Did I just get banned on Zig Forums for not having a strong opinion about something?

Did I just get banned on Zig Forums for not having a strong opinion about something?

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Saying that you are stupid if you have a strong opinion about is actually a strong opinion in itself.

There's only one Israel-Palestine opinion that's allowed here as well, indifference being one of the forbidden ones. Internet lefties are literally more flexible about anti-capitalism.

Stop posting there, retard.

I mean, I'd hourban you for having to read that shit. It's just ceremonial.

Well deserved ban tbh. What a shit post.

Reddit tier post and you probably are a gigantic faggot, but permaban is exaggerated

You deserve much worse than a ban for that shitpost.

The conflict isn't being loud enough for you because it isn't your pregnant women who are being used as target practice you ginormous faggot.

Whew, they're perma-banning now?

Idk imo you kinda deserved it. I wouldnt have banned you permanently though.

I mean, yeah, Israel is shit, but it's far from unique enough to care about for any reason other than the lunacy spawned by Saudi virtue signaling about it.

yea fuck off

Who says we only pay attention to one?

Your posts and behaviour. Who knows, maybe you care really deeply about Saudi fuckery, you just don't happen to show it ever.

When's the last time you saw someone defend Saudi Arabia online?

To be fair, I think Israel is a special case, because it is somewhat considered "A Western country" and a 'beacon' in the Middle East.

Most people would agree (for different reasons) that places like Egypt or Saudi Arabia are shitholes, while the general and mainstream opinion of Israel is a lot more divided, with lots of people ignoring or even supporting Israel.

That's even worse, infantilizing Muslims as beneath the standards of decency upheld by "civilized" countries. Not to mention Egypt and t*rkey being generally upheld as regional beacons of secularism and modernity until recently, and the fact that (rarely mentioned internal racism aside) most Israeli Jews are from the MENA region itself. The "muh colonialism" distinction placed on Israel is rank nonsense when honestly viewed in the context of similar policies of ethnoreligious repression and genocide throughout the region and the world.

Israelis need to halt their retarded policies, their immediate neighbors need to commit to a humane viable agreement, and Palestinians need to be annexed into something big enough for a viable economy, but the rest of the world has no need to waste as much time as they do on this inane squabble.

The one and only reason to ever care about Israel is because it's being used as a locus by power brokers in and outside of the region to foment false consciousness, distract from domestic problems, and fuel regional disorder.

>infantilizing Muslims non-whites as beneath the standards of decency upheld by "civilized" countries
Every liberal western nation does this.

t. crypto-zionist

Zionist detected. Israel is an apartheid, ethnonationalist rogue nuclear state with Lebensraum goals in the Middle East

Fuck if bans on leftypol are that fair now maybe I should go back.

Your opinion is shit and you should feel like shit.

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israel palestine is like the only case where traditional anti-imperialism (america bad) is still clearly on the side of the underdog, still shouldn't have been banned though

restrictions on free movement to prevent constant knife attacks / terrorist attacks are not apartheid. arabs in israel are not persecuted by the law, unlike jews in arab states.
the jewish identity of israel is a necessary response to the habit of non-jews to kill jews for being jewish. if israel were truly racialist it would persecute its arab minority for being arabs, but it does not.

So you blame the Palestinians for fighting back against an occupying regime?
Unironically defending ethnic nationalism now, wew
Not racialist in the sense of Nazi Germany, but it is a Jewish supremacist state. Please kill yourself, Zionist

Do you really think just having a western-ish liberal capitalist legal system makes a country not fascist or something? Because even nazi germany had a functioning court system. If you are killing kids it doesn't matter if it is "legal." Fuck off zionist scum.

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said nothing about it.

in the specific case of the jews, it is formed on them by the tendency of non-jews to kill them and / or deny them refuge when they need it.

what does this amount to in practice? elaborate.

*forced on them

Are the “Christian communists” in this hypothetical country literally occupying the land of another ethnic group? Are they an expansive power? If either of those would be true the “terrorists” are doing nothing wrong.

Killing colonists who want to kill you and your entire family isn't "terrorism" and even if it somehow was it would be completely justified and righteous.

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none of this has anything to do with the alleged 'apartheid' laws preventing the travel of terrorists. if you cannot hold a single train of logic straight for two seconds you're not worth debating.

this is not an argument, just posturing

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by the way I suppose is not calling restrictions on free movement fascism. so whatever.

i said nothing about israel's legal system except that they don't have laws persecuting arabs. also the subject under discussion is racism not fascism.

i don't think i said anything to imply it would matter. try to have a discussion rather than throwing random stuff around

If you are a zionist you have no right to "discuss" anything. Nothing you do is in good faith. The best course of action for you would be to jump off of a very tall building.

not how it works buddy


Does half its population speak something else?

All bans are righteous and true.