Turns out speaking English literally makes people retarded, but noo, it's Esperanto that's stupid

Turns out speaking English literally makes people retarded, but noo, it's Esperanto that's stupid

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ofc esperanto is better than english. its easier to learn and it has a deeper more useful system. I would modify esperanto just a bit tho just to make it even easier, it's one of my plans actually. Esperanto purists would hate on that tho but idc, the point of Esperanto is to be as easy and useful on a whim as possible.

English can't make a distinction between a female or a male Zebra.
The gendered words help a lot with animals. Using "the" for everyhing is for retards. English is just a bad incomplete language.

Esperanto borrows the best of Spanish and other languages where you can call an animal la or el and instantly know the gender or the termination which is even in names.

Leon = male lion
Leona = female lion
it's mega simple.
In Esperanto is something like:
Leono = male lion
Leonino = female lion
ino makes things female, but I prefer the Spanish's a because it's already common global culture. usually femenine names end in "a" not in "ino" would be better if Esperantists used "a" instead of "ino". But "ino" sounds good too not gonna lie.

Esperanto uses -a for adjectives.

I think what retards native english speakers is that they only know one language, not that english is bad per se.

No language is "better" than another. An advantage English has over Esperanto is that its retarded complexity allows for more beautiful poetry but still, Esperanto beats English in almost every other category.



fucking idpol, get out

The only real problem with english is taht it isn't phonetic, like spanish is.

ITT people who don't know shit about linguistics but are going to pretend to anyways.

But you just did, you used the adjectives male and female.

Except for animals which don't have an immediate recognizable gender, such as a goldfish. Then you're forced to use a male or female article and have a 50% chance of being wrong. It also results in a situation where a speaker has to care about the gender of a goldfish when 99% of people don't give a shit and would rather not waste the extra calorie of the thought.

Why? Monolingualism is the result of not needing to know any other language. Plenty of people in China or Russia only speak one language. When you have hundreds of millions of people in your country who can communicate with you, and your parents only taught you one language, why would the average worker waste hundreds of hours trying to learn a new one?

English poetry is shit

It's one of the easiest language to learn.

You seem like the kind of person who literally thinks there's a single people, ethnic group and language known as 'Chinese'.

Wrong. English is full of irregularities, exceptions and pants-on-head retarded rules, not to mention the completely arbitrary pronunciation. Most non-native English "speakers" can barely use it.

Try learning french, that's nothing compare to it.

Your ability find a more complex language doesn't make english simple. Nigger please.

How difficult a language is depends on what you already know. Infants don't pick it up slower or faster than any other language.

t. speaker of a language where being able to correctly spell words is considered a great achievement and there are competitions for it

When the fuck did I imply that? Mandarin has over a billion speakers, vast swaths of China are almost entirely Han who are monolingual Mandarin speakers.

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Inglês é um câncer. Malditos anglos!

This guy is right. Spanish has almost perfect correspondence between how syllables are pronounced and how they are written. When you open a Spanish dictionary, there isn't pronunciation advice next to each word because it simply isn't needed. There are very few exceptions (like México instead of Méjico). I wonder if dyslexics even exist in the Spanish-language world as a distinct group from people who simply can't read.

I'm sorry to inform you, but the relationship between spelling and pronunciation is much closer in French than in English. You are probably a novice, so it's not the number of exceptions from the main spelling-pronunciation pattern that frustrates you, but that the main pattern is so different from English.

Even fucking German has a more transparent relationship between spelling and pronunciation than English. There are some strings that are pronounced the same way like "t" and "th" that tell you something about the historical origin of the word or some other shit nobody cares about, so going from listening to a new word to writing has some ambiguities, but the other way around is usually pretty clear.

No, it doesn't.
Now take your retarded made up "language" and your soy anime pics and shove it up your ass.

post the whole folder

The complexity of a language is not only about the difference between spelling and pronunciation, that's not even a problem with writing.
Complexity is mostly about grammar and conjugation.

Good fucking article OP.
Engels kan de graftyfus krijgen.

Wrong you uneducated anglo.
Mandarin is the states language. Every village, every valley, every town and every city, has their own dialect or language. The difference between these dialects is larger than between french, italian and romanian, yet are all counted as "mandarin". All chinese people speak their native language and mandarin.

I have never heard any pretty english poetry.

Guess it doesn't exist then.

Show me some pretty english poetry.

Yeah, like I'm gonna spend time thinking of a poem, trying to find it and possibly even typing it here, just for you to dismiss it without reading it and then claiming your point was proven.

Just Byron or Shakespeare or something.

Shakespearean english is such a different beast from modern english that you really have no right to claim it as an example. Its sounds are arguably closer to saxon than to modern english.

I wouldn't even be sure how to read out loud the bits of the text where you can tell by the spelling that they used to rhyme, but they don't in modern english.

Case in point, English is objectively shit.

Fuckin english, only language that changes slowly through the centuries

English has changed really fucking fast over the past centuries compared to other languages. The pronunciation is completely different. On the other end of the spectrum is dutch, which has barely changed typographically and phonetically since 1400.

I agree

Speaking a widely spoken global language is important. I don't think trying to force Esperanto is the way to go; rather, education systems should be designed to make people multi-lingual, so that they can connect with people in places they want to go, work with, or connect with. This already happens, obviously, but the reforms that need to be made would improve the education methods, by putting people in interaction with native speakers, and would also extend these educational opportunities to the lower and working classes, especially in small countries with languages that isolate them from the rest of the world.

If I'm going to go somewhere, I want to learn their language. If we're both learning a made up language, we will inevitably connect on a less personal level. I get that the idea of Esperanto is that it draws from every language; that doesn't fly in the real world. It inevitably favors languages like English and Spanish, so it would still be alien to countries with languages like Korean, Icelandic, Hungarian, Wolof, Farsi, etc. A couple token words or phrases don't mean anything.

The other big problem with a language like Esperanto would be that it would lead to the decline in other languages, some of which are in danger anyway. This would lead to lost literature, scholarship, etc.

Another reform is that local languages need to be officiated.

The idea of a single, global language seems insidious. Rather, all languages should be more readily available to all people.

I should clarify, when I talk about "widely spoken global language[s]," I'm not just referring to English, but also Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Swahili, Hindi, Russian, etc.

English is already doing this. Compared to English, Esperanto is pretty flexible, often you can tell the speaker's native language by the way it is being used. It would certainly cause less harm. Meanwhile there are scientific studies that showed how the influence of English dumbed down other languages, ranging from transforming the grammar to writing books with the explicit intention that they should be easy to translate into English.

Inglês é um câncer.

As somebody that speaks these languages and also Esperanto I can say it's confidently that Esperanto is very different from the others and also the most sensible and easy to learn.
Only people that don't know spanish think esperanto is similar to spanish.

Esperanto is more popular in asia (including both Koreas) than in most romantic/germanic language countries right now, there are also numerous groups that exist in the major cities and some smaller towns that represent every language group you've listed.

The more or less official standpoint that the Universal Esperanto Association seems to push is exactly the opposite argument. The whole idea is to be a neutral language which does not impose itself through economic or political strength but human solidarity, and because of these sort of anti-imperialist implications often I've seen that people who speak minority languages/dialects, especially those that are separatism activists, are the biggest supporters of adopting esperanto as a second language worldwide because it would mean that they could still use their native language locally and wouldn't be forced to use the language of the larger region that controls theirs as the compulsory first/second language.

We need an Esperanto/Interlingua for every continent and then merge them all.
Bam - world language and world communism.

On the point about what the association wants, I find it very difficult to believe that that's how things will play out - I think promoting a more multi-lingual approach is more realistic.

That said, I will research this more, because the points I made are more first impressions. If you guys want to describe or explain anything else, I'm listening.

American detected

There is nothing objectively wrong with English. However, if I could fix one thing I would push through some sort of spelling reform to make spelling much simpler by eliminating silent letters (like "wr" in "wrong, write, etc) or ("gh" in "through" or regularizing words like "laugh" > "laff" or "cough" > "cauff"

Just fucking redo the whole spelling, its a gigantic fucking mess.

"Esperanto/Interlingua"-like addresses the issue of multiple languages existing on x continent. By merging them first regionally it will be easier to then merge all fewer of them internationally. Are you intoxicated on other things than stimulants? Because you make little sense. And no, I'm not citizen of the United States or the American continent.

No, I agree with you, it's awful. Those were just small changes that immediately came to mind. Our whole spelling-system is a clusterfuck, but some people tend to over-exaggerate how bad it truly is. It will only get worse as time passes too since all languages change. Spelling should be as phonetic. I see some roadblocks to any changes though. The biggest argument against it would be
Some of those are valid points, especially the fourth one. Perhaps reform would have to be done in stages.

*spelling should be as phonetic as possible

That's what Tolstoi argued when he was in correspondence with Zamenhof, actually.
Still if you look at a list of the major language families it would be damn near impossible to make a language with every one represented.
I think to make a language for communism it would require a massive group effort and the focus should be more on designing something universal from the ground up based on a thourough study of semiotic implications and as much as possible primal human vocal intersections rather than trying to mash everything existing together.
Interlingua sounds nice and it's easy to understand but it's a bitch to learn and still not very representative of all europe, just modern romance languages. The best thing esperanto has going for it as opposed to other conglangs is its simplicity and relative dominance, also the fact that it already has a lot of "native" culture (theatre, literature, music). That said, honestly I learned it nearly a decade ago and hardly ever use it.

Esperanto is not that alien to Hungarian. It used to be pretty popular here.

a language that has to use the "female lizard", the "male lizard".
instead of just el lagarto, la lagarta. is inherently an inferior language, underdeveloped, unfinished and retarded. I bet you only read in English lol don't you wonder how much you miss from the original work of literature? Reading Marx, Max Stirner, or most socialists in German is more elaborate than reading them in inferior English. English misses many words that other languages have.

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you own a computer and a phone dude you must never talk shit about capitalism. how dare you be anti-capitalist you fucking consumer.

yes, it's sarcasm dumdumb

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Good luck trying to determine the sex of ever lizard you see so you can use the right article.

Nobody claimed that, you 馬鹿.
Esperanto surely is easier in terms of grammar and conjugation than English, French, Spanish, Russian, or German.

That's a bad example because not all animals have a different name based on gender in those romance languages and you still have to recur to calling it a male x or a female x and also you do have some animals which have different names based on gender in English like lion - lioness, horse - mare, dog - bitch, etc.

Not only that but in some languages things itself have genders not just living beings but literally everything, which is just a ridiculous over complication that serves no purpose.


All languages change through time.

German doesnt have male and female forms of the same noun either, you fucking retard.

Now you're just splitting hairs. I guess I'm trilingual then: I speak English, Texan, and Dallasian!

But you can do the same in literally any language, otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell who the russian in a James Bond film are.

This happens with any popular language, it's called the Sprachbund effect. Spanish did the same thing to the Nahuatl languages and the Chinese languages to surrounding asian languages. Hell China's government even tries to enforce itself on other language cultures: languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=39299

This is impossible though, most people don't give a shit what they speak as long as they can get by with it. Eventually you'd have children whose parents could only communicate in Esperanto, the child would only learn Esperanto, and they'd be monolingual again. Unless there's explicit attempts by governments (like in Iceland) to preserve the native language most people won't give a shit.

I'm sick of hearing this shit. Okay jackasses, which dialect is English spelling going to be based off of? American English is the most widely spoken and learned dialect, are all you Britfags and Australians cool with learning to spell as if you spoke like you're from California? If the language was spelled phonetically, then we'd have to massively overhaul the alphabet and it would result with either 20 radically spelling systems or 1 spelling system that isn't phonetic for anyone who doesn't speak that dialect (webm related). No spelling system will ever be truly phonetic unless everyone is going to start writing in IPA. Even Spanish and German aren't really "phonetic" when you get into the nitty gritty; for example many rural Spanish speakers in south america have a hard time telling the difference between b's and v's because the sounds have merged into a single consonant, yet no one here is advocating to change Spanish spelling.

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What the fuck is Esperanto? The only languages you need in life are English and 日本語

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