Why are socialist societies becoming capitalist? If socialism is the best system than there would be no reason for nations like Cuba and China to become capitalist.

Proof Cuba is capitalist:

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What the fuck makes you think that the reason for a socio-economic system are based on what "works best"? What do you mean by "best" anyway?


At least in the case of Cuba it seems like a temporary opening up of the economy after which they plan to revert to collectivisation. I hope a bourgeoisie won't develop and make a return to socialism impossible though.
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Because socialists don't understand human nature and just want millions of illegal immigrants, but now capitalists are finally kicking the illegals out because they don't even have jobs for the people already there.

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What sources do you have to prove this?

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M-L states are more or less doomed to it. There's no incentive for them to move beyond the stage their at to more cybernetic democratic socialism, because then the people in charge will have their own priveledge abolished, and if they revert back to capitalism, they can use their political positions to enrich themselves and live in obscene luxury.

They based their economic development on mistaken theories and when they have the chance to actually move forward they don't know how. The same thing happened in the USSR. The economy stagnated due to inability to fully break out of the old mode of production, resulting in the reversion to private capitalism instead of development into socialism.

IMO a country like Cuba could develop towards a limited form of socialism but only if they have the political willpower to do so and the theory to guide them. I'm not sure they have either at this point.

China is simply a developing country ruled by a revisionist Marxist party that thinks socialism = economic development. They too could transition to socialism in the near future but that would depend upon rectifying their fucking terrible theory and suppressing the bourgeois elements within their own political structure. I think this possibility exists but is very unlikely without another political revolution.

Who's to say the people above have more privileges? On one hand, you have people like Sankara who decided to lower the privileges he and other party members had, like reducing his and their wages and on the other you have people that quite frankly, in a way, people saw how their job was also difficult (leading a country is not easy) so I don't see how it's a problem that they had more privileges. There are some exceptions, like the massive mansions people like Stalin had, and despite how much I admire him, Fidel too, and on this case, yeah I agree, there's no reason that they should've had the overwhelming privileges they did have.

Political power is itself a priveledge though, and the problem is not a moralistic one. If power rests in the hands of an elite, then it's at the elites discression how it's wielded, and usually it will be wielded in the interests of the elite. Sankara was assassinated because it was in the interest of his second to seize all power for himself and take advantage of his position. The degeneration of every socialist country into capitalism has always been because members of the elite desired as much. It has never been the interests of the mass of people to see this happen. It strikes me that the solution is to simply eliminate any possibility of an elite in the first place, and organize the state thusly.

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I said why are SOCIALIST societies becoming capitalist.

socialism has never been tried

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They (Leninist experiments) never tried maintaining socialism in the first place. They have always been state-capitalist ventures providing lip-service to the supposed future where the administration were to "flip the 'socialist switch'" and make everything socialist. Lenin called what he was doing state-capitalism. If you're retarded enough to take Stalin seriously you're not worth having a conversation with.

Because revisionism is an inherent outcome of Marxism-Leninism. It happens every time.

At what point were they "socialist societies"?

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Ismail summed it up pretty well on /Marx/ but here goes

The Cuban revolution was never agains the Petite Bougie class in Cuba
The revolution was mainly about fighting the US backed oligarchs in Havana and not about seizing a few family owned restaurants and gulaging taxi drivers
A Petite Bougie class has been allowed to exist in Cuba for decades (Mainly in the form of family owned / ran business and taxi / single operator business)
The recent changes to the constitution don't mark a change in Cuban society it simply recognises the already existing conditions of Cuban society

Thus Cuba has not become less socialist because of these constitutional changes and Cuba is still a socialist state

It would indeed be difficult to be "less socialist" than Cuba.

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