/ourguy/ did an interview with Chris Hedges recently

/ourguy/ did an interview with Chris Hedges recently.

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Good read, thanks user.

Scared me a little tbh. Made me believe that a fascist coup in the US is a real possibility.

All he said is true but unfortunately it'll just fall on deaf ears.
The brainwashing propaganda is just too strong in the us and a.

Body Odor screeching on the distance


Everyone in the United States blindly worships the military, I'm in South Carolina right now and you see military flags everywhere.

Extremely related article about alienation's role in this blind militarism:


Fact is military guys are pretty hated by many groups especially barflies lol

A curious thing I heard. People with any kind of military, gun-related or NRA sticker on their vehicle (often pickup trucks) are more likely to get their windows busted out and their vehicle rummaged through based on the higher-than-normal chance there's a firearm stashed in the glove box or under a seat.

Liberal idealist culturist trash.

Recently in my town, a local artist painted an awful, tacky militarist mural on the side of a building, a nightclub. It looked like one of those Unionist murals on Shankill Road in Northern Ireland except it was U.S. marines and one was also breakdancing.

The developer who owned the building (not the owner of the club) had it painted over and the artist pitched a fit for disrespecting the troops … and so close to the Fourth of July! The nerve! For once I sided with a developer.

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Pure ideology. They've been predicting this for a 100 years now, the fascist coup is always around the corner. the end is always nigh.

And if it weren't for left wingers pushing back against it probably would have happened.

There's no left wingers in murrica.

This milleniarism that characterizes every tenet of the leftist sphere deserves closer attention. Is it essentially christian? Did Hitler create a Jungian myth? Does it stem from the same ideological undercurrent as the lord of the rings?

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I mean, there's a lot of leftists that hate you just for having been in, nevermind if you dare say you liked doing it, or you don't feel like you need to apologize for it. Honestly, fuck those people.

It almost happened in the UK against Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson (who was wrongly acused of being a Soviet spy by the intelligence agencies under now declassified documents), but then Thatcher won the election and the threat abated.

What is it that you liked?

The fascist coup happened in 1941-1945.

I liked being with my friends, teaching young soldiers, and doing good things like taking out faggots planting IEDs on roads where people walk through. Honestly, the whole thing is fucked, but someone needed to kill those faggots somehow. I'm just sorry we fucked shit up for people who didn't deserve due to stupid shit decided by higher up. Even under socialism, the Taliban deserved to be exterminated.

I get that. Funny I read an article a couple of years ago from some foreign correspondent who watched 'American Sniper' with some of his Iraqi friends in Baghdad, and while it might surprise some liberal types, the Iraqi dudes didn't have any problems with the war stuff in the movie.

So there's a scene where the sniper, Chris Kyle, shoots a child who is arming a grenade. This correspondent asked his Iraqi friends about it and while they didn't like the occupation obviously, their attitude was "well yeah you shoot the kid, he had a grenade!" These guys were living in a multi-sided sectarian bloodbath, right? They knew a bunch of the insurgents were bad guys who tricked kids into doing stuff like that. It didn't shock them.

Their issues were with how Iraq was presented; so like the movie was filmed in Jordan (I think) and the actors portraying Iraqis rarely had Iraqi accents; Iraqis tend to dress in a more sophisticated, cosmopolitan style so to speak, and not like "generic Middle Easterners" like in the movie. That was the main thing. It'd be like watching a movie set in New Mexico but all the actors are speaking in Brooklyn accents and dressed like they were Amish or something.

There's a reflexive troop hate among a lot of people on the left and that shit's dumb. The oorah troop worship is also dumb.

massive guy right there.

at first I thought like this as well most soldiers are indoctrinated trash ready to give their lives for corporations. a few are different.

And you need a bourgeois army for that?

Because you like teaching in general, or because you specifically like to teach military stuff?

And why do they do that?


Oh you're just sorry the bourgeois army is a bourgeois army. And yet you liked it.

And what does a bourgeois army deserve?

problem is the taliban wasn't a huge thing. it's so petty that even Kurdistan alone could handle them without need for imperialist forces. US just used the taliban as an excuse to put his capitalist expansion in the middle-east. not to mention they themselves fund various of those rouge groups that well go feral against them too.

1st world militiaries do things so unconsciously and really it's not the soldier to blame obviously, it's the higher ones up but the soldier is there being a dog… it's a job after all. the same worker alienation every laborer in a hierarchy can subject to is suffered by soldiers.

Tbh the taliban isn't liked by anyone they're cancerous indeed but yes the US military is very very fucked up, like Rapone says here its better to not participate in such things really.

If anything just use the US military for yourself, for personal growth of strengths, as a leverage to train yourself then retire to enlist in the YPG or something actually making progress.

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No, I needed them so I could have a job and go to college. Also, guys from the Army are different kind of friendship. You really wouldn't get it unless you were in the same sort of job.


Because when we came in there was a portion of the population that wanted modern shit like girls going to school and shit like that, as well as not paying taxes to them. It's a power thing.

Because they hold the Afghan people back with backwards religion and kill with impunity.

Yeah, so?

To be turned into a socialist one. Taliban were just as free to stop being faggots. They chose to kill innocents instead.

Damn straight, comrade.

I love how you're trying to present yourself as the righteous invader saving the people of Afghanistan from the Taliban when your own government was responsible for the Taliban taking control of the country a decade earlier.
As opposed to coalition forces? What about the tens of thousands of civilians whose lives they took?

You don't have to self flagellate for joining the military but at least take a critical look at the role you played in imperial adventurism. Empire doesn't invade for benevolent reasons.

I didn't say that. I just said it needed to be done by someone. If I had been German and the Germans had done what we did, I would be equally proud of it. Me and mine acted ethically while in country. The only people that got their shit fucked up earned it.

The difference is that we weren't aiming to kill civilians, the Taliban were.

And I never said that. I said I enjoyed it and I wouldn't apologize for it because I personally did nothing wrong, and even did some good things. Yeah, not every soldier is like this and some asswipes got people killed because of their incompetence or outright malice, but I'm not one of them, and I refuse to apologize for holding a job that some people find distasteful. I put food on the table and got and education out of it.

The U.S. wasn't directly responsible for that, that, though they were partially responsible for the situation that let them come into power. The Taliban has also inflicted the majority of casualties, and are extremely reactionary even compared to the other Islamists.
sure, but currently its better in Afghanistan than under theocracy.
in any case, war is a crime against humanity in any case. blaming the enlisted regulars is pointless, they aren't the ones who pull strings and sacrifice pawns.

liberal psyop

the fool won't stop dropping his military rank into every convo.

what psychological effect is the operation aiming to achieve?

you can't even use the education you helped ruin people's lives to get access to

That's called asymmetric warfare. Haven't they taught you that at school?