Google, YouTube, and Corporate Complicity/Encouragement of Fascistic Political movements Worldwide

So, I'm sure many of you have noticed the amount of propaganda ranging from reactionary to fullmetal mega-nazi littered all over social media platforms like cigarette butts on the side of the road.

The question I pose, after a bit of thought, digging, and research of my own is if the prevelance of the aforementioned garbage is merely there due to a combination of algorithmic prioritization and the company's turning a blind eye, or if it is part of an ulterior motive, the company's algorithm perhaps being designed to push these agendas.

While it may be easy to dismiss this as mere conspiracy bullshit, these are extraordinary times, and their popularity exploded along with media recognition seemingly instantaneously and with Television networks knowing what to call them, what to report on, and all exploding in reporting on them around the same timeframe, and never seeming to stop since then.

Does anyone else find this suspicious to me? Could there be a corporate entity or entities behind the overwhelming rise of right-wing authoritarian movements? Media outlets and Tech companies seem the most likely to be the guilty parties here. While they could have prevented this, and of course, wouldn't have due to apathy, I'm starting to believe that they may be encouraging it.

While I hope that none of this is true, It becomes harder to ignore the conveniences of it all for the profit motive (Right Wingers being useful idiots for corporate interests) with each passing day.

From this angle of looking at things, I would say things are looking far more difficult from here on out. Stay safe.

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The Mercers, Thiel and other Silicon Valley schizos at least fund them.

You people are to blame for this.

This really isn't an uncommon sentiment among fascists. In the end you aren't wrong. You are forced to do this by history (God himself). Your damnation is part of his plan. I mean you could possibly save yourselves but really there is now way most of you suburban amerifat/western filth will ever truly accept communism. Just fucking die already.

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They're obviously getting funded, and the titofag was courteous enough to name a couple of people that are throwing money. Reactionaries have always had ties to money and it should come as no surprise that when threatened by socdems and growing unease regarding capitalism that certain porky start pushing an agenda that preserves the dominance of capital.

He's sort of right, you know.

Look on Opinionstube, NSABook, Twatter, and their ilk. What do you see? SJWs, Zig Forumsyps, and generic legacy "I'm not a normalfag, I swear!" old media castoff trash. Maybe it's a function of the low attention span clickbait fueled hot take nature of the format, combined with its ephemeral nature and lack of practically strong formal filters, but cerebral tendencies like the far left have ZERO presence.

And who is doing the far left stuff? There's Roo but not many others. Some random YouTubers I don't watch. The SJWs treat it like a full-time job and put out content everyday, and a lot of it is pretty well produced and professional enough so they're the ones who capture most of the traffic.

Believe me this actually a problem for the right as well, or at least the turbo fullmetal mega-Nazi contingent since there are only a handful of them really doing it on a level where they can attract an audience. The one reasonably popular and actually alt-right podcast is The Daily Shoah which is divisive in that scene but the people who do it spend a lot of time on it, the program is actually produced and the fash doing it put some effort into it.

I wouldn't get too distracted by whether the algorithms are working against you or not. Well, maybe they are. But the primary issue is a lack of people hacking away at creating and producing good content, every day, over a period of years.

It's the same issue that people have with, for example the D/SA. Eighty percent of the work is showing up to begin with and they're doing it so they're going to grow more or less by default.

New media aside, do we have anyone at all? Not just some individual that occasionally does lectures like Chomsky/Zizek/RDW/Cockshott, but a real broadcaster? All I can think of is Pacifica Radio, and they've drifted almost as shitlib as NPR.

You're a fool barking up the wrong tree. You should have quoted someone else.

Not racist, I just don't lie to myself, unlike some man with identity issues because he self-identifies with his feminine side more than he does the rest of himself to the point of madness. Then play the victim card until pathetic drug addicts side with them. Because people that only seek a good time, or to be happy when there is no reason to be are drug addicts. Even if there are no drugs. Same shit, different medium. Chasing a feeling, like a nymphomaniac woman.

Honestly, I wouldn't know. I don't use those sites. Tried shitbook when it first came out, decided it was shit and left.

Would it be san fransisco in the offshore accounts?

Lmao, i like how jason is your best example of doing the far left stuff.

on facebook nazi shit gets banned. for liberal reasons not proletarian worker reasons tho but they get de-platformed. YouTube is a mixed bag, only if the opinion is way too radical or it shows swatzikas. swatzikas have to be censored or they instantly get the videos de-monetized. idk if they get taken down or even banned for those symbols tho.

lol well am I wrong?

Funny considering they have a bunch of hippie spiritual shit. The original meaning is spiritual. It can't even really be claimed by any group considering what it's supposed to represent. Are they butt-hurt because people they never knew used it and made war? Because their societies still war. What's the difference? I bet if he had won, there wouldn't be a continual war like there is now.

It's getting pushed hard because it appeals to suburban petit-bourgeois ideology, doesn't challenge the status quo of society, and is easy to scrape ad revenue from. Simple as that.

Do you really want the same level of discourse to be replicated for the Left, though? I lurk on certain parts of Reddit that lean to the left and it's all the same radical platitudes and uninformed moralist socdem ideas. I would prefer a higher level of public discourse from our side.


I'm going to put this thread back on track, because yes. You are right, and the person claiming it was our fault is right as well.

Historically, without fail, whenever an anticapitalist agenda takes float the ruling class take action. It's self defense on their part if you really think about it. They fund right wing reactionary movements (Mercer, Thiel, Koch Brothers), coordinate with news moguls (Mark Levin, Rupert Murdoch), produce cultural spooks (overpopulation, multicultural marxism, flag burners, mudslimes, pedophiliacs, mexicans, trump haters), amplify pseudo intellectuals like Jordan Peterson, weaken democratic government functions (voting rights diminished, scotus picks, weakening faith in democracies themselves), inundate arts and culture (alt right, e-celebs, memes, youtube, fashwave, neonazi rallies and music), infiltrate important institutions (church scene with Allie from CR, vote to condemn racism at evangelical conference shot down as too divisive, Joel Olsteen money god, NPI), create false crisis, present right wing authoritarianism as the only party capable of ruling, and most devious of all they sabotage (for example """progressive""" Vice writes article criticizing social media for shadow banning and censoring conservatives and racists but not leftists… House Republicans and Trump promise action to ensure far right social media trends more). The more people push socialism the more dirty the rich ruling classes will play. They won't hesitate to use violent state terror, war and fascist oppression to save themselves or their treasure. Expect it to get much much much worse, and quicker than you can react to.

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The ruling class also get people riled up with cultural spooks so that their prole tongues are like toilet paper doing the dirt work from their ass.

The nature soil nostalgia death cult. Nazis love "DAS SOIL!" It fits in well with social Darwinism, and helps the strongman violent undercurrents go down smoother. They envision youths with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes playing in grassy knoll enjoying their superior identity free of unhygenic elements (because society is an organism to them). The reality is those kids burn ants to show superiority while their parents rob and persecute the proletariat under the premise it's a dog eat dog world.

But yes, let's not forget Fascists love to sound like hippies that just want a daddy authoritarian figure to enact social Darwinism.

Funding right-wing capitalist authoritarianism is literally the whole plan of the deep state/power elites/illuminati whatever you want to call them. Just look at the 20th century and cold war covert operations/crimes.


I think about this a whole fucking lot and why it's not a more obvious point right now. people reflectively cry about "alienating potential comrades" whenever it's suggested that the left adopt similar tactics or even just work with acknowledgement of them as a factor but it truly doesn't fucking matter when the ruling class will create rules to fuck you with anyway