Treasonous Traitors

Treason summit! The Soviet Republicans betrayed and treasoned you!


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please keep this shit on Zig Forums.

This is a Chekist psyops to discredit the opposition as believing the Chekists are still Bolshevist.

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Unfortunately the documents didn't even expose the full extent of election rigging. For information on voter suppression and election fraud during the primary and general elections, you'll have to turn to other sources.

Heil Comrade Trump! The Lion of Mar-A-Lago will not be stopped!

oh look, some spam from a boomer's email

The stupidity of this country is terminal. Just nuke us and all the porkies who live here already.

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I think a lot of what is happening is explained by Trump being a gigantic goddamned moron. Like, he is really stupid. It's not a conspiracy he's just an idiot.

Anyways I'm an American and I deserve this.

The Iranians are calling on line 53 and would like their government back.

Aside from the rank hypocrisy, this is something that should be concerning for Americans, though alongside like other problems not related to foreign meddling like gerrymandering, legalized bribery, and voter intimidation.

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Is this real life?

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This is almost on the same level as what the US says the DPRK says about the US.

Why is everyone's hair on fire over this? I really don't get it.

The need to be sensational to compete in the media market has caused discourse to Chad this far. Dinosaur media is dying and it's dragging political discourse (and gullible boomers' sanity) with it.


haha, the filter backfired. fucking /left(y)pol/ mods and their attempted control of discourse.

Leftypol isn't this stupid, they just like arguing over which communism is best communism. At least communism actually exists so leftypol has that much merit. This thread is just propagation of yet another bogus hashtag that will keep twitter's adbux machine grinding over. It's an empty drum being beaten by insipid twerps who use the internet to pat each other on the back while exchanging more pretentious and vapid banalities.



t. falseflagging faggot OP

So why are you here instead of Zig Forums? Shoo.

Watching my (neo) liberal friends out their own authoritarian tendencies by openly hoping for a military/deep state coup of Trump after this summit has been both funny and instructive.

scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds

this is what happens when someone who submits to authority believes that authority was compromised. they'll grasp for someone else to submit to.

Please bumplock this garbage.
IIRC we probably have something in the Zig Forums rules that would legitimize it.

This isn't Zig Forums


No, we have exited real life long ago. Enjoy the entertainment while we're stuck here.

I do wonder if these people hoping for the US Army to step in realize the resulting junta will be run by the same generals that ran the Iraq and Afghanistan occupation.

They don't even realize that the guy they're touting as a hero - Mueller - lied about WMDs in Iraq to start the war. They have the memories of goldfish.


Leave it to a demsoc to undermine his opponent at every turn and then be shocked and surprised when he is outmaneuvered at every turn.

Didn't they learn about WWII in high school and what happened to Japan when the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army took the reigns of power? Or they have so much American exceptionalism that despite the evidence to the contrary, they don't believe the the Pentagon would form a dictatorship in the USA if given the chance?

Why are liberals so infantile?
That would mean FDR Was committing treason by meeting Stalin
Or Truman was committing treason for meeting Stalin
Or Kennedy was committing treason for meeting cornman
Or Nixon was Commiting Treason by meeting Ma….oh wait
Or Reagan was committing treason for…..oh
Or Clinton commuted treason by meeting Yeltsin
Or Bush Jr committed treason by meeting Yeltsin
Or Obama commuted treason by meeting Putin

You get my point
Meeting foreign politicians is in itself not treason

It is like liberals have no understanding of US diplomacy (or diplomacy in general).

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They don't care. Trump is literally Hitler and the ends justify the means. Even though the end they seem to be hoping for is President Pence for some reason.

It's good that they see Trump this way through they unite everyone against that class Trump represents, I been seeing more leftist around the world this days.

No, they just turn people more against leftists, since to the retards in America these people are on the left.

ahh they believe Russia is leftist unironically? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I'm talking about liberals/Democrats.