Rebranding the Radical Left!!!

See this ol' boy? Glorious old fucker, ain't he? Honestly though, every time he shows up to play, I have to spend 5 hours explaining what it means beyond "le biggie gubbygubby XXDDDD". I'm sick of it, and the cutie needs a rest, in fact damn if he's earned it.

We need to rebrand, or we're going to spend more time trying to fix our post-USSR/Cold War/Red Scare reputation as the REAL MOVEMENT WHICH ABOLISHES THE PRESENT STATE OF THINGS by explaining what communism is to every insignificant Zig Forumsack to the point that it's a problem and we have a dedicated thread to it. Post ideas for names, symbols, and et cetera! If we can agree on a common vocabulary to entryist our way out of niche politics again, we can make organising so much more easier! Let's shove all our stuff into a pastebin once we're done, and start influencing our local scenes to adopt these terms!!!! (just be quiet about it, okay? :::) )

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Why is one of the hands a black outline?

I'm pretty sure the reason why is quite obvious.

Is the carnation white too?

The better question is why one of them is white.

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The handshake symbolises the fake dealings with the spartacists and the red symbolises the blood of Rosa with the Rose symbolising Rosa herself.

Becuause of our african conmrads

If you're going to go to the trouble of rebranding you should avoid words like socialism, communism, and anarchy, which have historical baggage. Instead you should portray the movement as something new so that people have fewer preconceptions that they need to unlearn. Communism has been so wildly misrepresented that you could go around quoting Marx and nobody would even make the connection until someone pointed it out. It doesn't matter that the revolutionary subject (the proletariat) follows the "correct" doctrine, so it would be completely fine (maybe even good for warding off larpers) if there was a populist movement based on these principles but with no familiarity of the historical left.

I completely disagree with the above strategy, I'm just taking OP's ideas to their logical conclusions. If you actually bother to explain socialism and its history, there is a wealth of positive ideas and associations to draw on. "We should rebrand :DDD" is subversive to our mission and not even necessary. You will get 30 year old boomers and similar morons very spooked if you wave red flags and whatnot, but there are loads of people who are coming around on communism. Christ, look at the prevalence of communist memes that kids are posting. Why throw away the potential and utility of the past?

You can critically present historical cases by honestly confronting their failures and putting them in context with capitalism, and people will listen to that. They're not as stupid as you're portraying them. "Socialism id wen da bubblemint does stuff" is a minority of people who are already inducted into lolbert propertarianism. Most people buy into elements of capitalist ideology (real life experience tends to make believing in the whole cloth difficult), and whatever brand communism uses, this ideology will have to be unraveled. You can't just get around it by adjusting our presentation. Moreover, the process of removing ideology can itself be radicalizing and enlightening. Under a rebranding (that would work) people would still have to be relieved of their false beliefs about capitalism, provoking a sense of betrayal and manipulation. If you do this while overtly referencing communism you get the double effect of unraveling the ideology that paints communism as ebul and responsible for gorillions of deaths, provoking more (justified, contextually appropriate, non-displaced) anger that the movement can draw upon.

This shit about rebranding appears to me to be less about making communism successful and more about skirting the challenge of despooking people of porky's indoctrination.

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Maybe in west. More to east you will go, the more power this symbol has. Not even speaking about russia, but it's very popular among separatists in east of Ukraine because of history ("granddad fought against nazis, now I do the same" kind of stuff). In central Europe it's not very welcomed, but on east it's still very big deal. If you want to take inspiration, look at nazis and fascists who try to rebrand themselves with schwarze sonne, paganism, etc. and it's not really working for them that well imo. Swastika is swastika, it's recognized instantly and thus has bigger opportunity to speak to people in any way, positive or negative. Come up with new symbol and you will have to "market" and present it to people first.

I agree, not because the hammer and sickle or big A is scary but because we need a symbol that represents our present circumstances instead of the union of peasants and proletarians from a hundred years ago.

Yes, yes. Make the hammer and sickle black, instead of state-capitalist.

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Another proof that ancom is closer to ancap than anything left.

Well then we should wait until we have an actual movement, so we know where the support comes from and can properly represent that.

This but red instead of orange and in vector graphics

red flag. plain. There you go dumb fuck.

red flag was also what represented OG anarchists as well. the paris commune.

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I agree that brainstorming a symbol for a future movement on an obscure forum is dumb, but we should be the movement instead of waiting for one to spring up.


actually good shit right here

Relatedly, I snooped on some Nazi discord where they were trying to brainstorm some ethnostate enclave. It was pretty much a complete waste of time because they spent a lot of time deciding whether they should move to an island off the coast of Argentina or Maine (the Pacific Northwest was out of the question because they were afraid the Yellowstone supervolcano was going to erupt and wipe them out).

Anyways they spent most of their actual effort designing endless variations of various flags for this fictional state. Buffoonery. Don't do what they do.

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screen cap all their stupid shit lol. I know about autonomy I wanna see their socially retarded attempts at shit hahahahah. None of them knows how to build anything I bet oh Zig Forumstards. without labor power, without any personal power at all !! Only power fantasies like the retarded dweebs they are.

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