascist thought police have implemented a word filter to stifle honest discussion.

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answer to class struggle
It provides the most intelligent answer and that answer is "know your place, bottom feeding trash" you retard.


Not an argument

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now now, you can only pick one

So this is the deep thought of Zig Forums

LOL commies eating food made under capitalism..

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Only the fact that instead of trying to break out of the economic system immiserating people and creating crises, in times of crisis fascism is about serving the interests of the capitalist class at gunpoint.

What fascism offers is a radical acceleration into a techno-agrarian future with deep rootedness in blood and the nation's ancestral past. Genocidal policies are the corollary of this mystical woo-woo racial or cultural Garden of Eden as the nation must purge unhygienic "elements" from its body, which fascists believe functions like an organism. Fascists want to trim the "weeds" of a society and root out the parasites.

It's like joining a death cult and, while fascism has a vision of where it wants to go, attracts some real psychopaths. I can't exactly stop you OP but I wouldn't recommend it.

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Pure slave ideology.

C'mon stop doing this, it's fun to take down Zig Forumstards and sometimes it even converts people.

maybe they are worried about all the nazbols floating around.

The saddest part is that you're probably serious.

Because ignoring them doesn't seem to work.
I hold out hope that we can erase their kind in a post-revolutionary world though

It's sad that liberals and fashies hang here just to try and troll people they assume are wrong or childish, when in fact it is they who need to shut up and read a little into it.

That's the entire problem with the left.
You assume the only reason people don't agree with all of Marx's logical contradictions is because "they just haven't read Marx!"
In reality, you're just not very intelligent.
Refute these, and then get back to us.

nice spooks tbh fam

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I want you to read Stirner, I want you to read Kropotkin, I want you to read de Cleryre etc.
For Marx, just watch that Richard Wolff lecture series on youtube

You obviously need to read Stirner too.

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eternal st*rnerite strikes again, don't you have a reddit or twitter account to tend to?