Gender Discrimination At Work

I've been recently trying to land one of those cushy office jobs in the NHS and despite several years of experience working in demanding office jobs including reception work, data entry and analysis etc, I'm struggling to get shortlisted for an interview despite good references.

I'm starting to think it's because I'm a male, I've always noticed that women seem to be abundance in offices no matter how incompetent and computer illiterate they are, you'd sooner find an eastern European with broken English working in an office than a native English speaking male from my experience.

Does anyone know anything about fighting against unfair employment practises? I don't think I'm going to get much sympathy being a man, but even by my local trust's own publicly available statistics, they prefer women at a 2:1 ratio.

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Females say it's exactly the other way around, so who says truth?

t. Eastern European with broken english too tired to steal y'all wagecuck jobs

Mowisz po Polsku?

Kiedy pracujie w manufactora, kazde prawnicy sa Polski ludzi, malu Angelsku, troche Romansku i Vengiri

Depends on the workplace.

My Polish has gotten rusty, but I forgot to add, that as you can tell, your English is better than my Polish…assuming you are Polish comrade.

Everyone knows that women are more likely to be hired for cushy (or at least not that demanding) customer/client interaction jobs, denying that is just denying reality. Why is that? I don't know, perhaps it's because of legions of bosses wanting a fuckable secretary, I couldn't say, or some kind of semi-conscious bias that women are more 'responsible' or 'people-focussed'.

Depends on the job.
Females will always be preferential for hiring in kindergarten teaching, nursery and pretty much anything that involves contact with people, children or taking care of people because most people do prefer to talk to and to be around women and they are more people oriented because of their innate nurturing nature.
OP should've been smarter and followed a non-female oriented job field, something like dealing with construction/building or something where you have to use your brain to solve problems like programming/IT (and no, dealing with spreadsheets in an office isn't IT), men have an advantage in those kinds of job because women are weaker and dumber.


Hey fam, it's just how things are. Describing nature isn't idpol, and denying it is denying reality.
I didn't even say it is right or wrong because nature doesn't abide by such abstract human concepts.

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As if you could fucking climb that shit.

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hey man you have to be really careful, you may cut yourself with those edges!

untrue. women have a more average level of intelligence than men. that means there are more dumb men and more genius men than dumb and genius women.

That is of course, even assuming Autism Level is a good metric of intelligence.

I don't like Austism Level tests at all, but in the context of finding a career in most fields, it is.

It isn't, all that those EyeQueue tests do is to measure how fast someone can recognize patterns, even a monkey can be trained to do well in those tests, it is pure garbage. Real intelligence isn't in recognizing the patterns but to ponder about the very nature of "pattern" and why and how such and such patterns came to be.
Women are far worse at understanding logics and lack the high level abstract thought necessary to do anything actually useful in STEM. That's why there aren't many great women names in physics, philosophy, math, etc.

Do you have a source for this claim?

I agree with your views on I.Q, but take a look at this :
There aren't many great names in CS in general because it's something for nerds by nerds, and most contributions are fragmented in obscure research papers and open-source development processes.
There are more men than women in the field, I give you that, but I've had talented female STEM teachers who surely did a better job than any nazbol could do.

Good for you. My female teachers were all pajeet level with a fervent love for shitty java code and shitty programming practices. Also there wasn't not even a single female student on my classes who didn't hate programming and were hopping to only do shit related with UI, project management and documentation forever after graduation.

They were just trying to get you to stop talking to them user.

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I don't think so considering that they usually came to me crying for help to solve those "super hard" coding exercises.

I'm in fact from Slovakia, so you were not far away with your guess.

Having woman taking care of baby in pre-school or taking care of you when you are ill in hospital will be always nice. I guess sometimes we all need somebody with that "mother-protector" attitude, while men can provide with way how they talk feeling of stability and/or strength, etc. This stereotype is not always the case and all people are different but I'm not sure if today gender plays such a big role in getting job. I think what matters more usually is a) what kind of job you want to apply to b) what is your personality/behavior. If you look for a teacher which works with very young kids, it's good if you have, except required knowledge, empathy and you like being around kids, which is something man can do, but I wouldn't be surprised if more women would fulfill these requests. Women, again not always, tend to be more communicative, which is a good thing when you put together team (HR, press, etc). Same thing applies for men, so I think it's more about personality than about gender but what do I know.

You were kinda lucky yours were at least java pajeet level. Mine were literally teaching us everything in pascal and whole IT education was not on a good level. I was lucky enough to be able to learn a lot of things myself, but I don't think it was because they were women, just because they were old and probably not suited enough to teach this. I met some women who really loved programming, they are really good in it and had this "old-school" mentality, when they weren't afraid to argue with colleagues when shit hit the fan before the deadline and something went wrong instead of instantly reporting them to HR. It's not all so black and white imo. There are women in IT who can work under pressure and do quality work same as men. I wouldn't believe it as well if I wouldn't experience it.

Reading your post is triggering me so hard. Please learn what an article in English is.

idk, there are quite a lot of female students i've encountered that were excellent with mathematics, sciences
they seemed to have better work ethic also
Probably depends more on environment and expectations?

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ITT flatearth people who deny biological sex differences

Men are much prefered where I'm from for all of these positions - exactly because more women apply for them.
So shove that up your ass, retard.

This assumes that all of those things are logical.

We slavs taking piss out of youre language is what you get for youre linguistic imperializem. Please learn our taking piss.