This is unacceptable

My board /fascist/ has been hacked Whoever has done this undo it you have no right to mess with our boards this is childish behaviour and will not be tolerated we have done nothing to disturb your board what gives you the right to disturb ours ?

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You faggots deserve worse.

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It is a shame really, but I had some great discussions on it.

Why do you have to be so mean, Bolshevik-kun?

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I would rather you act serious instead of just calling us faggots this is not a game how do you expect to achieve your goals with that immature attitude ?


I didn't hack your gay board but I'm glad it happened to you. Shitposting on friday night doesn't interfere with my goals I work towards most of the week.

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To be fair, we are on an image board.

Are you a Menshevik then?

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Just checked it out. It's actually kind of awesome, and thankfully, your threads are intact.

I didn't do it, and you'll have to undo it yourself in the admin control panel. Talk to admins if needed.


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I'm pretty sure this board is for anarchists or something like that. Something something imperialism something if I recall correctly?

He's probably some ancom or lefcom faggot.

you deserve more than worse

Oh, I see. He has a nice beard.

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Smh, the nazbol gods will punish the criminal.

This can't be something out of our workings
You know a Zig Forumse did this but you don't want to admit it.

i will interrogate Zig Forums as well if that is the case

Good idea, bring the castor oil while at it…

Zig Forumslocks do get angry and call us closet Marxists that want to fuck brown women a lot. So, you may have a point tbh.

Idk, i think /liberty/ would sooner do that than some butthurt Zig Forumsacks.

A solid possibility too tbh

i will check them out too

Inb4 OP did this for traffic on his shitty fascist board.

/fascist/ here. Zig Forums or Zig Forums seems a bit too obvious. Although I wouldn't rule it out. With that said, the OP shouldn't have copy-pasted this thread all over the site because now it's just going to bring more attention /fascist/ and make the board a target.

meant to write

BO here To be honest i think the board is done for the damage seems irreversible whoever has done this has gone all out to destroy our beloved board

I meant OP

Still it can't be a leftist, leftist aren't cruel or aggressive like this.


you deserve this tbqhwyl

Oh shit! The incel aryan faggots got hacked!

Guess what? Zero fucks given. We don't waste our time dicking around in your shitty boards, where a bunch of useless ass neckbeards with microdicks circle-jerk around their "superior aryan genetics".

Now kindly go fuck yourself.

Besides the fact that I don't think Zig Forums, nor Zig Forums actually did it, I do think that you're wrong regarding "we have done nothing to disturb your board". For example:
Now, I'm sure it wasn't /fascist/ specifically, but Zig Forums and Zig Forums related boards have been doing this since I started browsing Zig Forums and Zig Forums back in 2015. The fact that you find a title/subtitle change to be some horrendous crime is both pathetic and laughable.

That's not a bad thing though.

If you're curious about all the stuff I claim, just check out all the bumplocked threads.


Listen faggot you wanna know why that shit is on the top of your board now which by the way is probably a ironic joke by your own fucking mods, because if it isn't literally every other board hates you the way they hate everyone else. Zig Forums hates you, Zig Forums hates you, we hate you, /lib/ hates you, any other political board hates you. It's called politics, you fucking moron. It's part of the job to do nothing but sit all day and throw shit at each other while centrist capitalists destroy the world before you. You may not like it but it literally will never change so enjoy it.

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the artist behind the PORKED series does the best rendition of Alunya

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You confused us with Zig Forums. We were interested in actual conversation. Before we got hacked our main thread was a book reading club.

unf, I wish he would do some of her actually nude.

I've got no issue with porn in itself. I'm irked by the fact that it makes the her into Zig Forums's slut tbh. I followed and requested Situationist cat smut in every alunya thread the writefag appeared, if it means anything.

shitty wording - what I'm trying to communicate is that it's symbolic cuckery or something iunno

whatcha gonna do?

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there's your mistake, OP

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It's for all leftists.

I thought the strong always prevail?

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AKA spoiled middle-class white kids LARPing as marxists.

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I can't wait until the white race is saved by (You)r kind.

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are we doing the 'embarrassing picture of the opposition' battle again?

I get back from gym and it is still n&ked, god fucking damn it man.

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lol, I'm all for you guys having a board, but I do think it's hilarious how retarded and hypocritical you are

lol and kek

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"individual" "liberties"

something about eggs and omelets and historical inevitability

Didn't you know?

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Damn right

It's funnier clothed tbh, if it was nude it'd just be standard 2d.

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The bourgeoisie don't just step down when revolution hits on the door.
Have you ever thought about that?

Its funny, for all the empty talk about how much you reactionaries supposedly love "your people" you sure do like to dehumanize them

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Get your screenscap out of here, if you reduce said culture to just "historical totems and norms" than I already know how much of a simple view of history you have. "Relating to individuals by a cult" is the most idiotic expression I ever saw when talking about culture.

And at last:

They're a collective of cells and bacteria, at least that's what the science says, as the mystical component that is called individual has never been proven or verified.

It's pretty acceptable actually. Like, I accept it.

The violence necessary to liberate oneself and end tyranny isn't regarded as a good thing in its own right, quite the opposite- its an unfortunate necessity to end the perpetual and far greater suffering caused by the capitalist system.
You reactionaries, on the other hand, are a fucking death cult that openly advocate violence for its own sake. To quote Mussolini, "And above all, Fascism, the more it considers and observes the future and the development of humanity quite apart from political considerations of the moment, believes neither in the possibility nor the utility of perpetual peace. . . . War alone brings up to its highest tension all human energy and puts the stamp of nobility upon the people who have the courage to meet it". Your ideology claims that such senseless human suffering and cruelty somehow produces "quality"- because nothing says "quality" like the smoldering ruins of an entire continent, amirite?

There's nothing about egoism that prevents people from acting altruistically, just recognizing that you're doing so because you personally wish to out of empathy felt for others, rather than some spooky "objective" morality. Randroids, on the other hand, have more in common with you guys, at least in terms of actual political goals.
Then how exactly do you define "culture"? Because from my point of view that seems to be pretty much how you reactionaries regard it, along with some magical essentialist bullshit that suggests such things are somehow inherent to a group. The only form of "culture" I give a shit about is the sum of the free expression of individuals- something which cannot exist so long as people are beholden to systems of hierarchy.
Fascism is just liberal capitalism in decay, fampai, in which the ruling class drop whatever superficial freedoms they offered in order to keep the people complacent, so that they can maintain their positions of power.

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Talk about spooks..

I never said it prevented it, you guys just feel like butchering altruism and ignore the very core concept of individual, that is the ability to relate with others throught et sententiis. You spout psychological egoism and ethical egoism while falling back into rational egoism. You ignore any actions that act against the welfare of the individual as being mere "accidents" and drops of morality, you judge a world through a highly materialistic lenses when such topic can not be reduced to such a concept.

Someone is mad at idealists it seems, culture in itself forms something more than just a language or historical mark, it forms an essence that continues to shape the individual through his life.

Yes because such a strong opposition to values between both ideologies can justify such a connection. I do agree that the transition to corporatism is rather degrading in terms of economy but do tell me, if demoliberalism (and it did) and eventually regenerated into neo-liberalism why did we even need fascism? Are you so obtuse that you can not understand that liberalism in itself can supplement it's continuation and does not require any "mask" to survive?

In itself egoism creates the most spooked individuals. Not just that but we already have some egoists calling "class" a spook.

Just once I'd like to see the "impressive picture of /ourguys/" battle so we could watch the aut right post pics of The Golden One with his FAS face while we post YPG soldiers.

And then we can post the Falangist soldiers in North Africa too.

They have the cutest boys though.

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Or maybe the Falangist and Ultra-Catholic Iberians fighting alongside the Kurds?

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Hey at least we act our rivalries this way instead of some other way. Imagine if humans had this technology in the 1940s.

Soviets: *sends picture to Germans of a bunch of cross-dressing Nazis at a cabaret*

Germans: *sends back picture of a bunch of drunk gopniks and Jews swilling from wine bottles*

That’s what I’d do

How’s my theory?

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That REALLY depends on the individual

You do know what that thread was right? We were talking about leftist figures that we admired, there was a lot of talks about how Stalin in itself was a good leader and I don't disagree with it.

There was no talking with "fellow" comrades.

imo the board was probably hacked by an ancap Zig Forumstard who got butthurt that the board supported left wing nationalism.

if i were the former BO i would reset my comp to factory settings and change all my passwords.

Is it gay if hate rape?