Cuba recogonizes private property and businesses now
Oh no…



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Isn’t this just legalizing what already de facto exists? It’s a small step backwards, but nothing earth-shattering. Same with the buzz in bourgeois media over Cuba’s dropping of the word “communism” in its constitution. Who cares, they still said they are sticking firm to socialism and wish to keep trying to consolidate on the island.

social democracy against communism

I agree in that I don't think it's that big of a deal but at the same time…isn't them recognizing private property evidence that they *aren't* sticking firm to socialism?

Just like China? The central tenets of communism have been dropped. It's going to be a de-facto capitalist state.

The reason behind this is to curb black market activities. Private property on a low level has been a thing in Cuba since the 90s, now with this you can actually properly register private businesses and consequently put a sales tax on them instead of pretending they don't exist. They also simultaneously curb capitalist enterprise by limiting businesses to only a low number of employees.

There is no other way for such a holdout to exist since the USSR is gone. DPRK has to recognize informal markets too (although the level of degredation in the DPRK is way less progressed compared to Cuba). It's important for Cuba now to modernize it's economy in a short amount of time while expanding socialism, this is going to be a hard task.

Can't wait for Walmart in Havana.

China and Vietnam are pretty much capitalist states at this point. You will never get rid of capitalism until post-scarcity is achieved which will never happen in our lifetimes or the next generation. Get over it.

Seriously, besides moral outrage, what would be so bad about this? Cubans would get access to a variety of foreign goods, increasing their quality of life, as long as Walmart bends to the standards the Cuban government sets out for them in potential SEZs. Stop trying to throw a fit and bring on an argument, but dare I forget, socialism must always be poor otherwise it's evil capitalism, read Mark Fisher, blablabla.

Absolute bullshit, where did you assume this? Socialism and even communism was never based on Star Trek levels of abundance, it can work with a distributary system under scarcity.

They could at least pretend to care. You know, mandatory workplace democracy, tenant and other consumer unions, not crushing strikes, free expression.

Little things.

It is. But, seriously, you needed such an evidence to understand that?

By private property, do they mean companies with employers and employees, or private worker owned coops? It would still be socialist in the later case.

Small businesses with a very restricted amount of employees, such as barber shops, kiosks, small bars, etc. - the more employees you hire, the more multiplies the wage you need to pay them (for example, if you hire more than 20 workers you need to pay six times the normal wage, which is practically impossible).

Oh, and co-ops. Co-ops are also private property, obviously.

No, the law of value still determines production of a cooperative in a market. A co-op in a market is no different from a capitalist enterprise except you may vote on who is gonna clean the pipes tomorrow.

It is no longer socialism at that point. You might argue it becomes a social democracy state, but social democracy operates within a capitalist economy, not a socialist one.
Cuba has dropped the central beliefs of socialism. You will eventually have rich entrepreneurs who drive ferraris around the island, just like China.

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Such as? The reporting about this seems to be a mistranslation of the Granma article, they didn't drop communism.

You can have a capitalist mode of production and a socialist mode of production together in a country. Depends on what calls the shots.

Predictable ML praxis.

So a mixed-economy state. Again, not socialism.

Clearly not, no mixed economy has all the means of production socialized.

Socialism with Cuban Characteristics

Tankies are making mental gymnastics out of the situation already? wow that was fast lol

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I don't think the outlooks of "tankies" in regards to Cuba has significantly changed since the 90s, where private property and market relations started to emerge in Cuba.

Another socialist shithole bites the dust to superior GOAT capitalism

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As long as they stand up to Amerigan imperialism then their capitalism is absolutely okay by me.