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So I know that this board is filled with libsocs and leftcoms that fled fromthe bullies on Zig Forums but where is the Trot Gang at? I see like no Trot posters on either board. Are Trotskyites dying out? Is Mexie the last of her kind? Or did zhey just all become Posadist and got abducted?

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Trots are too clever for Zig Forums boy
Even most leftcoms

ayyy lmao

there are dozens of leftcom posters here

you don't even know what leftcom is lol

Not being complimented by socdems is a pleasure you'll never enjoy the feeling of.

Exiled in Mexico. They are currently planning an attack on the zapatistas, that's where you'll find them

when did she imply she was a trot?

Ahh is a joke about Leon ha
Why anti-zapatista tho,everyone loves latin american leftist..
I know trots dude they are like million
But people dont care about being a m-l or being a trot
Only retarded anglos

We aren't very fond of internet communities because there is diversity. Stalineets can be friends with maoists, ancoms with another anarchist, leftcoms with another dead ideology, but no one is friend Trotsky, he is too autistic and hates everyone.
But if you go outside you will see that there is a lot of trots in the real world, at least in my country the only non meme communist parties are all trotskyists.

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While the stereotype of trots in my country is that they are too leftist
I remember trots doing fine with leftcoms and other weird people
So no

I meant it as in his hatred for anarchists. I mean idk, if Trotsky were alive today he would probably dislike the zapatistas.


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Reading Trotsky is like reading Mao or Robespierre.. Not for the faint of heart, and a prerequisite of being semi-literate. Bannon says he's a Leninist, but that mofo is a Naz-Trot if I ever seen one.

Anarcho-Syndicalist here - there have always been alliances between libertarian socialists and Trotskyists, since they have many similar goals and values, and both oppose the authoritarianism of Stalinism.

This article sums up why I never got on board the trotsky train. He failed to foresee that even during Lenin's lifetime opportunism was taking the reins of the communist movement, and that the policies undertaken in the early 1920s (including his own) helped bring about Stalinism.

I'm going to read that article because I could definitely use a refresher, but my opinions on Trotsky have always been separate from my opinions on Trotskyism. I know Trotsky became an authoritarian and an apologist for state brutality in his later years, but I've always associated Trotskyism more with what he represented when he was younger, which is to say a form of revolutionary socialism that stood in opposition to Stalinist authoritarianism.

Trots are every bit as authoritarian as MLs fam.

Didn't trotsky kill your fellow anarchists?

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there are a number of people on the right, even nationalist movement, who admire Lenin as one of the "great men of history."

20 bucks says he also lists The Art of War and Meditations among his favorite books

Very interesting, but I just looked it up, and he said he's a Leninist in the sense that he wanted to "bring the system down" and destroy the "political class." That makes me think he was really just calling himself a Leninist to make a somewhat hyperbolic point about how anti-establishment he is. In other words, he was being edgy.

The whole thing is ironic, since he's the definition of an authoritarian, given his xenophobia. In the same interview, he noted that he called his team "the Fight Club," which is hilarious since it would indicate that like so many on the "alt right," he completely misunderstood that book (or more likely, just the movie). In the book, the the main character gets more in touch with his natural instincts and "true" self, in rebellion against alienating, nameless modern society (what Marx would describe as alienation from labor). However, the second part of the book makes the "meet the new boss, same as the old" point, by showing that the Project Mayhem society is just as destructive as the society it's fighting against, as the members of its fascistic system become literally nameless, identical entities, again alienated from themselves. It would seem that this very basic point was lost on Bannon. In fact, it reflects Bakunin's criticism of Marxism - that the transitional dictatorship of the proletariat would sabotage the revolution since it would create a new elite that would refuse to give up power, and would be even more brutal than the old one since it would have the language and mask of legitimacy, effectively predicting the Soviet Union.

tl;dr Bannon can say whatever he wants, but he's just a fascist pig, and the world would be much better off without his associates like Stephen Miller and Betsy DeVos.

That one Stirner poster trying to act smart by calling everyone else stupid

Yep. This. Trotskyism is pro vanguard as it is an extension I of Leninism. It is strictly authoritarian and embraces a dictatorship of the working class. Trotsky didn't oppose the USSR under Stalin because of authoritarianism but because of state capitalism and the betrayal of the international revolution. That's a pretty common fact tbh.

She said so in her vid "What is a Trotskyite"

Most of people here agree that Trostky was authoritarian, but are contemporary trostkysts parties authoritarians too? How close are they to Trostky though?

Most modern Trot parties are Libertarian Internationalist Communists or mere LibSocs with a special fetish for hating Socialist countries. In my opinion they are as far away from Trotsky as Stalin was away from Lenin.

Yeah, right. Do you think pro wrestling is real too?