Mfw you realize that the age of consent is a spook

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If you live in a country where it's currently legal to fuck a 13 year old, you probably have much more pressing issues than the age of consent



Will to power is also a spook. Hurting people hurts you. Rape hurts people. Fucking underdeveloped people who haven't figured out what their feelings mean yet is rape.

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They can go on any medical website and figure out what their feelings mean biologically. As far as their minds go, how would you know what their feelings mean well enough to tell them what to do? What gives you the right to say how developed anyone is?

That said, this is a shit thread with a no-effort OP and it deserves to be anchored. If you honestly want to discuss the topic, try again with some actual background.

Statutory rape is cool when attractive women do it.

it is but that children calling her or his parents for protection to fuck you up instead isn't a spook lol

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I highly doubt a 14 yo is going to fall in love with a 35 yo.

a 14 yo with a 18ish yo I see it possible. But you're not no were near that mark anymore my dude, if the 14 yo needs my protection (me her/his guardian) because she/him can't do it him/herself since the grown up is much stronger. I'll do it. It pleases my ego. Protecting something isn't a spook lol this is what you fail to understand.

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Nobody asked you to protect them. You're not protecting anything or anyone. You're just trying to sate your ego, as you admit. If you want to act like an internet tough guy, make a proper thread to discuss this. Then watch as your ideas and your arrogance get bashed up.

Assuming it's their parents… is a spook.

I am sorry mario.
the spook that these words mean is in a different castle.
Did you want to say "fall in squishy with?"

There is no 'age of soviet.'

The age of consent is a spook. But I don't want creeps like you fucking kids, so I'm going to use my will to cockblock you in conjunction with our current government, because idgaf


When people rape kids, I'm not concerned about my feelings. I'm concerned about the wellbeing of the child.

Not using whatever tool is available to stop kiddie fuckers because it's "bourgeois" is awfully spooky of you.

And what happens when the "kid" is actually a teenager who's telling you to leave her the fuck alone and let her go about her business, and that if she can be with someone her age she can be with anyone because sex doesn't change by changing the ages of the participants? That's what most of the relationships people like you want to stop tend to be, because actual pedophilia is astonishingly rare.

No, don't make assumptions about me. I don't care if an adult has a consensual sexual relationship with a 16 year old. I'm concerned about child abuse, and I think it's a lot more common than you seem to think it is. I don't know the statistics of the top of my head, but I do know the statistics for child abuse in general, which includes sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, and that's 1 in 4.

To follow up, I just looked up the statistics, and according to a study published by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, an estimated 7.9% of males and 19.7 percent of females faced sexual abuse before the age of 18 (source:

M'spook. You have not switched off electronic device.
The spook follows the ego in its pleasure to hurt, creating these spooks to its unhealthy service when unconvoluted, universal malice would serve the same..
The utility had found it useful to lie, perhaps in service to this gratification.

The spooks are unnecessary. You could just hurt people without cause. It would be exactly the same. Completely and absolutely the exact same.

The internet has boards for "what if doggie express its consensus thoughts in anarchist soviets?" You don't own them. They speak in the soviet their own.

Rape is non-consensual sex. You don't understand what a spook is.

how fucking sheltered where you growing up?


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