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Are we animals ? why or why not.

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In the scientific sense yes, I would like to think that we are more in the philosophical sense.

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Should I interpret Deepak B Postmodernson's picture as indicating that there's some semantic fuckery going on? Because otherwise I see no reason not to call humans animals.

Like we know who the fuck you are.


I guess I'll just have to do as many "Questions for True socialists" posts as I did before I joined the army.

Yes. We're also eukaryotes, choanozoa, vertebrates, mammals, primates, haplorhini, simians, great apes, hominines, hominins, Hominina, Homo sapiens, and anatomically modern humans. Come to think of it, tumblr obsessively labeling and categorizing everything is just how we are innit?

We're more but we are still animals.

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We are animals. That said, given our critical and logical thinking abilities, we are able to examine how we should act in accordance with what we're naturally/evolutionarily disposed to act, and how we should break from natural inclinations.

For example, it's wise to try and maintain the type of diet we evolved to live on. That can mean eating lots of vegetables, nuts, and certain fruits, as well as some high protein meats, while cutting down on sugar and carbs, which are unnaturally abundantly available to us.
There are also useful parts of our psychology that can only help us; in fact, most of our psychology. We're predisposed to want mutual aid, which benefits everyone. We're instinctively protective of children. Emotions like envy can be useful in encouraging competition and development, as well as showing us what we want.

But there are also parts of our psychology that are not helpful, that we should try to rebel against. For example, we are predisposed for violence in many situations. We are predisposed to see patterns and find meaning where there is none, which gives rise to superstition, and by extension religion.

In terms of fulfillment, it's both helpful and unhelpful, in different ways. We want creative achievement/progress, meaningful/rewarding relationships (including family), and novel experiences. We should seek to achieve those things - that's sort of the meaning of life. That said, we're also instinctively driven to feel feelings of insecurity, to keep craving more. In pre-civilization, those instincts kept us alive. Now, some would argue, we can circumvent those urges and find fulfillment by seeing through and waiting out those feelings of insecurity; waiting out the storm, as it were.

nope. Lenin was a mushroom.

Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Moscarism

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It's not uncommon for monkeys and chimps to kill babies and rivals, even in the best of circumstances. So is it that hard to imagine humans too have this dark side to our nature, that even if we grew up in a utopia we'd still fuck it up, Because it's human nature?

Debatable. They're probably the closest relative to animals, but not necessarily the same clade.

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Humans are indeed animals. Physiologically, if aliens were to observe the organisms of the earth, humans look just like other primates, with less hair and only small genetic difference.
But that doesn't mean that humans are consigned to some idea of animal nature. Humans do many things that do not match dubious conceptions of bestial self-interest. Shouldn't a soldier know that especially? And in spite of or because of, not doing so, human are vastly successful in the world.

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Humans are animals on all points. Humans make the difference between "natural" and "artificial" because they (we!) are self-centered.
From an outside perspective, there's nothing unnatural about our use of tools. Other great apes even use tools (we're much better at it).

The same rules that apply to other animals also apply to us, and I don't see why a new species couldn't evolve out of homo sapiens,
while still preserving the qualities that makes us "special" (Art, Philosophy, etc…).