Zig Forums cringe thread

Zig Forums cringe thread

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That screenshot was a wild ride alright. If he actually got interested in the early days of the church, he'd realize Jesus would be a leftist.
Love the bit where he literally couldn't tell apart classical liberals from nazis.

Recent one.

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/chr*stian/ is literally all the Zig Forumsacks that got bullied for being Christcucks on Zig Forums… horribly cancerous

Remember that part of the gospel where Jesus started a privates company and hired the apostles to turn water into wine for him then sold it to wealthy romans? And when later Jesus told the lepers it was their fault they had leprosy and used his incomes to elect Pontius Pilate who later crusified the apostles when they told Jesus his enterprise wasn't right?
Yeah, Jesus was totally a captain of the industry.

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Holy shit that's retarded.

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t. someone addicted to masturbation

There is nothing wrong with masturbating if you masturbate every once in a while and don't get addicted to pornography. If you think denying natural urges to the point of having scrotum-pain like the retarded Christians in those screenshots, you're just self-flagellating. NoFap is a meme
t. hedonist gang

you could almost call it natural

People like that give Christianity a bad name

t. christcom
But you're right though. Almost every christian I've ever met was a decent person and was more sane than those folks over at Zig Forums.

The technical term is 'Christian'

Zig Forums is like an emergency room for recovering Zig Forumsacks. You get unapologetic fascists to racists and those who are one infograph away from going back to Varg. But for every one of them you get two actual Christians who aren't insane and realize that the modern world they despise so much also includes capitalism and it's ills.
t. ChristCom Gang

Nice digits, but if you had some wisdom, you'd not make such assumptions.
Zig Forums is headed by a weak king, and the userbase is, literally, full of redditors. Before it turned into normalfaggotry, some anons thought it was a great idea to advertise the board.

can you elaborate? Do they post reddit links sometimes or what?

Sleep paralysis as a form of demonic trickery is being discussed over at >>Zig Forums683138/

let's try that again



>>>Zig Forums683138
You don't need that last slash.

That was easier than i thought. Thanks user

At the risk of me sounding like a Zig Forumsyp. The best part about that is the porky that got rich as a result is probably Jewish.

It's not impossible, but you seem to be conflating Jews being overrepresented in people who get rich from stuff like that (which I can believe to be true, though I can't say I know it for a fact) and Jews being a majority of said people.

>>>Zig Forums681319
this post is pretty hilarious, it's literally "I hate niggers, what can I do to stop this???"

I am not a stirnerfag. But I want to be one now.
Also pic related is a perfect example of the contradictions inherent to pushing this kind of right wing religious social conservatism on imageboard sites like Zig Forums.

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How many of them are just contrarian Zig Forumsyps who only got into christianity to spite liberal atheists and then succumbed the zeal of the convert?

Nice try, Varg, but Zig Forums is a Christian board

Definitely a lot. Just check out the /christianpol/ thread they have: >>>Zig Forums508486
The large crossover is pretty obvious.

oh boy this clown again

t. addict who won't admit he has a problem

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Not him but I masturbate and generally don't watch porn. You're confused out of your mind my dude.