Unfortunately, it looks like the Ecudorian government is going to hand over Assange to the US...

Unfortunately, it looks like the Ecudorian government is going to hand over Assange to the US. What chance does he stand comrades? Is he going to spend the rest of his life in an american prison?

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Who cares?

He's been instrumental in exposing numerous injustices. Why don't you care?

Because he can't expose anything anymore anyway. And it's not like he's a comrade.

I don't have to agree with someones politics to appreciate their contributions, and I wouldn't just discard them the moment they stop being useful.

He needs to be in the US to run for president.


Because I appreciate their contributions and don't wish them harm.

I don't wish him harm either. I'm not the one sending him to the US. It's not like I have any influence on his fate, so why would I care?

Basic human empathy I suppose

I see you're putting your grindstone to good use.

I'm glad we're finally done with that leech
t. Ecuadorian

P.S.:Correa was a fucking idiot and i'm glad Moreno betrayed the party and hunting down the former ministers.
Ignorant first worlders who supported him or scum like Maduro or Morales on the pretense of being socialists should be gulag'd

Well sorry for not feeling empathy for this specific man.

Just because burgerland is putting the screws on you doesn't make him a "leech", anymore than any other asylum seeker is a leech at least. What's Moreno's politics like anyways?

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Except he doesn't contribute anything at all because he literally leeches at the ecuadorian embassy with taxes provide by the people unlike the actual venezuelan and cuban assylum seekers who work in teh country

To be fair, Assange leaving doesn't mean "the people"™ will see any money back.

doesn't mean i should be support him leeching off more time either

I knew this'll happen, he had years to plan his escape and become a refugee in ecuador.
Plus Moreno probably thinks he was involved in the Trump collusion and he has yet to give evidence of the contrary and putting it in perspective it was very ungrateful to ecuador to partake on it

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The bourgeois state is leeching off workers. Who is or isn't leeching off the bourgeois state isn't really your problem, unless you're Porky.

I was actually referring to the fact that burgerland has threatened to sanction your country in some way, IIRC it had something to do with a trade deal? Assange has contributed a lot to the world through the wikileaks. I don't think it's fair to say that's nothing

I'm not sure how you would imagine he would make his way to ecuador with the embassy being constantly surveilled. How can he prove a negative exactly?

The UK is the US's bitch, so probably. Can Corbyn get in in time to save him?

They had six years to figure that out
Shoving him on a car's trunk and then into a plane seems easy.
What if he gets status as an actual refugee?

I'm pretty sure the British intelligence service would be on their ass 24/7. Probably didn't feel that it was ever safe to.

The UK has been spending far more money to watch him than your governemt has to take care of him

who gives a fuck

I hope he has a cyanide pill with him or something. There's no doubt he'll be tortured to try and get dirt on Wikileaks internals.