Given that China is rising and America is failing...

Given that China is rising and America is failing, what are the odds that the Chinese betray socialism and try to take up America's throne once the US is no longer the global hegemonic power? Will they stay true to socialism or will they go full revisionist?

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They already have by adhering to socialism capitalism with Chinese characteristics

We all know that Deng was a great corruptor, but was Mao ever actually a Marxist/socialist in the first place?

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They already did the latter, if the US fell I'm willing to bet that worldwide "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" will be just as imperialistic and capitalist as the burger empire.

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This is what Amerifats actually believe

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My opinion; even though china isn't socialist, at least they listen to socialist ideology and allow socialist thought within their country. this makes china a better hegemon than america by default.

Uhm, yes?

"2050" is such a nice number. Far enough away that it doesn't matter at all. Basically just "It'll happen some day, just wait fam. Pinky promise."

That's only a few years away mate.

Yeah only 32 years… No one is going to remember this in 32 years. We're gonna have a world war and severe climate disasters before that.

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China is state capitalist and the party won't remain in power forever. The coming demographic imbalance shows incoming political weakness.

What do you mean?

This spells political instability building up.

Okay.. I'm not saying this is nothing, but I doubt this is a major factor in terms of national stability.

I think you're underestimating this. It won't be explicitly tied to gender imbalance but China is headed for growing social unrest.

We'll see. Chinese state management is unparalleled.

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China is the world's largest export economy, there's no way they could stay afloat if the global financial system and the U.S. dollar collapse. No amount of domestic credit expansion could replace the massive debt-fueled demand for cheap Chinese shit in the U.S. and Europe. Maybe China could establish its own reserve currency and basically usurp America's position within the capitalist system, but that's extremely unlikely.

If it did though, the MLs would probably snap their spines trying to contort themselves into still believing in Chinese 'socialism'.

christcom, i…

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It already has, China is suffering more from bubbles in the economy then the Comecon ever did. China's economic policy is closer to South Korea where its growth comes from industrialization yet that industrialization leads to over production, speculation and eventual diminishing returns on investments.

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China is not rising
They are dependent on the world market now.
If America falls (as in my opinion it will) so will China.

China is a world leader and a great country! America needs to join forces with China to counteract the threat of Russia. Now we see there was a bombing at the US embassy in Beijing. This type of thing cannot stand. Hopefully we will learn the name of the evil attacker soon.

Source of the webm? I'm interested in documentaries or Youtube videos that demystify how current life in China is. I've watched the first part of Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks years ago and it was pretty eye-opening, but I need to watch it again now that I'm more familiar with Marxism.

I have no idea how anons here could ever consider China to be socialist, much less communist. Yeah, the land of billionaire CEO party members who own foxconn factories with suicide nets is a worker's paradise all right. They also fall hook line and sinker for the fact that China's economy is growing somehow means that the country is headed in the right direction, I mean if that were the case then 1950's america must have been the most communisty place in history! I swear some anons here are just as dumb as the average trump supporter, any flag waving, slogan shouting figure that supports their ideology gets their blind support, no matter what the material conditions actually are. apparently criticisng china also somehow means you must hate all chinese people and support western imperialism

The guy with the South African accent is serpentza and the guy with the American accent is laowhy86/c-milk. Both can be found on youtube. Serpentza does really fantastic videos, he's lived in 3 different countries and visited the US multiple times and seems to give a really fair evaluation of all the cultures and economies. He's not afraid to shit on the west (especially imperialism in Africa) but he's made videos about aspects of China he doesn't like either. C-milk is a mainly a faggot who makes videos about how cool it is to be a white guy in China getting all the girls and how to avoid autistic westaboos who would ruin the foreign experience; he seems to view the country more as a business venture and a cultural zoo than an actual place to live.

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That's completely irrelevant if they are just as economically capitalist (if not more) than America. So what if they talk about Marx in their schools? So do most other countries.

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Not in murica..

Shut the fuck up first worldist.

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Give qt commie waifu plz. Am natsoc. We will make the future.

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Step back from the waifus, you frog! The waifus are real and are our comrades working together on building a prosperous and new socialist future!

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The "SJW professors are teaching Marxism in universities!" meme does have some truth to it tbh.

What's with having more boys than girls? Besides, boys are more willing to defend their than girls, so where's the problem? Its as if though China wants to die.

I read Marx in undergrad at a southern US university.
Turd worldists BTFO!

t. increasingly nervous Western analyst

Think about China what you want, but it's one of the few places in the world where you openly and honestly are allowed to talk about Marx, communism, Leninism, etc. without being considered an extremist. They have seminars on Marxism etc., and by that I don't mean the type of "Marxist" classes we have in the West where we talk about muh oppression, tranny bathrooms and post-structuralism.