MAGA Awoo Needs to Die

I need memes of this little whore getting raped, murdered, set on fire, drowned, tortured, etc.

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actually post this if you want to piss the maga people

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oh shit I do have one!

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Not a strong enough effect. I need awoo getting raped by a black dick.

I can't believe it but I honestly can't find it… I even tried bing

Cheer up. I have a few myself.

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You know Momiji is a member of the border defense force for a xenophobic race of mountain-dwelling spirits with a highly regimented social order, right?

all the more reason this is great - it pisses off autists

It's counter propaganda. It's designed to break the circle jerk. Don't over think it.

What a surprise. The leftist shows his psychopathy, once again.

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Leftists stuck in capitalist societies become murderous. You realize as a communist I support violent overthrow of the ruling class right? Calling my violent doesn't phase me.

Go to where you came from, boomer. There is nothing wrong with revolutionary violence

And when you become the ruling class, I'm sure you'll feel the same. That's what usually happens in communist revolutions, if I recall my history correctly.

"the workers are seizing the means of reproduction again!" fiction.
communist reality.
Are u ok bro do u need phylanstering again?

Yes, when 95%+ of the people (wage-laborers, the proletariat) become the ruling class and establish proletarian democracy counter-revolutionary violence will be wiped out, plain and simple. The state will wither away then and classes will be abolished

Power corrupts. You're arrogant enough to think yourself incorruptible.


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When the people are fully armed and class concious I would think it would be unlikely for 95% of society be corrupted, especially when things like bureaucracy are done away, officials are instantly recallable by their electors, parliamentarianism is destroyed, state positions are no longer positions of privilege and are paid the wages of a workman,etc

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Even by chan anime standards this is bad

This is the most boomer-tier post I've ever seen on Zig Forums.

what did he mean by this?

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Touhou mythology is retarded and causes second-hand embarassment.

It means that his mental faculties isn't functioning and he needs to get help from a mental institution.


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Anime faggotry is a great source of second-hand embarrassment. Let them drown in it.
It's like being proud of liking MLP, adult baby diapers or any other shit that only mentally ill manchildren would appreciate.

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fuck off Zig Forums

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Awh, he thinks that's all there is to life.

No wonder he's a "nihilist"

You tell 'em! Making money, marrying and having children is like totally capitalist and completely inferior to the revolutionary act of watching Japanese cartoons in your mothers basement. Marx would be proud of you.

There's more to life than either stale extremes was the point I was making. Anime-addicts are spectacle'd life-deniers and the normie caricature it was put up in caricature to would be a slave to the norms of capitalist society.
There's more to life. Some examples are getting good at something, loving and caring for others and fighting capital.

What is it with leftists and rape and murder?

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What is up with rightists and making grand overarching conclusions?

Just so happens that it is a moral necessity to kill murderers like nazis. Like seriously can you imagine how terrified this kid was before he shot and allowed to bleed out? I do. Quite often. I wonder if he realized that no matter how strong his fuhrer was he was just a virgin loser that was fun to justifiably shoot and torture?

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Jesus Christ this is the edgiest post I've read on here.

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It's from a film.

Hypocrite. Consider what you've posted.

Wait hold the fucking phone.
What on Earth are you saying? The OP is asking to see terrible things done to Momiji simply because the character had been co-opted for Trumpstein propaganda, so I asked "What is it with leftists and rape and murder?", because throughout history Marxist revolutionaries have raped and murdered countless innocents in a myriad of ways.
"You also" fallacy. Does not make it right. And, really,
How is this not a "grand overarching conclusion"? Or that all fascists, capitalists, kings and priests deserve death?

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Democrats were totally left wing in the 1860s

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The joke

Your head

Putting words in my mouth, typical.
Btw what I ment by that was that your statement is a generalization fallacy.

Top-tier fetish, kill yourself

ummmm this thread is uhhhh misogynistic and problematic, okay?

the Lord of Lies lies lol

Fuck off, [insert one/all of applicable: bluehat, Zig Forums falseflag, tradthot, SJW, Body Odour, That One 'homosex is bourgouis decadence/fapping is bad' Thread Asswipe, piratefag, r/whatever, normalnigger, rafiq]

Yes, it is a lovely board.

Don't make me rape you.

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O.k. maybe the left can meme


Yep, this is going in my cringe compilation


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I'm not putting words in your mouth you mouth-breathing ape. I quoted Marx and wrote ">inb4" as in, "in before" as in, "in before you say this, I have an argument".

My post

Your head
I understood the "joke" completely. You made an "overarching conclusion" that I was a "rightist", based on my post here

You are a prime example of why this shithole is its own special stupid. Zig Forums is also full of idiots, hence why the boards are akin to different pieces of trash, or different shades of brown-colored shit.

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Gensokyo has a fucking magic wall as a border.

Keep the immigrants out please.

No sense of humor.
As expected from a macfag.


That yankee capitalist whore deserves the worst fanfictions possible.
Hail Alunya
Fuck the yankee whore

take your meds autismo

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And in a world where magic definitively exists that might be necessary, or even not enough. idk much about 2hu so I can't really say. Just that material conditions seem different in that setting than they are irl, to the point where it's unreasonable to hold one to the other's standards of morality or correct action.