U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials


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Seriously fuck this.

Imagine being such a corporate shill that other corporate shills have to stop your shilling and the corporations you shill for have to distance themselves from your shilling and deny that you are shilling for them.

Women should have the freedom-registered-trademark to choose if they want to breast-feed or use some of our recommended delicious american baby food.

We need to seize the means of milk production

Reminder that this shit is not new.


It's obviously not new, but I'm a bit surprised that they would be so blatant about it in this year and actually threaten other countries over something like baby formula.

“We were shocked because we didn’t understand how such a small matter like breast-feeding could provoke such a dramatic response,"said the Ecuadorean official, who asked not to be identified because she was afraid of losing her job.

We are bullying over baby formula.

America only likes boobies if it makes money for them or it is for grown adult pleasure ..them making anything for free or being enjoyed by little babies is gross and shameful.

A excerpt from the summary of a book:

"Today, baby food continues to be shaped by medical, commercial, and parenting trends. Baby food producers now contend with health and nutrition problems as well as the rise of alternative food movements. All of this matters because, as the author suggests, it’s during infancy that American palates become acclimated to tastes and textures, including those of highly processed, minimally nutritious, and calorie-dense industrial food products."


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Yeah, sexualization of the human body has a lot to do with reducing awareness of other capabilities. Breasts are probably the most extreme example, to the point that people will label breasts "inappropriate for children" without a hint of irony or self-awareness. It's so bad in the US that I've pointed out this contradiction to loads of people and they could/would not wrap their heads around it. Worse, the sexualization of breasts is one of the reasons mothers stop breastfeeding earlier. Doing it in public is typically seen as "indecent" and if a mother breastfeeds a kid past a few months there are inevitably those who insinuate or outright claim some kind of sexual misconduct.

In reality though, breastmilk is pretty much the most nutritious thing a human can consume regardless of age, and has immense benefits (especially if fed from the breast and not from a bottle) for over a year after birth, both for physiological and social development. The aggressive marketing to wean babies off breastmilk has a twofold capitalist motivation. Firstly and most obviously, baby formula companies can sell much more baby formula as a replacement rather than a supplement, as can companies that sell "baby food" which is supposedly the most appropriate food for a baby despite that pureed shit being both unappetizing (I wonder why) and not possible for us to even make for the vast majority of history. The second reason is that by reducing the health (physical and psychological) of the global working class, it makes us easier to control and subjugate meaning capitalist cultures that do this more effectively will generate profit more effectively and remain more stable. This is why there's so much aggression against what is known scientifically to be healthier child rearing methods. Another twofold factor here is parental leave restricting the time and resources parents can devote to their children while keeping parents generating surplus value at their jobs.

None of this is to cast aspersions upon mothers who have problems breastfeeding, which is the legitimate purpose of alternatives to breastmilk (or better, the sharing of surplus milk). Gatekeeping about motherhood is probably the most popular form of gatekeeping, and helps reinforce this nonsense by empowering dipshits to judge people for "improper" parenting practices that are labeled as such by fucking marketing.

our government would rather everyone pay to poison themselves

the illuminati are blatant about a lot of shit, not very many people care though. because anything negative is seen as "conspiracy stuff" and immediately dismissed for some reason by the vast majority.
perhaps a result of all these poisons

Guess you should pay for your own shit if you do not want to be told what to do.

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eh when I say America, I mean as in the governing body which reflects conservative social attitudes.

That revolution can't come any sooner.

this is nothing

They already try to stop preventative medicine so they can do the treatments that are more expensive. They already put sugar in everything so they can sell people insulin when they get diabetes. They already process the nutrients out of food so they can sell fortified foods and vitamin pills. They already sell women makeup that's bad for their skin so they have to buy more makeup and other skin products to cover up acne and shit. They already sell bras that make tits unable to support themselves so they can sell women boob lifts. They already circumcise babies so they can sell sex lube.

Mamarcho revolution when?

burgers gonna burger

I do not oppose Americans genociding themselves.

They are exporting this bullshit to protect formula manufacturers' interests globally.

They're doing it to the third world who can't afford sanctions and they're doing it in part because burgers stopped using formula.