Nationstates Thread

Anyone still playing this? They've added a new 'policies' screen to better keep track of your decisions which I honestly think is super cool.

We could use some more fun threads, so, post yours.

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It's fun to see your country grow over time, but some of the decisions that I am given can be extremely limited. I often find myself either picking a lesser-of-X-evils or dismissing the issue entirely. Also the entire concept of political freedom seems nonsensical, but I understand that it's not meant to be like Democracy where you can actually lose the game.
Mine is relatively new and unexciting so I'll refrain from posting it for now.

Some of the issues are pretty serious and others are just silly, when there's no good solutions I think it's perfectly fair to dismiss an issue, that's what I do too.

How so? I mean it is a little funny my nation is supposed to be a direct democracy but all issues are brought to my desk personally to decide on but that's just a gameplay limitation.

Do they still define "socialism" as when the gubbamint does stuff?

I don't think it has non-central planning socialism/communism/anarchism if that's what you mean, and everything is still loosely based on a capitalist framework. Leads to goofy stuff like my country having a 90% income tax rate but overall it's still a cute thing to play with IMO. But then again I'm for central planning anyway so it fits me fine.

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I always handwaved that as the player in those kinds of games representing the will of the people/history/fate/God, rather than being a specific president/dictoator/noble.

Ooh yeah I'm sure the CIA is real interested in whether I think AIs should have rights or not. I mean come on.

Also Max Barry is clearly at least a socdem, just read his books, and left wing politics is the best way to have a non-dystopian nation too.

You don't have to take it as any more than something fun to do.

Christ this still exists? Also if you aren't Iron Fist Socialist you are a revisionist to the Immortal Science of Marxism-Leninism.

Personally I'm still gunning for 'left-wing utopia'.

Whoa I finally have industry (agriculture and manufacturing are both at 0)

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then why did they admit to doing dragnet surveillance, user?

This is the most autistic thing I have ever seen.

On Nationstates?

I recommend the CWCiki then young one

I used to play it from 2013-2015. The most interesting thing I found about it (I have no idea if this is even still a thing) was the ideology wars between the four largest ideological regions. These included the Internationale (far left), Red Bloc (tankie larpers who worked with fascists), REATO (neolibs/neocons) and the Reich (fascists/edgy raiders). All these factions are 100% organic too and are by no means around forever, at some point REATO and their region got destroyed for example.
This leads another fun aspect; each faction would try to 'raid' another region by flooding the region with voters to either take it over or to salt the earth by deleting all the comments (as regions also act as forums of their own). But the larger the region the harder it is to successfully raid.
The Internationale had (or still has?) the raid team of the 'Red Fleet' which was very successful and fun to see fascist regions get taken down every week by them. I never really took part except with the recapture of 'Ann Frank', which was a lot of fun.
Other than that the regions I used to use seem mostly dead now with little actually discussion like there used to be, so it's best just to build your factbook imo.

Thoughts, Zig Forums?
Gonna post more.

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If you're gonna try to simulate anarchism or libsoc at least let them have fun.

Not me, comrade. I love decentralization but people must be vigilant and ideologically pure to fight the oppressor-capitalists in other countries.

I'm not sure what you mean by this fam. Anarchists are very militant and willing to kill porkies everywhere.

Haven't played since 2015 but I had a left-wing utopia and my nation was huge. Played as part of some geopolitical larp thing for fun and had an isolationist island.

Just created a Hoxhaist regime and joined a communist coalition. I started out as a backwards, isolated and ultra-militaristic regime and my first decisions were to ban racist hate speech and declare my state's right to possess nuclear weapons. Am I doing this right?

Yeah everyone kinda does. It's the only way to dismantle the capitalist system.
The only kind of speech you need to worry about is the kind that promotes rightist economics. Racism is fine until racists are in power and have the ability to kill the opposition. Read malcom x.
You did that right.

Well the decision was whether I should allow a Nazi rally that resulted in hate speech being banned. I'm going by the Albanian constitution of 1976:

These are the law I would imagine an autistic would choose.

I am pretty autistic so yeah, that makes sense

Seems like a pretty good place to live though no?

What region you in? I'm just in 'Europa' right now cause my old region closed, pretty boring.

I think I started out in North Pacific but switched to Communist Bloc.

This one was pretty funny, the text went like; "you arrive at your desk to find there are no issues, what should you do?"

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