Services in a Socialist society

I would like to ask what services (for example, car washing, car fixing, and etc) would be under a socialist society. Your soccies say that under a socialist society the means of production (whatever that means no-a-days) would be handed to the workers so that workers gain the fruits from his own labor (like when a miner gets a gold nugget and all the profit goes to the porky that owns the mine). Now because currency (traditional and crypto) would be abolish and replaced with labor vouchers (AKA labor certificates), how would you be able to convince someone to fix your car, especially when you don't know how to fix cars? The only way for that person to fix his/her own car would be to spend the rest of his/her life learning how to cars work and how they can be fixed cars until they graduate and fix their car from the remaining information they have. And if you don't want to take car classes just so you yourself can fix, how will you convince someone to fix your car, especially when labor vouches aren't a currency?

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Read Marx

Which book?

From the perspective of central planning;

You would take your car to your local state-owned garage and get it fixed for free. Perhaps there would be a surcharge if it was determined the damage was worsened by neglect or carelessness, or if you have a twattish overcomplicated car like in the OP. To get it washed and waxed you would pay labour vouchers because that's a luxury. The workers at the garage would get paid labour vouchers. Fairly simple.

Mechanics would be paid to fix cars with labor vouchers but these would be allocated by planning and not by consumer purchases.

This is true but at the same time you couldn't completely eliminate cars in rural areas, or work vehicles

I don't favor labor vouchers but still I can try to answer inside your frame work
The most basic way to put it is that you'll pay in labor vouchers what it took the service to be done, if the voucher is backed on time then you pay for the time it took, if it's backed on commodities then its more complicated i imagine that for fixing a car you'll pay a fraction of the car's price or a fraction of the replacement part's price.

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Well first of all public transit would replace cars, which are the epitome of capitalist ideology.

There would some people how would still use cars. If the socialist government is more interested in making sure people come out of school with a high intelligence quotient (for example, 120), than it would be more easy to use a car then wait for the government to become interested in public transit.

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You wouldn't. A guy fixes your car. This is labour. It's written on his labour certificate. End of story.

Mostly people who work somewhere public transit won't go, driving utility vehicles to go do infrastructure maintenance, surveys, etc.
IQ is a terrible measure of intelligence, and it doesn't even work that way. Autism Level test performance has been steadily rising for decades, but the measurement adjusts according to the average, so average Autism Level has not changed. Average Autism Level today would be something like 120 by the standards of a few decades ago.
The whole point is that the government is answerable to the people (whether it's an anarchist syndicate, a democratic people's republic, or whatever) so people would turn the government toward the vastly more cost-effective solution of mass transit. Also this

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You believe Socialism is base on voluntarism (the idea that one can decide to volunteer for something). If the state decided that healthcare and/or a education system that makes high intelligence quotient students is more important the public transit, they will spend less on the pubic transit. If they spend more on the public transit, they will spend less on the healthcare and education system. Not only that, but if we were to in international state and a majority of the population were to live in one place, the state would just build more roads there than anywhere else, because the state (even a international one) wants to spend the least amount of money on things it doesn't see as important. That's why there are more roads in New York than there are in the rest of USA. This is also why the USA spends more money on the military, because the US government sees defending itself as the most important thing than anything else.

I don't even understand what you're trying to say. You know producing cars for every citizen is non-zero use of productivity too right? The state should invest as much effort into each section of the economy until diminishing returns on investment (defined as popular satisfaction or some specific measure like power generation requirements) become too great.

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Not to mention the absolutely gargantuan amount of resources wasted to maintain our vast system of roads, streets, parking lots, gas stations, and garages.