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What are your thoughts, Zig Forums? I don't think it will achieve any significant changes but I will support it anyways as I like Yanis Varoufakis and the EU is certainly corrupt.

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as I said in the other thread, I do like the idea, but is this project even slightly relevant?

Not very relevant. I think the point is to organize in euro states youth-oriented socialist parties that will argue for the european union to be disbanded in favour of a common welfare state or something of the sort, guaranteeing peace, healthcare and education to all citizens. Basically what the EU should be instead of a neoliberal glorified tax evasion scheme and common market (all this needs to go asap)

We had a thread about it a while back. DiEM25 does have some interesting potential as an actual European party to fit the European scale of politics. It has some notables in positions of influence including Zizek and Chomsky. And Varoufakis is good, though maybe a little too eager to support libs over pseudo-fascists.
On the other hand it is really marginal at the moment, and I don't see it becoming a mass movement. I asked some young Syriza members and according to them even in Greece its barely there.

And how the fuck is that not relevant? The EU is in crisis. and DiEM >[20]25< is mobilizing a left response.

I'm the OP of the other thread, first post was about Diem 8ch.net/leftpol/res/68750.html

Not very relevant as in "few people know about it and it doesn't represente significant political traction in europe". Not meaning it's a bad initiative.

I'm inclined not to see the EU disbanded. It's complex though, because each member state is inclined to say "what's in there for me?" so all their concerns must be balanced.



is it really so incomprehensible? the EU is preferable to NATO which is the other option in practice. And individual European nations won't benefit by being bullied by the major powers. Not to mention that should the EU collapse its quite possible we won't have such an ambitious supranational political project in the next 50 years or something, in the west at least. Unless your purpose is to actually try and weaken European influence globally.

Imho either the EU becomes a strong structure or in the next years (in the long term) europe will fall prey of neocolonial interests, following a period of decay… But the EU in itself is just an organ of power politics if it doesn't get some kind of reform. I am for keeping the EU if it gets reformed, if it doesn't, well, wouldn't rooting fo it just like rooting for one's "strong" country, if you catch my drift?

NATO is a military alliance and the major EU members are already in it.

But NATO and the EU are (technically) separate entities with separate interests.

quite, but military collaboration in the EU framework is rapidly becoming the alternative to NATO now that it's having a bit of a wobble in the Trump era.
EU is a much better organisation to build a defence around anyway in that it isn't only a military alliance - it has a lot more incentive to prioritise defending its territory rather than just achieving the strategic goal of 'defeat the enemy', since sacrificing some peripheral country would also reflect on the centre economically and socially.

In the current political climate the EU has the potential to become just that and rival NATO in its role in continental Europe, only this time without the t*rkroaches and complete dependence on the US.

What's their goal? Do they want to be a think tank, a political party or an EU parliament group?

There's no solution through the systemic political means, only revolutions can really change things.
The most you can accomplish with this is just inane socdem stuff.

A good approach would be to use it to organize a structured back-up plan. I believe the EU will collapse and fail on its own, therefore we'd have a viable project to follow when political confusion arises. One should always think a step ahead of right now.

DiEM25 seems far more demsoc/eurocom than merely socdem.
Socdems are all-in with their fellow centrists and center-rightists on preserving the EU.

I think it's a crucial part of our program, regardless of its practical impact.

The destruction of the EU is inevitable under anything even close to a victory for populism, because regardless of legitimately laudable goals such as European unity and preventing WWIII, it was infested from day 1 with hardline neolib ideologues. Throughout its history, this vile influence has asserted itself more and more strongly, reaching total domination of the EU's structures with the post-Cold War enlargements into poor ex-Warsaw Pact countries, and self-destructive levels of groupthink with the enforcement of austerity during the Great Recession.

DiEM25 represents not only a pragmatic (if unlikely in the face of such neolib zealotry) compromise to dismantle the neolib establishment and turn the EU into what it should've been from the start, but a good faith effort by the left, to be looked back on as "the chance for surrender the establishment had, before they threw it in our faces, and were mercilessly trampled by populist forces of their own unwitting creation".

The DiEM25 program will be the last thing the EU impedes, before Jean-Luc Mélenchon initiates FrExit, bringing down the guillotine on the entire rotten structure.

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