I've only visited Zig Forums a few times but browse 4chan and pol pretty often. So my views have developed to become pretty racist, anti semitic and rather right wing. And l have seen pretty much mostly negative things said about this board and that it is pretty obscure and lives in the shadow of pol. But my question is, how similar are you with pol? are you brothers with some distant differences or do you clash with every view most poltards hold. What do you guys think of jewish influence? Immigration, race realism, etc. Don't want to debate but just understand.

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I'd say most people here disagree with almost everything polyps say. But we are against censorship.

Don’t listen to this nerd. Many leftpolyps don’t agree with identity politics and are willing to say nigger and faggot when we need to. We just believe that race is a spook (read: max stirner) and a distraction from class struggles. Namely in the vein of historical materialist struggles between the capitalist class that owns the means of production as well as rent-seeking properties, versus the disenfranchised class that serves in an endless existence of wage slavery until they reach class consciousness.

right, leftypol seems more well read and clear in what they believe in and understand it fully, wage slavery l think is a thing pol wants to work against too but aren't that clear about it or either push the idea of breaking through it much

I reject race realism altogether. It's a self-serving fallacy that derives inferences about individuals based from inferences about the group to which they belong. Even if a group has certain distinct characteristics, it's not going to be predictive toward any individual because the data only shows up at the "population" level in which you have many thousands of cases. It's something that'll be taught in any intro to statistics class.

You can get a situation where group A performs better on average than group B, but the average is only skewed in group A's favor because of a small number of very-high-performing people. If you plucked out random people, one each from both groups and do it several times, you may have more people from group B performing better because the range of Autism Level within that group is smaller. Basically it's a crapshoot and there are many weird, complicated mathematical variables which makes this a useless way of thinking about people.

On Jewish influence: The question of Jewish influence is not the right question to ask. I'll use a different example and then pivot back to this question. What if everything the Bush administration said about Saddam Hussein in 2002-2003 was correct, that he really was building nuclear weapons and all of that? Would that have justified the neoconservative project? No it wouldn't. But by accepting the terms of the debate (is Saddam or isn't Saddam trying to kill us all?) you are pressured to accept that American military force *would* be justified to topple unfriendly regimes and so on. The question was relevant insofar as it was serving this larger ideological purpose. By the time we found out a clear answer, the U.S. military had already removed him, rendering it a moot point.

We could say the same about "Russiagate." What if everything Democrats say about Russians interfering with the U.S. elections is true? I'd maintain that this is not the right question, because Democrats need to keep this question going as a way to prevent political change within the country and within their party, a militarization of conflict with Russia and a bolstering of the national security state, etc.

Nazi anti-Semitism functions in a similar way. So what if Jews – this outside agent – have inordinate influence? Let's say this is true. Redistributing their ill-gotten gains *and only theirs* will not resolve a society's problems, which Marxists see as inherent and arising from their development. "Jewish influence" is more like an ideological phantasmagoria and polyps are spooked out of their minds on this stuff. It's a lie even if aspects of what anti-Semites claim about Jews are true, and the question isn't whether Jews have too much influence but why Nazis need to believe they do. How does that service Nazi ideology?

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interesting points, but there are arguments for race realism that are not contingent on one race is naturally inferior in terms of intelligence but actual conditions in a population that cause lesser cognitive ability due to culture, which can also affect genes. Such as the middle eastern culture of inbreeding, keeping pure bloodlines. 60% of middle eastern marriages are between first cousins, if generations constantly continue this, and many generations have already done this in the middle east, it will cause permanent genetic inferiority in a group, where the vast majority is affected. So outliers isn't the only solution for disregarding race realism. I haven't got a good argument against this yet.

As for the jewish influence thing, it is difficult for me to understand what you are trying to compare it to with russia gate and how bush's administration was pushing for an invasion to kill saddam. But l believe what you're saying is that taking what the jews got unfairly and spreading it out will not serve good to society, not really l agree, but the main strife is that they wish for world domination, which is fact, most pol users believe they wish to mix the white race out of existence so they no longer face them as competitors for world control of governments, resources etc. So the problem of the jew is not tangible things like an army, resources, nukes like is what the whites used to achieve their goals, but their control on government, media, policies, culture and morality of white people. Mainly the corruption of the average european mind, to work against themselves and destroy and forget who they are. This is something driven in part by their religion, even though you can debate that the talmud is not the word of god, which has written things of world domination, the disgust jews have for Sassenachim and how they see their worth etc. Still, many powerful jews believe it is the word of god which is what matters, since they are the most intelligent ethnicity in the world (ashkenazi jews) and hold a lot of power in all spheres of life.

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fuck off cuckchan

Nice, it's actually worth coming here to read posts like this.

You're wrong on jewish influence though. The mammonists (people who worship wealth) have an enormous predisposition to jewish racial heritage and a predisposition to all forms of semitic slave cults from in their many forms. These have been Largely religious in the past but also political religions like the cult of "equality" (enforced mediocrity) equality.

Stalin realised this.

do you have some sources on this

Again, even if everything you say about the Jews is true, eliminating them will not solve the underlying problem which is that your countries, your cultures and your histories are being bought up, repackaged and sold. Capitalism is a growth and profit-making machine and needs expansion in order to continue. And we work against ourselves (as a people) because capitalism requires exploitation of human beings or it would not be able to sustain itself at all.

How does capitalism function? Labor creates value which is then sold for a profit, but the profit is not distributed back to labor and is captured by capital which reinvests the profit to create more of it. You are alienated not just from your culture; you're alienated in a *literal* sense from yourself and the product of your labor. At the same time, capital must seek a return and it will expand globally to find it if it runs out of available investment opportunities at home.

The Jew in the Nazi imagination (this all-consuming, expanding force bent on world domination) is acting as a substitute for capital here, which is then targeted for elimination – and thereby keeping capitalist economic and social relations intact. This is what I mean about comparing this to Russiagate, right? There is deep and systemic corruption in the American political system, politicians are bought and sold, but instead of making fundamental changes to how the system itself functions, the Democrats merely want to eliminate a substitute for it in the form of a conspiracy between a foreign entity and Trump. Simultaneously, this same phantasm is used to attempt to discredit those who want a radical transformation – which is the anti-capitalist left who are also accused of advancing the interests of this foreign entity.

This is ideology.

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difficult to imagine what you mean by our history and culture is being repackaged and sold, but l do get what you mean about getting rid of jews will still have a vacuum of power for people to continue doing or later in time attempt to do this again. Which is unlikely, the main drive for jewish goals is to meet their prophecy, to fulfil the future they want specifically which is not shared with other people, it is for jews to be set on top. But l kinda see your point in this, many groups want the same for their people, they want to ultimately have the world to work for their clique, them being the priority. But this is natural, it is something that will always happen, people will always try to dominate, steal, manipulate, corrupt, etc. I do not believe there is a perfect air tight system that will prevent any evil force to bleed society dry for the benefit of them. The thing to do is to recognise the evil doers and rid them from society, the better we are at it, the less we will be controlled and extorted

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Quality posts. Truly magnificent. I have missed posters like you on this board for a while now comrade.This much intellect is what thr reactionaries fear the most.

Weak ass meme image replies that could be shortened in "hurr durr fucc science it is da jooz and race mixing becuz my pseudo intellectuals and meme charts say so".

thanks for the warm welcome

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Not everything. We both hate SJWs and are progunz.

how original


We're both imageboards, hate liberals and liberal ideology. That's about it.
The jews are a scapegoat.
Mass immigration harms the populace, both native and immigrant.
A justification for idiocy.
Please be understanding and go read marx.

l don't feel like reading marx to understand board but thank you for giving some clarity on the other questions

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With the difference that we hate both "left" and right variants of SJWs while Zig Forums pretty much is the right SJW variant.


Not him, but he's likely reffering to the commodification of history and culture. We can see this in folk/country music of all things, in that songs previously about being fucked by coal mining companies have been replaced by generic pop with a faux hick twang. Essentially historical culture has been stripmined for profit and growth of culture is hamstrung by the profit motive.
It's almost certain, "jewish goals" can be exchanged for "aryan goals", "chinese goals", "pan-african goals", or any groups goals who still continue capitalism with themselves at the top and willingly work with others to maintain this supremacy. As long as the system of property and ownership remain society will be exploitative to the majority of the population and not be shared, regardless if the proletariat happens to be similar culturally/genetically/religiously to those with most of the wealth or not. If you were to replace every Scholmo puntstein with Hans Aryanfriend, white people would still be mostly poor and Hans would be looking after his immediate friends and family while letting proles who looked like him break their backs for pennies. Thus we arrive at the conclusion that even if jews are the scheming entity nazis claim the structures of capitalism are oppressive on their own and the removal of those at the top but leaving the system intact will not change anything.

We hate SJWs because their idpol often removes class struggle and our progunz for the purpose of revolution. They hate sjws because they're competitors in keeping capitalism but better for certain groups and are more than fine disarming us like they did to the Black Panthers.

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l look down on people who use infographs and believe whatever it shows, my racism developed outside of pol entirely, what really made me think there are superior and inferior races were mass arab inbreeding and east asian iq, specifically mongolia its low life quality and education yet an Autism Level higher than germany and most first world countries. Anti semitism was pushed by pol but l was question jewish influence before l was browsing it.

The capitalism idea is something that is new to me, that jews aren't the real problem but capitalism is, by allow opportunities for cliques to dominate. Pretty interesting, what do you think of not socialism? Is it a good system to keep power away from those who want to exploit the people, l suppose you won't agree it is the best, but is it better than capitalism?

why the fuck did it say autism level? l meant to say "yet an Autism Level level higher than germany"


yet an Autism Level level higher than germany

why is it constantly saying autism when l say iq???


i'm so confused right now

basically what l have got from this thread is capitalism is bad, l do believe that, l believe overtime capitalism can rot a society, and a world into being uniform, exploited and stripped from identity. But i'm gonna need to continue to digest these ideas a bit to see what this will turn into in my head

Read Marx, unironically. You’re not going to figure it out just by thinking about it. Don’t worry even though it’s written by a J00 it’s not going to hurt you it may turn you into a Marxist though

l said l don't want to debate because l saw rules against it

There's no rules against debate, there's rules against spamming commies btfo in the catalogue.

master race lol

l am serbian untermensch, us titoist scum must bend over for the supreme germanic aryan race

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l thought debating something other than socialism is meant to go to another board

We have a containment thread for you to use and as long as you're not a screeching autist or spam the catalogue with threads you can discuss shit freely.

great then

Imagine being this cucked

Get in acquaintance with Hegel's works

And you have Zig Forums
The difference is that claiming that your problems is because a religion is autistic, the religion is a tool wielded by those in power.
We dream for a world where the people who works is the rewarded, you dream for the same fucking world you are living now but just everyone being white and that will just solve everything. Do you think that the jewish magic to opress the people is the work only of Jews? Anyone with power, regardless of their race or religion is going to fuck in the ass the people who work so they can stay in the top

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This is why I prefer to say that I dislike idpol rather then that I dislike SJW's. I've been trying to spread awareness of the idpol concept, because unfortunately as it stands now, 'SJW' has a left wing/liberal connotation. When people hear about those evil SJW's coming to steal your video game toothbrushes, they feel that the alternative is to join up with right wing SJWs because burgers and "radical centrists" only believe in two sides to any issue and believe that if one side is wrong, the other must be right.

yeah it's small, but the quality of posts is pretty high even despite all the bait. If you want to see a god tier leftist board though, go to /marx/.
Basically the only similarities are we both dislike libruls and are both mostly in favor of gun ownership. Also Zig Forums is supposedly opposed to idpol too, but that's dubious because they are neck deep in it themselves.
It's a conspiracy theory, moreover it misses the point completely. The people in power are capitalists, and jewish capitalists aren't different from white or black capitalists in any meaningful way, they all tend to act in function of profit. Even if the elites would be 99% jewish as Zig Forums claims, it wouldn't matter. Their jewishness would be irrelevant to the necessity of overthrowing them. To think that a white CEO who extracts your surplus value would be more similar to you than a jewish fellow worker simply because of ethnicity, is absurd. Your interests generally align with people of the same class and not the same race.
Mass immigration, as it exists nowadays, is a result of imperialist wars as well as neoliberal policies that encourage cheap workforces from poor countries. Under socialism some restriction on immigration will be necessary to create effective planning, but mass immigration probably won't exist in the first place if the entire world is socialist. Under full communism borders should arguably be abolished although I believe "national" communities should still be represented on some kind of provincial level.
Pseudo-scientific bullshit used by the right to justify its divisive agenda.

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Guess I need to put some nuance on this, as long as one part of the world is significantly richer than another it will probably continue to exist. But when that difference is leveled out I don't see why it would continue.

Nazis don't want to abolish capitalism.
They just want to replace the supposed Jews in charge with the Whites, because they genuinely believe a White would run things better and it would benefit their race.
If said White (who are already in charge) does whatever capitalists do, it's because he is a crypto Jew or someone with Jewish ancestry or something and expect a lot of unsourced Zig Forums charts backing it up.

And then you have the case of the Koch brothers. They are part of the machine, yet convinced their followers that they are actually not so their followers want to put them, where they already are, because they expect them to run things better, despite them already running things and they are shit.

for all the times they're a pain in the ass I'm still grateful we have those word filters just for moments like this

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A+ post