Is this billboard correct?

Is this billboard correct?

Zig Forums seems to think it is 'more right than wrong'.

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No american political propaganda is ever right.
They live on the society of the spectacle on steroids.

That billboard was probably put up by the Chekists.

Are you saying its 4d chess?

Sorry I dont follow all the internet lingo.

So its correct but not 100% correct?

In what sense is the gop communist? This is purely the classic Russia=communist retardation.

No, not only are the GOP not pro-Russia but Russia is not the USSR and is a capitalist state. Liberals are doing red scare because socdems have them spooked and because they're not creative enough to make up anything to do with what Russia actually is.
Zig Forums is retarded, the only dumber board is 4/biz/

Porky GOP is communist now? America is a joke

Just be thankful they didn't use faux cyrillic

Are the Republicans, dare I say it, /ourguys/?

They are tankie level retarded

Echs dee

Further evidence that most americans are retarded.


what a bunch of unreadable garbage


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What exactly are you asking about? There's no specific truth claim to be false or correct, just vague insinuation.

No. The GOP still hates Russia, just looke at Mike Pence, Mitt Romney and John McCain when asked about tue Russia thing.

The whole Russia hysteria merely revolves around Trump, and it's a liberal controversy. If anything, we can thank Russia for exposing the demoshits as the corrupt turds they are.


Why the fuck are you talking like Russia is communist?

What about that comment makes it sound like Russia is still communist? It seems to merely be pointing out that the GOP is not "pro-Russia" by any means and consider a potentially resurgent Russia as a serious geopolitical rival.

By acknowledging the billboard's retarded message that the GOP is communist for having ties with Russia. Duh.

…he's saying the billboard's stupid message is wrong. And not only that, disagreeing with the very basis of the billboard's message, that the GOP is friendly to Russia at all.

He's disagreeing on the grounds that there are no ties to Russia. Nowhere does he disagree with the message that Russia is communist.

Nor does he say that it is communist for that matter. Given where we are I think we can dispense with pointing out the inane surface level absurdity of the billboard (which more than anything is likely an aesthetic choice because Americans don't generally know any other symbols related to Russia) and actually engage with the actual core issue the billboard is dealing with.

Given where we are I would assume the hammer and sickle was the core issue here. But yeah whatever.

Capitalists in Russia like capitalists in America, who knew? The soviet imagery is just there to stir up that good ol propaganda reflex.

I haven't seen that term in ages, is it making the rounds again?

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The GOP are pro modern Russia because it is about as mega racist as they are. Not to mention the fact that the GOP is full of whores who suck the cock of anybody who pays them. But the new alliance between the two is based in white nationalism, they don't give a shit about the cold war.

fucking liberals