It's XI ENEMY!!!

So apparently the going line is America needs to team up with Russia against China.. For the bigger picture.. For THEIR FUTURE!!!

Oh the contradictions of end stage capitalism.. Fight the deep state and imperialism against Russia BY BECOMING DEEP STATE AND IMPERIALISTIC AGAINST CHINA!! You cannot make this shit anymore convoluted.

I for one am on Team China on this one. They literally aren't doing shit, but minding their business growing their economy. Plus Xi told all of his citizens to read Marx, Engels and Mao the other day. So he doesn't seem like half the self interested oligarch that they're making him out to be.

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I mean yeah pretty much. Gonna become "strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious, and modern socialist country" by 2049 according to Xi's Two Centenaries 两个一百年.

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I fully support Chinese capitalism in its struggle against Russian and American capitalism.

Only if you naively believe Russia is "anti-imperialist" is there a contradiction.

I lived in China for a few years. It's pretty dope. People there don't know squat about Marx though, despite literally having classes on Marxism throughout middle school and university.

Who is saying this? That's some next level mental gymnastics

What's dope about it

Genuinely curious I'd like to visit

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Sounds like a good place to bear children.

For me, it was:

Some imperialisms are better than others /s

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What did worker's conditions, living conditions, etc. seem like/

thats what the dad of a friend that went there said as well exactly the same as you but it's still an empire it rests on the exploited badly paid labor of most chinese, it has a better result tho but also fucked up half of china to contamination too. theyre de-contaminating now. They're mega capitalist now through, China is an oddball a communist party, supposedly communist using full capitalism? sweatshops, big businesses, corporations, suicide nets?

It's the one empire that it's going to survive till the end, till the extinction of all empires since everything gets produced there.

You, that you have been there. Is the people there worth it? if you have revolutionary ideas yourself for example is it worth extracting chinese individuals and take them to places where they won't really be exploited? (aka not America)

I'm also guessing they only speak chinese nothing else.

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When the realization that there's no such thing as socialism finally sets in.

So this is what we've come to? Blatant shill talk
Social credit scores sooo leftist amirite?
Chink lovers fuck off

I mean the entire north/northeast region is said to be very well-educated and well-read (the region centered around Beijing) so I'm pretty sure that's very relative to where you're located/visiting. Shanghai and the south is capitalist as fuck; very close to South Korean type values (more Christians, plastic surgery, western fast food restaurants at every corner, etc). I bet there are a wealth of self-organized socialist reading circles if you just knew where / how to look.

It seems like such an interesting situation right now.
Anyone know about the syndicalist / leftcom situation among the Chinese populous? It has to be rising considering the strike waves, internet / VPNs, Xi encouraging youths to read socialist literature. I mean imagine if they rediscovered Marxism De-Leonism or left-communist communization. I'm getting aroused by the thought. Socialism is the workers' movement. Lenin said himself to be practicing state-capitalism. Xi is basically saying "get ready, youth". It feels like I'm missing massive amounts of information flow as I can hardly get a hold of any relevant sources covering this topic from a more street-level lens (publications/blogs/etc.). They're most probably all in Mandarin(?).
I should probably just stop stalling and learn the language already. I need to make Chinese socialist acquaintances as shit has been fucking developing in hyper-drive the last couple of fucking months. I need a drink lmao.


I'm team me and always been team me. China can go fuck itself but lets be honest its looking like it's going to be the last empire that will fall and it's looking like the new top world super power. Indeed things are going that way.

No need for this level of myopia. It doesn't serve you in any way shape or form.
That's ridiculous. Why does it seem like that to you? I'd say the opposite. Compared to Anglophone nations China is fucking teeming with potential. A billion relatively young people who are conscious of workers as a class? Most English speaking workers think there's only a choice between becoming a small business owner or joining an LGBTQ-stamped 'green' capitalism startup. Get it together. I'm no fan of state-capitalists but the situation isn't even close to comparable.

Excuse the error, obviously China doesn't hold a billion 20 year olds.

I calculated it, it's ~700 000 000 "relatively young people"*
* Relatively young people (defined by me): age 15-29

Go back to cripple Zig Forums Pajeet.

There is no such alliance. Its Putin+Xi vs Trump politically, strategically and economically. Trump only produces worthless lipservices. One president fucks over China the next fucks over Russia. Its a coordinated game to weaken both as neither is interested in an alliance with Russia or China

Sounds about right.

why would Chinese people bother with obscure and failed yankee socialists?

Go back to >>>Zig Forums you fucking clown.

I rode the bus past a factory every day on my way to work, and it looked rather grim. It wasn't a sweatshop by any means, but the workers looked unkempt and not exactly happy.

Now, I'm no expert in the Chinese labor movement, but AFAIK workers have been getting more and more restless since Xi took power.

The thing is, I wouldn't put my expectations on the labor movement there. Most people, and specially young people, tend to blame the government for failures of the market, just like Republicans do in the US. If there is a revolution, it will be a CNN-friendly color revolution.

I had a Mandarin tutor who would complain about how they don't have universal healthcare like Europe, AND whine about companies having to pay too much tax in the same breath. I mean, come on.

As for my own experience working there, I don't have much to complain about. Something that initially bothered me was the amount of unpaid overtime you were *expected* to do. It wasn't much on a day to day basis, but over a month it amounted to some 30 hours or so. After a while it felt like a duty to stay past hours. The boss never left on time either, so not staying was extra awkward.

My boss had a bust of Lenin in his office, weirdly enough.

Funy that you mention VPNs. I had a personal VPN business while I lived there, and my costumers were almost exclusively college kids.
I know it's a dick move, but while I advertised "no logs", the software I used left logs anyway. I have peeked at them, and the usage falls into one of three categories 90% of the time: Porn, more porn, and Instagram. So idk, I expected people who seek VPN services to be a tad bit more "woke" than average, but I was wrong.

(Protip: never hire a VPN service. Rent a server and build your own instead)

I briefly met Fred Engst there (google him), and his views on the Chinese working class were rather grim. He also thought a Maidan style "color" revolution was much more likely than anything Socialist.

If you live in China and are told taht basically "this is it" then Marxism is going to have a lot less sway.

"Befriend a distant state and strike a neighbouring one."

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China is likely the only hope the socialism in east Asia at this point
The Social Democratic Market economy that the CCP has built will likely allow the PRC To make a transition to a lower stage Communist (Socialist) MoP by 2030-2040 at the latest
PRC Also helps socialist and Anti-Imperialist struggle around the world such as in Korea Venezuela Syria Iran and Cuba

My name ain't Trump
but fuck it
I love Chyna.

Well Tucker had one rant about the deep state and imperialistic agenda against China.

Then he had this one.. *show me on this doll where China touched your donors*

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