Describe the most neutral, least subversive politics that you'd still consider leftist and anti-capitalist

Describe the most neutral, least subversive politics that you'd still consider leftist and anti-capitalist.

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Probably some simple local organizing or activism, like community gardens or a food drive.

Mandatory one child policy.

Gonna go by "least likely to be fucked with by capitalism and least likely to fuck with capitalism"
Probably anything that falls under building a parallel society or making yourself/other more knowledgeable or capable for a SHTF situation. That includes

Pushing for election reform. Why? Because under an electoral system that doesn't bend to Duverger's Law, the success and failure of progressive politics and why reveals itself much more openly, leading the populace to more radical thinking as a reaction.

Conscription, political power comes from the barrel of a gun, and the masses should have the gun.

installing gentoo

Unironically feminism.

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How in the fuck is he wrong

Conscription doesn't lead to class consciousness, it just inculcates every citizen into the ideology of the ruling powers.

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Or it lowers the apetite for imperialist adventures, at least in democracies that is.

As we all know Israel is totally non-imperialist.

Israel is anything but a place where religion and states are separate.

Non sequitur.

Please. They may be no western democracy but Israel is the most secular place in the region. None of the others come even close.

FDR-style succdem reformism

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Crossing the road without that's not marked for crossing.

Syria is the most secular in the region followed by Rojava.

It does though

Democratic socialism.

nice try fascist, to gulag with you

The USSR literally happened because of mass conscription though.

Yeah, because we want to live through that red fash shithole again.

Put the flag away, fag

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somewhat socdem probably

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Succdem reformism, in attempting to placate radicals and patch the holes inherent to capitalism, by plastering them with the minimal amount of reforms plagiarized from socialist platforms, only deepens the hunger of the workers for greater change, while handing them greater security and power against capitalists from which to lobby for these things.

Anti-capitalism is inherently subversive. There's very little that is politically acceptable that wouldn't be open to being defanged and regress into reformism.

Yeah, because America had such a revolutionary potential after the new deal right?

Who's to say what would have happened without WW2 or Truman being a right wing shit?

How about we talk about why things are the way they are instead of how they would have been had history taken another course and how much we wish it had been that way? This is unscientific.

How can politics be neutral (meaning literally "neither one nor other" i.e. indifferent), not to mention being neutral and anti-capitalist at the same time? Only if anti-capitalism were to become the status quo so the only sensible answer is anything after the anti-capitalist revolution, whatever that may be.
Ignoring all that it's obviously either Hillary, Macron, Merkel & co. or Rote Armee Fraktion and Brigatte rose

The absolute state of Zig Forums

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The funny thing is that the secular Jews in Israel (Netanyahu for example) mostly are the imperialist and nationalist ones that view being Jewish as their national identity and not really as a spiritual orientation. Another interesting fact is that the Ultra Orthodox Jews hate Israel for Zionism and want a one state solution.

theft and vandalism

Also only a very select few sects of Orthodox Judaism disagree with the concept of Zionism.

This man's politics:

Call it democratic economy, and suddenly people understand it's a reasonable position to have.

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